Parliament Speaker: sagging career behind the absence of the 2017 budget appointments

December 7 .2016

Sommer News: Baghdad ..
attributed Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri on Wednesday, devoid of the 2017 budget appointments to career sag located in government departments, noting that the budget is dominated by the character of austerity.

Jubouri said during a press conference at the parliament building, "The 2017 budget is dominated by austerity character, and the most prominent aspects adopted by the House of Representatives in the budget to give priority to re-displaced people and provide the needs of the liberated areas and the expansion of investment."

"The budget is also included to maximize resources and support non-oil domestic product and reducing the external deputations and counted, as well as reducing the rate of tax deduction and to provide for the printing of books financial allocations."

He Jubouri, that "it has been allocating funds for the rehabilitation of survivors Alaesideat and women survivors of Tal Afar and the Nineveh plain," stressing that "the next stage you need to unite everyone and there are half a large need for the solidarity of everyone."

He explained that "the absence of the budget appointments because of slack in the existing state departments dramatically," referring to "agree to exchange securities for farmers and contractors compensation for their dues."

He pointed out, "it was a vote on a paragraph to involve all communities in the popular crowd and not to impose a political party and its dominance of the crowd."

The House of Representatives voted on Wednesday, on the whole budget in 2017.