Iraq supports to protect the market share of OPEC policy

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Adnan al-Janabi, chairman of the Energy Committee in
the Iraqi parliament on Wednesday that Iraq supports OPEC's policy to protect its stake in the oil market to keep output steady despite the pressures faced by the country's budget.

OPEC holds (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) its next meeting in June, apparently heading to keep policy unchanged. Janabi said that would be a step approved by Iraq.

Janabi told journalists during a visit to the Qatari capital of Iraq with the general consensus in OPEC that he should not be "fighting for the price, but for market share."

He added that OPEC should not pay "price" the other producers maximum energy production and taking the market of the organization.

In November, Saudi Arabia persuaded the largest oil exporter in the rest of the members of OPEC to keep output unchanged to defend its share of the market.

This contributed to the move to accelerate the already steep decline in oil prices from the high levels above $ 100 a barrel was recorded last year, which provoked abundant supplies with weak demand. And closed the international Brent crude on Wednesday, up $ 1.37, or 2.5 percent, at $ 56.48 a barrel.

Janabi was asked about the possibility that Iran increase its output if it had reached agreement on its nuclear program, which may expose the crude prices to more pressure, he said that countries that have large reserves must examine long-term strategic elements of continuity are available to them.

He said he should be on Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia that Basoagahm care and focus on markets because they are countries with large reserves look at the long term rather than immediate responses acts on the movements of Alasar.