Nighthk11 says to (10:53:59):
Good morning everyone- There is a lot going on that we are not privy to. Maliki has stirred up a hornets nest with his underhanded attempt to sieze more power
The movement of major world organizations has started against him-This will be a moment of truth for the new parliment and I don't believe he willk prevail nor the decision of his court
Powerful Iraqi politicians have already started the move against him to "put his butt in his place"- Now others do not think he will be removed- with the removal of power - He may just resign (Wishful Thinking)
But I for one believe that should he continue to fudge on filling those positions or refuse to go along with what parliment wants- he will be out of a job

Mountainman says to (10:58:13):
The CBI has already said they will not recognize the courts decission as legal as it goes against the constitution
The constitution can only be changed by a vote of Parliment

Nighthk11 says to (10:58:59):
They have taken hold of the vision of freedom and democracy- as seen by Barzani last week when the GOI wanted to stop demonstrations
Correct MM- so it's a fight and I am betting on parliment

WildfireI says to (10:59:44):
Night, are your contacts still seeing closure of this mess by the first week in February?

Nighthk11 says to (11:01:34):
Yes they are- I have spoken to ones I trust dearly and who have good keen knowledge of the situation there - They related that Maliki has not changed and the general feeling of Parliment is that they have been betrayed- I do not know if all this is true- But I do know he stepped in it big

DINARANNIE says to (11:02:49):
I have some interesting news to pass on

WildfireI says to (11:02:53):
O.K. I will not ask about information others may have. Do you really belive the atricles coming out are based on facts?

Mountainman says to (11:02:59):
please do annie

Nighthk11 says to (11:03:00):
There are some meetings today at the UN on the situation and I am looking for Parliment to act- As you can see this "New Crisis" is being said that it is at the forefront andso it will be addressed

DINARANNIE says to (11:03:01):
give a minute to type up
yesterday..a friend of ours ordered dinars from a well known trader

Nighthk11 I agree and strongly believe that Parliment will address the courts decission first come Sunday

DINARANNIE says to (11:04:45):
last night , he got an email from his Gmail account

Nighthk11 says to (11:04:56):
I believe some of them are- Maliki and his court did this undercover and it was released this month- after the holiday- people in Iraq learned what he had done with colusion from his court- I honestly believe that they are realizing he is not the man to assist in bringing democratic principles to Iraq

DINARANNIE says to (11:05:57):
they told him that the US gov accessed his email account and read his emails and that he should change his password

Nighthk11 says to (11:06:27):
Therefore they as the governing body empowered to make the laws of Iraq must act- Not just for the sake of democracy- but for the financial welfare of the nation- His lession will be that of a hard learn

Mountainman says to (11:06:43):
annie if true how would the dealer know what the US govt is doing?

B Man says to (11:06:57): you still think that GOI will be formed after Sun or within a couple of days? that still seems to be an issue hanging out there.

DINARANNIE says to (11:07:02):
he said this has never happened before and that he does not believe in for thought

DINARANNIE says to (11:07:43):
it was not the was google

Nighthk11 says to (11:07:47):
I believe that if he was so interested in moving Iraq forward and taking care of the people he would be at the parliment meeting strongly advocating the choices for final gov't formation-

Mountainman says to (11:08:21):
Thats not Maliki's adgenda Nighthk11

Nighthk11 says to (11:08:59):
B-Man, It depends on what they decide to do and how they will handle the situation- This crisis takes away from their original train of thought to form the gov;t and address the budget

WildfireI says to (11:09:39):
Have the choices for ministers been agreed to?

Nighthk11 says to (11:10:32):
Now if Maliki did this on purpose or if this is just his stupid plan to garner more power- At this point it does not matter- I would like to really see someone in Iraq take the reins and say lets get this done
Ministers and files have been sent to Iraq by the Biden team I am told
The "Street) are looking at events in the region very closely- Now we have egypt and Mubarak being focused on as a dictator- it seems the ME people as a whole are tired of strongman rule

Dinar Mark says to (11:13:12):
Nighthk11, what do you thing will be the first thing on the agenda of parliment when they reconvene???????

Nighthk11 says to (11:13:29):
This movement will not stop- it will grow and reach Iraq- as of now many Iraqi's are speaking out about Maliki and his gov't- so I am looking for change
DM- I am now looking at three issues the CBI- Final Positions filled and budget nothing more
I believe that they may want to cut losses by filling the slots- This will allow Shibibi to fire up the RV and quell some discontent among the populace- Then can then turn their attention to reducing Maliki's power more
But whatever happens- you can bet the GOI is watching events in Egypt-Somalia-Tunisia very closely as well as Lebanon

38cabo says to (11:17:10):
knight have you heard anything more about the retirement of large bill?

WildfireI says to (11:17:18):
How many dominoes in a standard box? And how many more in an Iraqi Box? Hopefully these are truly the last to fall.

Nighthk11 says to (11:18:21):
No I have not- In Iraq as in many societies people will continue to resist gov't "Rules" until they get off the pot and place smaller bills out- There will always be a black market
However they do it- and whatever they do- I think all must agree that something must be done to further check Maliki's ambitions

Dinar Mark says to (11:21:32):
Does Allawi's council have to be considered as part of the announcement of Government being totally seated????

Nighthk11 says to (11:21:45):
I think we will know what direction they will head in by mid week and it should be a course charted to progress and containment
No- and I see once again that it is being reported that Allawi is out of the country- I think this is one of the reasons that the US supported Maliki- Nothing can be done in this region if you don't stay involved
I know this was a complaint registered about him before

Dons says to (11:24:20):
wasnt he due back in time for parl.?

Nighthk11 says to (11:24:24):
I remain confident that no matter how bad things may look on the surface- These matter will be resolved
Yes Don It was reported that he would be there for parliment on sunday

bighope4us says to (11:26:19):
Night, is it you thought that we will still see rv shortly after vote of positions unfilled

Nighthk11 says to (11:26:38):
You know folks it's simple- If you were so darned concerned about the welfare of your country- You don't leave in midstream and visit other countries even before you have not completed your gov't so your people could prosper
Yes Bighope- I am going by Shibibi's promise- once gov't is formed- Now Maliki's little stunt may have worked in our favor- As reported today that 50 billion in reserves to back the RV is in peril of creditors along with other assets abroad (DFI)

dinarham says to (11:29:39):
It certainely is encouraging that CBI has introduced the $25 coin on their web site,

Nighthk11 says to (11:30:38):
This is a big if- but if the goi fills those slots with Bidens names while Maliki is away and informs Shibibi of this -Shabs might pull the trigger while Maliki is away- This action might also delay creditors from attempting to seize assets while the Parliment addresses the CBI issue
They IMO will be more reluctant to demand full payment with a tradeable currency
But it would by valuable time for parliment to put forth an amendment to stop Maliki and his court dead

Mountainman says to (11:32:35):
Parliment is heated up about the courts decission I believe they will address this issue first, then cabinet posts

Nighthk11 says to (11:33:06):
Maliki's foolish action has placed in peril the plans of the CBI and stabilization of the money supply

Mountainman says to (11:33:39):
You can bet Iraq's creditors are moving fast on this

Nighthk11 says to (11:34:11):
As greedy as they all are and even though they have the money to pay all their debts with tons left over for their internal purposes- They don't want to pay if they don't have to who would?

Mountainman says to (11:34:28):
totally unexpected but they will see it as a great opportunity... so Parliment has to move equally fast

Nighthk11 says to (11:35:29):
Yes MM that is why we are hearing that this action will be first on their agenda- while all this is going on where is Allawi? He is supposed to be the buffer to keep Maliki in check
Even though his council is not in place- He is still supposed to be the big voice of reason
So I really don't put too much stock in any of them at this point- all hot air
One thing I am looking at is Parliments swift action would send a msg to Maliki that he will not be able to ignore as well as his court- While they may not replace Maliki- They will IMO replace his court with individuals who possess a much larger modem of integrety

38cabo says to (11:38:54):
or does allawi just call biden or the un

Nighthk11 says to (11:40:30):
Have no idea Cabo- but more and more the US wants them to step forward and address the issues on their own- all this BS about them being an emerging democrary- does not mean they can't make good decisions
They know what is necessary- But as Med stated there is no middle class so they are out of touch with the people- Because they have everything
All they have to do is leave the green zone and they will see the people begging- plying thru tons of garbage that is sitting and not collected
What head of state do you folks know who wants to attend a meeting there? None that I could imagine- so in reality- I am looking for postponement of the summit- or for it to be held at another location outside Iraq- Big loss of face there
No I believe what they need is rueters- CNN- Aljeezera=-Kuna or the major correspondents to take pic's and plaster them on the front page of every major newspaper and site emphasizing that this is the new gov;t of Iraq
People hom,elsee- begging for food- digging thru piles of garbage- rats and disease- Bet they move then

Dinar Mark says to (11:47:15):
This is getting so complicated, hope it all just doesn't totally calasp!!!!

Nighthk11 says to (11:47:15):
Not complicated at all DM- Just do what you agreed to and take care of the people- they will take care of you

Mountainman says to (11:48:51):
yea but so far the only people they been taking care of is themselves... especially Maliki...

Nighthk11 says to (11:48:56):
Had they done what they should have- there would be more money to steal- guess they have not figured that out yet
Yes MM that is why this movement of people demonstrating and finally speaking out should scare them- I read that even Egypt's security forces could not stop the demonstrations the people stayed all night with plans for even larger demos- Theywant Mubarak gone
Iraq will be hit sooner or later- people on the street are already talking about it- Too bad Mookie had to leave- he was stirring the people

Mountainman says to (11:52:46):
Sadr will be back and sooner than you all think
he is getting his orders and suitcases full of cash...

Nighthk11 says to (11:53:40):
I have it on good authority that the Iranians called him back in the dead of night because their plans were not working as they anticipated- They did not expect an upsurge of the people against Maliki and the GOI
Also as Med stated there is an open arrest warrent against him for murder which is still in effect

B Man says to (11:54:54):
Then why didn't they arrest him?

Nighthk11 says to (11:55:00):
As was reported- he has no return date to Iraq
Well- If Maliki was not an Iranian puppet- then IMO he should have been arrested as soon as he crossed the border

Nighthk11 says to (11:58:11):
Yes MM the plans and hopes of many people and nations specifically Iraq depends so much on them getting this done- Now what is important to me is O said the gov't is formed- to me that means they better get on it this comming session and get these issues settled

Nighthk11 says to (12:00:02):
I remain very confidenmt that they will address the most important issues and then deal directly with the question on what powers they will allow Maliki to have- It is apparent that his BS about tying the hands of the PM is nonsense when it comes to him and his underhandness

B Man says to (12:00:04):
I hope that "O" was trying to give some subliminal message when he said that! That's for sure...

Nighthk11 says to (12:01:03):
Oh B-Man- I am more than sure that Maliki has already been called by O or Biden about his latest caper

tmac096 says to (12:01:30):
I think M is throwing up new road blocks with this CBI ruling. It is just another way for him to string it out. Which as we know he is very good at it. I hate that guy.

Nighthk11 says to (12:02:36):
Yes Tmac- That is why with important Iraqi politicians speaking out now I am sure Parliment will act to stop him Dead in his tracks along with his court

Mountainman says to (12:03:56):
remember the 780 million dollars Maliki stashed in Switzerland? lol

Mountainman says to (12:05:10):
his flunky delivering it got busted and Maliki had to prove it was his or it would have been confiscated... big international news ... lol

Nighthk11 says to (12:05:44):
so we will see how things transpire with the upcomming session- they certainly will have a lot of critical issues to deal with- But at this point unless they are in warp drive- I do not see a summit in Baghdad this year

tmac096 says to (12:05:46):
I loved when they opened up his storage room and found all the Kuwait relics. OOPPSS how did those get in there?

Mountainman says to (12:05:56):
I'm sure Maliki is just trying to get Iraq better interest on their money in Switzerland...

Nighthk11 says to (12:06:28):
Well folks I will take my leave BBL- All take care and thank you again