Treas Sec is a cabinet member- Chariman of Fed reserve is not- CBI is Iraq's equivilant to Fed- Hi All
Hi Al- Just checked Chat did not see correct answer above
Cannot have Maliki in control of CBI
Maliki's attempt to control the CBI would leave them open to creaditors- because it would be part of the gov't
Claims would then be made and paid to countries out of available funds and assets owned by Iraq- DFC ect- It would be a disaster
CBI's current location was written into the Iraqi constitution concerning autonimy- this giving it protection because it is not a part of the gov't
Maliki has been informed of this and as I read has since backed off
There needs now to be a const amendment by parliment striking down the SFC ruling which was as their rulings before 100% WRONG
I believe this action alone has caused members of parliment to wake up fully concerning Maliki and I look to see now should they allow him to reamin- will they take more power from him- I believe so
He has with this action incurred the ire of many powerful entities that have spoken out IMF-WB-WTO-UN-US-UNSC- and US Justice Dept,

If they change this new ruling Night will it be for all the independent bodies that M named that he wanted to have a part in governing?
Or Just the CBI

Night...did Pres O say in his speech that IRAQ has a government

The ruling IMO will remove the SFC from making any rulings that are "Politically Motivated" and insure the place of the CBI and independent bodies under the rule of parliment where they belong

Yes he id wbcj4 because the goi has formed they were elected in and m was made the pm and the caretaker of the minsterys that were not filled untill they had time to fill them

Yes he did - I don't know just how to take that unless Biden has "Filled those positions"

Iraq does have a goi its just not complete

Because the gov't as Jarv stated is Not Complete- Thats why we are still waiting

they voted and agreed that he would be the rep. for the empty minsterys.
until new ministers are appointed by him

so IRAQ has a government stated by our it should be RV time.

That is correct because he was supposed to expedite the filling of those posts so the gov't would be complete- He did not

The goi has not been ratified by Parliment I believe that is the term

NO- Not until there is a formal declaration from the parliment that the gov't is complete

And until this ruling gets completed I can't see any rv coming. CBI must be independent again for this to happen that is my opinion.

The Hawk
The President said "The government is formed in Iraq" not almost formed about to be formed etc. I'm sure Biden told him something.

Now I had a conversation today where I heard that the new Gov't in Iraq was tied to Obama's speech- I have yet to see an announcement from Iraq so I don't believe it

It is formed just now complete
Parliment has to vote on the new minsters and they are not in session
until Sunday

I will not believe anything until I see that announcement and I have my funds in my account

didn't O mention trade with Iraq in his speech?

Now I have read Med's chat and spoken with some people today- No one knows at this point what they will do concerning Maliki- But what is for sure- They will clamp down on power given him
The Parliment gave M permission to say he formed the goi by voting for him to be pm. His time was running out so he made deals stating he would do this for the kurds and that for A but so far he has not followed thru. But they did they let him present the new goi and voted he was the Prime minister

With so many organizations speaking out about the consequences of his attempted action- No wonder he's l;eaving on a "Regional Tour" sunday- place is too hot for him

m is not yet pm he can be moved or replaced

Can they vote with out him on new minsters? On budget? on new ruling from Parliment?

Correct Jarv- so with his latest moves- you know they are going to do something- because once again he has shown that he is a liar

sounds like he really is interested in settling everything

I believe that with the seriousiness of his actions- Parliment will do something to complete the gov't with or without him

Lying to parliment can have it's disavantages

In that interview he did a few weeks back he stated that the pressure was off of him now to hurry and name the ministers because the deadline was gone.

Placing the country in a position for financial ruin- can have consequences

agree with you on this one Night for sure
and the gull to want to control the electoral commission
that is a joke in itself

I don't believe that- Parliment was expecting the key ministries to be fill in accordence with his- Allawi and Barzani's agreement in a timely manner- NOT allowing him to run those powerful positions and become a lil dictator
JARV says to (23:54:29):
they have to be independent to be a democracy

nosy one says to (23:54:47):
how can they vote on the new ministers if m is not there to anounce them?

JARV says to (23:55:11):
I don't know nosy one wondering my self

JARV says to (23:55:20):
maybe he will cancel his trip

Nighthk11 says to (23:55:32):
All I can say is the action have raised alarm bells all over the world-and he is in the spotlight

JARV says to (23:55:32):
so he isn't fined for not showing up to Parliament

Nighthk11 says to (23:56:03):
They will be announced by parliament

nosy one says to (23:56:47):
does that mean they already know who is up for the positions?

Nighthk11 says to (23:56:52):
If he is not present- everything don't just stop-

JARV says to (23:57:18):
Allawi is on a trip to Jordan but will be back by Sunday.

Nighthk11 says to (23:57:20):
VP Biden has made the "Recommendations"

wbcj4 says to (23:57:30):
Night...this regional tour that maliki will go on...any idea how long.

Nighthk11 says to (23:58:01):
Nope and don't care- He may return to a surprise courtesy of Parliment
Either his powers have been reduced- his court has been dissolved- or that PM chair is a little hotter
But you can rest assured that the IMF will demand private sector improvement- currency- trade agreements- reconstruction and all other revelant issues they have planned for years to help Iraq get done

JARV says to (00:01:52):
I have not been on much today but did some one say a new 100 coin is on the cbi site? I haven't checked just asking

Nighthk11 says to (00:01:59):
Should Maliki continue to be a problem- I remain confident it will be solved- No one man is going to impede the gains made- It will not be allowed

JARV says to (00:02:43):
It shouldn't be allowed!

alphonse43 says to (00:02:47):
that was old news jarv

wbcj4 says to (00:02:53):
I want to agree with you Night but he has done a good job so far

JARV says to (00:03:02):
Oh I just was reading back wards in chat

Nighthk11 says to (00:03:38):
He has taken the rope they gave him and ran with it- sooner lor later the rope will play out and be reeled in I would like very much to believe that with his latest act of arrogance and stupidity- He has reached that point

JARV says to (00:06:01):
One would think but on the other hand they might just reel him in and keep him in place just keep tight eyes on him.

Nighthk11 says to (00:06:55):
They have a lot on the plate for p;arliment in this comming session- I just hope they can complete the gov't and declare- everything else is an internal issue for the Parliment and GOI

JARV says to (00:07:04):
It will be interesting to see what they will do that is for sure.

dinarham says to (00:07:26):
Jarv, cbi is showing a $100 and $25 coins , uncircurated

alphonse43 says to (00:07:42):
one thing for certain, many questions waiting to be answered

Nighthk11 says to (00:08:02):
I have observed where very powerful people in Iraq have been speaking out about Maliki's actions- so I am sure they will do something

JARV says to (00:08:04):
and this cbi thing must be taken care of ASAP!

nosy one says to (00:08:14):
if the three are not voted in----what happens then

Nighthk11 says to (00:08:47):
That is what I would like to know- but it will be up to parliament

JARV says to (00:09:49):
The speaker of the house has this on his agenda now we know that!

Nighthk11 says to (00:09:56):
Parlimenbt may just move around Maliki and get it done

JARV says to (00:09:58):
Because Shabibi talked to him today

Nighthk11 says to (00:11:28):
I am sure Jarv that Shibibi will be on hand to explain the repercussions of Maliki's actions in great detail to parliment and also the actions of his court

in4fun says to (00:11:34):
I'm thinking so too Night, that way things move forward

gator4ever says to (00:12:00):
WOW I just read night post on M. it makes perfect sense. Ask yourselves one simple queation only 1? why or who else would be the reason for iraq not rving their currency? Just give me one good reason? also how long has M been delaying and postponing this ? it makes perfect sense that the rv is being held up and who else but him has an interest in doing so? NO ONE.

JARV says to (00:12:02):
The coins that are on the CBI site have been on there for a long time. I just looked.

Nighthk11 says to (00:13:18):
YW- This latest move although has caused an uproar appears to be quelled and I am sure some action will be taken- You know bullies and cowards will run before they stand and fight- Maliki could be leaving "Sunday" so he does not have to face Parliment and answer

wbcj4 says to (00:13:28):
how could S not know this was coming from M

gator4ever says to (00:14:17):
so hopefully there is a Paul Revere, a John Adams, a Thomas Jefferson somewhere in iraq ready to take the bull by the horns?

Nighthk11 says to (00:14:23):
As the PM- he should have known the international rules and his actions could have been a clear disaster for Iraq

JARV says to (00:15:03):
Shabibi said they were not given a chance to respond.

Nighthk11 says to (00:15:14):
I am sure that Parliment would have questioned him on that along with his "Proxy Leadership" of security

JARV says to (00:15:32):
He asked for this new ruling back in Dec.

JARV says to (00:15:46):
and it was not made public untill the 17th

in4fun says to (00:16:11):
but fromSFC

in4fun says to (00:16:25):
no one else knew

JARV says to (00:16:49):
well the supreme court knew

flowergirl says to (00:16:58):
I don't agree gator that M will bolt...jmo

JARV says to (00:17:03):
but they made the decision without asking shabibi

Nighthk11 says to (00:17:04):
No matter how he would put it- It is what it is- an ttempt as was stated to be a coup on the constitution and kill the democratic process in Iraq

gator4ever says to (00:17:07):
he has never had any intentions of seeing his country flourish at least not his democratic

Nighthk11 says to (00:17:49):
Correct gator IMO his actions clearly indicate that

gator4ever says to (00:18:13):
but the world is watching and this time all the big boys are the same team so his options are very limited

Nighthk11 says to (00:18:39):
Yes they are- and now he has really stepped in it

gator4ever says to (00:19:23):
lets see what parliament brings on the 30th I am hopeful as you are that this will not go to the 30th we shall see.

wbcj4 says to (00:20:01):
wonder how much of a delay is going to be added to the process of day, one week, one month,

Nighthk11 says to (00:20:08):
So as usual- we will see if the GOI has the courage to act- Let him stay- just complete the gov't so Shibibi can act To me- everything else is an internal Iraqi matter

gator4ever says to (00:20:45):
Talabani must be strong.

gator4ever says to (00:22:18):
Iraq cannot fall to the radicals it is that simple. well follks good nite. thanks nightk for all you bring to us. One day I would like to sit and have a beer or a soda with you?

Nighthk11 says to (00:22:34):
Thanks for the chat folks- I am sure Med will be on later with some clarafication of what is happening- so you good folks take care