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03-18-2010, 10:03 AM
President of the Basra Governorate Council: We got a promise from the French ambassador to make all efforts to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
Thursday 18 / 03 / 2010

Received the President of the Basra Governorate Council jurist Jabbar Amin Latif Jaber French ambassador in Iraq Bwalun Boris and his accompanying delegation, who welcomed the gentle Bdioufh stressing that the depth of relations between the two countries can be the starting point towards building a human model to deepen ties and enhance cooperation frameworks in the interest of the two countries, praising on the great role played by France in various fields, especially in the humanitarian side by standing with the Iraqi people and alleviating their suffering and experience of modern democracy in Iraq is in need of support and assistance, especially for countries with the greatest impact in the international arena, including France, stressing that we got a promise of the French ambassador to make all efforts to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

For his part, French Ambassador to the big city of Basra, safe and have a lot of features that will be working hard for the purpose of opening a consulate in Basra, seeking to expand the audience for French investment companies as well as providing all support for the Iraqi people, who deserve to live in dignity and freedom, and that France was determined to get the Iraq of UN sanctions after it fully its international obligations.

This has been made of the discussions which Gentlemen are both first deputy governor of Basra, Mr. Nizar Jabri, who stressed the need to deepen cooperation in various areas, including the activation of the presence of French companies as well as managers of the talk some banks are Director of the Central Bank of the Basra branch of Mr. Zuhair Ali Akbar Mr. David pissed Director Commercial Bank of Iraq on activation mechanisms and activate the banking business under the openness that prevailed in Iraq and to ensure the presence commensurate with the size of France that was sought by the two countries, relations with and there were views of the general manager of liquid gas in Basra, Mr. Ali Hussein Khudair benefit from the expertise on the French in various sectors as among the members of the Provincial Council were Mr. Mahmoud Najem Ali Taan and Sawadi and Chairman of the Legal peaceful smile that there are a promising future awaits lingering Basra, including the potential they are in need of cooperation and support from the French side were also questions about the prospects of Ambassador future cooperation and can play France in various areas of the role of the interest of the two countries are taken, Director of the Iraqi Media Network Mr. Abbas-Fayyad to talk about the cultural aspect and the media.

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