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02-17-2010, 06:55 AM
Conscious / sales falling in the fourth Central Bank to its $ 90 million

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Conscious / Baghdad / m. A
17/2/2010 1:40pm
Close the Iraqi Central Bank said Wednesday its daily auction for the sale and purchase of foreign currency and the dollar A dramatic slump in the level of dollar sales of 90 million and 68 thousand dollars after That fell in its previous 178 مليون investigator and a 650 thousand dollar and a stable exchange rate of 1170 dinars per dollar .

This was announced by the Central Bank Bulletin received (Agency Iraqi media / conscious) a copy of which also states that the total sum of sales of the dollar distributed among 12 مليون and 190 thousand U.S. $ MM in cash and bank shot at a fixed rate of exchange reached 1183 dinars, including the World Bank commission of $ 13 dinars per dollar, and amounts transferred out of Iraq $ 77 Million And 878 Thousand dollars Around the bank for cash at a fixed conversion reached 1173 dinars, including the World Bank commission of $ 3 dinars per dollar .

Did not make Banks of the 14 Participate in the auction for any offers to buy the dollar, knowing that the bank earns a commission of $ (16) dinars per dollar with a discount (8) JD / USD on the amounts purchased.

The central bank held five meetings of the Iraqi sale and purchase of foreign currency and the dollar during the week financially.