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Central sells 2,9 billion dollars during the last month amid the stability of exchange rates

Register CBI during the month of January last January sales of 2,9 billion dollars through the auction for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies, exchange rate stability amid local communities.

The total amount of central bank sales during the month of January last two billion and 935 million dollars, a stable exchange rate was 1170 dinars per dollar by holding 18 meetings, at a rate of 163 million and 68 thousand dollars in one sitting.

The record figure is lower than the month of January of 2009 when sales exceeded three billion dollars, up from sales of the month of December last December that an amount of two billion and $ 16 million.

Sales were distributed to the central cash demand, which rose up to 208 million and 880 thousand dollars, compared to 129 million and 480 thousand dollars in December last December at the exchange rate was 1183 dinars to the dollar.

Recorded in foreign remittances increased significantly to reach two billion and $ 726 million, compared to one billion and 886 million U.S. dollars in December last December, the exchange rate was 1173 dinars to the dollar, inclusive of commission for the central bank's three dinars per dollar.

The Banking Department official says Gulf Bank struggle Muhsin told (Voices of Iraq), "The dollar exchange rate in the local market witnessed a situation of stability throughout the month of January last," noting that the bank "to buy dollars from the citizens at 118 thousand dinars per hundred dollars, and sells price of 118,5 thousand dinars per cent against the dollar. "

According to the Optimizer "The exchange rate is controlled entirely by the Central Bank of Iraq being the biggest supplier to the dollar in the domestic market is the only one able to influence," adding that "security incidents in the capital Baghdad, did not affect the other on the size and price of the demand for the dollar."

Consistent one shop owners in Baghdad, with banking, "said Mohsen told (Voices of Iraq) that" the dollar exchange rate in the domestic market has witnessed considerable stability over the past month, without recording any abnormal movement, "adding that" There is a prediction of increasing the rate of exchange in the local market during the coming period in conjunction with the start of the political blocs campaigning which is usually accompanied by lavish funds to win over voters in addition to spending on electoral campaigns propaganda. "

The central bank held an auction of five meetings a week starting from Sunday to Thursday for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies, and receive a cash commission on the sale of about 13 dinars per dollar, and receive a commission of three dinars per dollar on the sale of remittances outside the country.

Sunday, February 07, 2010
Sunday, February 07, 2010

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