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Zebari: a city for Iraqi farmers, who will be affected by the demarcation of the border with Kuwait

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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said the settlement of disputes and outstanding issues between his country and Kuwait, enough to remove Iraq from under the penalty of "Chapter VII" of the United Nations Charter, and the relations between the two countries are progressing well, noting that Iraq had returned the remains of about half of Kuwaitis missing in Iraq.

Zebari said in an interview with "Alsumaria News", he had contacted the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister on the subject of debt, and added that the Kuwaiti minister told him that his country "does not want procuring debt from Iraq, as far as their desire not to impact of Iraq on the security situation in his country."

The Iraqi foreign minister that his country was "willing to get out of the provisions of Chapter VII," he said that "it calls for tackling the problems with Kuwait, where there are several issues unresolved, which is part of the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, including the issue of missing Kuwaitis in Iraq, border demarcation and compensation," .

Zebari pointed out that Iraq's relations with Kuwait were "going well in a number of humanitarian issues including the issue of missing persons", adding that "Iraq has returned the remains of 300 missing Kuwaitis of the 600 missing Kuwaitis in Iraq was found in the period that followed the fall of the former regime" .

Increased Zebari that "there is progress" in the file of Kuwaiti reparations, noting that "was returned many documents including the papers of the Central Bank of Kuwait and other official documents and missing Kuwaiti citizens."

In another context, he drew the Iraqi foreign minister to "the existence of technical committees to demarcate the border between Iraq and Kuwait", adding that there was compensation for farmers affected by the Iraqis who demarcating the border, one of the important issues that need to be resolved and provided maps to settle the issue. "

In this regard, Foreign Minister, to provide the Iraqi side, "maps and designs to create a city to Iraqi farmers who will be affected by the demarcation of the border and there are funds to compensate farmers."

In Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations of the measures taken by the international organization in cases of threats, breaches of the peace and acts of aggression, as in the case of the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait in 1990.

Chapter VII consists of 13 articles, the resolution is (678), issued in 1990 and the proposal to eject Iraq from Kuwait, by force of the provisions of this chapter, Iraq is still under it, because the survival of the issue of the remains of Kuwaiti prisoners and hostages in Iraq and Kuwaiti property, including archives of the Amiri Diwan, the Court Crown Prince and the issue of environmental awards and oil, which do not relate only to the State of Kuwait, but other Arab countries and companies still have some rights

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