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01-28-2010, 08:18 PM
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: legal proposals to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

اخبار العراق | 28-01-2010
Iraq News | 28/01/2010

بغداد/ اور نيوز
Baghdad / Orr News
Iraqi diplomat confirmed that officials in the governments of his country and the United States are currently working on finding a compromise and legal proposals allow Iraq out of its decisions subject to Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.
The Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammed Haj Hamoud told (AKI) that "bilateral meetings between the American and Iraqi sides in the framework of the diplomatic and political benefits have continued at a high level of coordination and cooperation to discuss the development of solutions and proposals for legal and constructive to lift the country out of the provisions of this section" .
"Even now agreed to intensify joint action to persuade the Security Council to close the file of weapons of mass destruction and end the sanctions imposed on Iraq as well as settling the issue of oil for food program," he said.
And rule out al-Haj Hamoud out his country's UN obligations in February, as the frequency of the reports, adding that this task need to be "great and arduous efforts" because of the complexity of its aspects and issues, there are two files to the file mentioned the border with Kuwait and the reparations demanded from Iraq, and thus the resolution of All of these files also need more time, "as he put it.

And on the evaluation of the cooperation shown by the American side to resolve these files, deputy head of the Iraqi diplomacy that "managing the Washington and since the signing of strategic agreement with the Government in November 2008, show a serious and clear in helping Iraq to get rid of the burden of internationalism, and is clearly evident from through its commitment to continue to cooperate with him and efforts at the international level, "the official added. Iraq has invaded Kuwait in August 1990 to a long series of resolutions imposed on it under the terms of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations imposed international sanctions comprehensive as compelled to pay compensation from its oil revenues by the invasion.

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Wow. We are SOOOOOO Close!!!

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Thanks for the article Med.

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thank you for the information, this shoes that iraq is hungry to get out of the control of the world govt, imo

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Great news--out of chapter VII is the key