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01-27-2010, 06:12 AM
Conscious / low sales of the Central Bank to $ 71 million

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Conscious / Baghdad / m. A
27/1/2010 1:19 pm

Close Central Bank of Iraq on Wednesday Daily auction for the sale of foreign currency and the dollar low level of sales From the dollar to 71 million and 710 thousand dollars after dropping its previous investigators 125 مليون and 416 thousand dollars And a stable exchange rate Reached 1170 dinars per dollar for the fourth consecutive week in 2010 .
This was announced by the Central Bank I got in a bulletin ( News Agency Iraqi media / conscious ) A copy of which also states that the total sum of sales of the dollar are divided into 3 مليون and 110 thousands U.S. $ MM in cash and bank shot at a fixed rate of exchange reached 1183 dinars, including the World Bank commission of $ 13 dinars per dollar, and amounts transferred out of Iraq amounted to 68 million And 600 Thousand dollars in cash and around the bank at a fixed rate of conversion was 1173 dinars, including the World Bank commission of $ 3 dinars per dollar.
Did not make the banks 9 Participate in the auction for any offers to buy the dollar, knowing that the bank earns a commission of $ (16) dinars per dollar with a discount (8) JD / USD on the amounts purchased.
The central bank held five meetings of the Iraqi sale and purchase of foreign currency and the dollar during the week financially.