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01-22-2010, 09:00 AM
I know 'old news' but...

The version of a coin soon

Conscious / Central Bank: The version of a coin soon

Conscious / Baghdad / h. B

29/8/2009 3:08 pm

An official source at the Central Bank Iraqi that the bank will be issued soon. Coin of the markets and better after the reform of the currency management system overhaul.

The source of the reporter (news agency, Iraqi Information / conscious) that "the process of issuing the currency Mineral Recycled Of monetary policy Good will come back to be issued soon after the elimination of some constraints as well as it should That there will be a social environment Ready to accept economic In the market and there is something else that has to be a Means of payment for the payments system Iraq Who was absent from the market Iraqi more than 17 years, pointing out that the Iraqi banks are currently not equipped to receive non - A counting device, sorting and classification and storage, noting that Iraq has started to take forward for publication But they have to put the pictures in full public "From this version. "