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12-10-2011, 10:49 PM
Deputy: objections to the International Monetary Fund and reduce the grades behind

10/12/2011 14:54

Baghdad / Orr News
Said a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haitham Jubouri said that the reduction of grades in the budget for fiscal year 2012 of / 115 / thousand to / 59 / thousand degrees was due to increased operating budget and the objections of the International Monetary Fund.
He said: "The increase in grades state will lead to increase the operating budget for the year 2012, this major threat to the Iraqi economy, in addition to the objections of the International Monetary Fund despite the fact that its decisions are not binding on Iraq, but the advisory role significant in the federal budget for 2012 in addition to its role in reduce Iraq's foreign debt and grants provided by Iraq. "
He Jubouri: "The Ministry of Finance told the Finance Committee that the budget does not assume and assign a degree of new functionality, but with the insistence of the Commission and the Ministry of Planning on the allocation of grades have been identified 59 000 degree only."
He said: "that grades the new will be distributed according to ratio of the population of the provinces and the character of a civilian and not military, contrary to what it was in the 2011 budget, which allocated the 70% of the grades of the army and police intelligence was given the opportunity for graduates of doctoral and master's and bachelor's degree and institutes."
He continued: "There are other things, will address the issue of unemployment, including the subject of infrastructure which, if approved, which will serve hundreds of thousands of unemployed people as well as to support small projects proposed for citizens and future projects."
The Ministry of Finance announced a reduction of grades in the new budget for fiscal year 2012 of / 115 / A to / 59 / thousand degrees, and functional. The Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi told a news conference Thursday that "the Ministry of Finance decided this reduction after studying the relevant committees in the ministry of this subject has been shown that the operational budget in the budget, public finance does not allow the appointment / 115 / alpha as announced by the Finance Committee of Deputies in the previous ".
He added that these degrees will be presented to the House of Representatives to be voted on and approved with the federal budget and then distributed to ministries and government institutions according to their need of staff.