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05-30-2011, 09:58 AM
International Monetary Fund provides grants are open to the Official

30/5/2011 12:00

Diwaniyah / Iraqi future

Adoption of the International Monetary Fund to support development projects in the villages of Iraq, and allocated $ 100 billion dinars in the first grant for the development of 20 villages suffering from Mahromep full and neglect by government policies.

The deputy governor of Diwaniyah for Technical Affairs, Hassan Yasiri "The World Bank has allocated 100 billion dinars for the development of villages in the province of Diwaniyah as part of international assistance to promote the reality of rural Different preservation were selected 20 villages in Diwaniya, suffer from Mahromep full after it has been extending the studies supported and disaggregated to the Commission entrusted with the granting of funds for the purpose of examination and approval is created to service projects that promote rural reality."

The Yasiri that "the province of Diwaniyah suffering from the large villages, and is the second province in Iraq in terms of the number of villages, which increased to 900 villages, and most have not seen any significant developments aspect of urban and could not the investment budget to meet a small part of the needs of the population, and to grant international devoted to the twenty villages will provide more than 30% of the budget of the investment plan in order to be allocated to other villages.

It is worth mentioning that 100 villages in Diwaniya, suffer from side Mahromep full service, health and education, and most of the projects carried out in villages were subject to political speculation, and that it remain undeveloped for long periods.

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