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Issawi, headed the delegation of Iraq to review the formula to balance the semi-final 2012, with the International Monetary Fund
By: Bian
On: Sunday 22/05/2011 9:40

News Agency Baghdad International / Ghani al-Saidi
Minister of Finance Dr. Rafie al-Issawi and his ministry's intention to make the federal budget for 2012, the Council of Ministers and the Council of Representatives within the time stipulated by the law of the time management of financial resources.
Issawi, said during a meeting in the Turkish city of Istanbul which included the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank of Iraq on the one hand and the World Bank and International Monetary Fund on the other hand was raised a number of points on the table for discussion between the two sides was the most important of the anticipated amount of oil source and the expected price for the sale of oil exports as well mechanisms to control the budget deficit. Issawi said he has been the focus during the discussions on increasing the budget for the development of the regions close to double what he put in the budget of 2011. In the same context that there are al-Issawi said the meetings will be held concerning the reform of the financial management system in the Ministry of Finance and will unite all the points that were agreed upon for submission to the Council of Ministers

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