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Representative of the United Nations reflects a «cautiously optimistic» about developments in Iraq

(صوت العراق) - 21-11-2009 (Voice of Iraq) - 21/11/2009

Baghdad ends a decade of international efforts in the self-reliance

Washington: Mina Al-Oraibi

The Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Ed Mlkrt «cautiously optimistic» about developments in Iraq, saying that there are signs of progress despite the continuing challenges.

Mlkrt stressed during his visit to Washington the importance of the upcoming Iraqi elections to determine the fate of the country, pointing out that the role of the United Nations the country's current focus on resolving the outstanding issues between the central government and Kurdistan Regional Government and to improve relations between Iraq and Kuwait.

In regard to the election, Mlkrt: «we expect that an agreement was reached after an exciting first elected parliament in Iraq, was a good discussion represent all the views even though it was longer than we are advised by» he said, adding: «are now faced with new complexities» , in reference to the decision, Iraqi Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi aside the election law.

He pointed out that this decision could delay the elections, adding: «I expect that the delay will be longer than a month, and this is something that should be suitable for all».

He added: «elections will constitute a new phase of the new Iraq, and that depends on itself and will be a defining moment for the Iraqi leadership and there is a sense of responsibility among many of the leaders in Iraq today».

And their reasons for «cautiously optimistic», he drew Mlkrt first to the relative security improvements in Iraq, pointing out that «the turning point was two years ago with the face of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's militia at the expense of personal risk to him and his supporters».

He added: «There are still high levels of violence, but not comparable to the situation two years ago and continues to decline even with the attacks that we have witnessed over the past weeks».

He continued: «I expect that when Iraqis go to the polls will be security and security developments in mind, and there are fears the movement to weaken the security situation to change the way voting».

He pointed to the second reason for optimism is the «increased attention being paid to investors to invest in Iraq, and there were important conferences in Washington and London and Berlin, which shows that the business world began to wake up to the opportunities in Iraq».

He added: «There are still problems to work in Iraq, corruption and complex laws, but the government recognizes this and works it».

The attention to the economy in Iraq, said Mlkrt The need for a legal basis for the oil sector is very important and work on the version of the oil law will be of interest to investors.

Mlkrt and the number of key issues of concern to the United Nations in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi government, noting that «the future of Iraq depends on working to address the Arab-Kurdish relations, we have begun a process to attempt to bring the two parties for the future of the country and the final solution to the country and to identify opportunities, but also within the Kurdish regional authorities ».

He pointed out that advisers to the owners and Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani met under the auspices of the United Nations to resolve outstanding issues including the borders of Kurdistan and the language used in education and government buildings that inhabit the displaced families.

The other issue is Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations, seen as a significant improvement «for the stability of Iraq and the normalization and put».

He referred to the importance of addressing the Chapter VII sanctions, which he said he «could claim to understand the Iraqi government to lift the sanctions imposed because of the actions of (former Iraqi President) Saddam Hussein and Iraq itself affected by such actions».


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