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12-25-2010, 07:15 AM
Adviser to the owners: the current situation is not appropriate to cancel the ration card items

25/12/2010 10:57

Baghdad, 25 December (Rn) - An adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for Economic Affairs, Saturday, that Iraq was trying to persuade the International Monetary Fund its need urgent to continue to support citizens file the ration card, indicating that the current situation is not suitable for the abolition or reduction of this file.


Salam al-Quraishi, a Kurdish news agency (Rn), "The government is trying to persuade the International Monetary Fund, which is linked economically with Iraq that the current situation does not allow the government to repeal or reduce the ration card items".

The Quraishi that "the government I'm not planning to introduce legislation that contributes to the reduction of the ration card items or cancel, but they prefer the regulatory process commensurate with the needs of low-income people."

The International Monetary Fund concluded an agreement with Iraq in 2007 has dropped most of its debts incurred by him in addition to providing financial support, compared to Iraq to work to stop the support of its citizens and privatized and his ministry during a period of three years.

Amounted to the financial allocations for the ration card in the budget year 2010 three trillion and 500 billion dinars, or about U.S. $ 2,9 billion, with allocations in 2009 were four trillion dinars.

The Iraqi Ministry of Trade announced last April for reducing the ration card items to five items of the flour, sugar, oil, tea, rice, due to weak financial allocations.

The ration card system was adopted in Iraq after the UN Security Council Resolution 661, the beginning of August 1990, Iraq spent subject to international sanctions, including the imposition of economic blockade it.

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http://aknews.com/ar/aknews/2/205266/ (http://aknews.com/ar/aknews/2/205266/)

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Ok this was extremely telling...I know many may wonder what is going on....but the IMF had stips.....and those stips were attached to the money loaned to Iraq....which was the monetary policy.....and that monetary policy was also attached to the Free Market Economy that the IMF said had to be done.....and in a Free Market Economy....no subsidies are allowed by the govt.....they feel it does not promote the growth of the private sector nor does it promote competition between vendors....which will drop prices......the GOI is afraid to let go.....they pulled this in 09 when the......y wouldn't agree to give up the control of the Oil Industry.....the longer Iraq fights this the more painful it will be.....they need to trust the people and take them off social welfare.....this was very good article......and gave away what is happening behind the scenes with the IMF