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12-01-2010, 02:57 PM
They say (we have the rule of the International Monetary Fund )!!!- demanding Maliki's government to change the monetary policy and the sale of state companies

Government adviser said on Sunday, the International Monetary Fund request from the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to change monetary policy in the country, indicating he was not convinced so far the Iraqi monetary policy.

A member of the advisers in the Prime Minister Abdul Hussein al-Jabri, "The IMF mission, which now is extensive discussions with the Iraqi delegation, which includes the Iraqi Central Bank and the Finance Ministry is not convinced of monetary policy in the country, and requested extensive changes at the level of the monetary system in it."

Jabri explained that "Iraq is currently being serious talks with the IMF to lend a sum of money to support the budget in 2011 did not read yet in the prime minister for technical reasons."

The problem that delayed the discussion of the Council of Ministers of the Iraqi budget next year is the disagreement between the ministries of oil and finance to calculate the price of a barrel of oil within the budget, which ended with the agreement of the parties to calculate the $ 73 fixed price per barrel in the general budget of the country.

Jabri explained that "the IMF renewed its demand to conduct large-scale changes at the level of disbursement of funds, and the reduction of inflation, and a plan to encourage the private sector, and address the sagging career in government circles."

And demanded that the Ministry of Finance earlier in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to work to transform its affiliates to self-finance companies in order to cover the expenses of its employees, as revealed the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation of the earlier of the existence of significant functional slouch in government departments.

Al Jabri said that "Iraq pledged to the International Monetary Fund to address critical problems," noting that "discussions are still ongoing between the two sides to get out the results of the task."

The Ministry of Finance announced last month, the finalization of the draft budget for Iraq in 2011, devoted the bulk of them for investment, and to support the government's development strategy that will continue for the next four years

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12-01-2010, 04:16 PM
Well, they are still working on it together I would say that is a good sign!