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10-05-2010, 12:05 PM
2010-10-05 : History

In order to obtain Iraq's full membership of trade conducted bilateral negotiations with the countries of the World

Morning newspaper

Entered the Ministry of Commerce in bilateral negotiations on accession to the WTO with the SCO member states on goods and services sectors after the completion of the first presentation of trade in goods and services schedules of commitments for the organization.

This was stressed by Minister of Trade and Agency Dr. Safaa net debt, pointing out in a press statement that Iraq had completed all the national commitments in the services sector required by the WTO, especially after the completion of the five sectors during the current year in addition to his participation in courses and conferences held by the Organization for the rehabilitation and construction of capabilities negotiating with the staffs of Iraq as well as coordination with the ministries concerned for the purpose of updating the draft bills on accession and harmonization of laws and agreements of the World. He pointed out that the ministry follows the meetings of the President of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Alankad) in addition to training courses and workshops organized during this year Besides the preparations for meetings of the Joint Consultative Group on International Trade Centre for the session (42), as well as participation in the meetings of the Advisory Committee of the Provincial Council of the Common Fund for Commodities.

The minister added that the Department of Foreign Economic Relations of the Ministry following the reports of annual meetings for ĽAlankadĽ Common Fund for Commodities, as well as complete the requirements to participate in the annual meetings of the Commission on Commercial Law of the United Nations and the follow-up to its decisions, in addition to the follow-up session of the Ministerial International (25) which met in Istanbul (Alcolmbk) as well as follow-up activities of the South Centre and other regional agreements and the outcome of the Summit of Economic and Social Development Arab, which was held in Kuwait and participate in meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops are included calls from regulators in the economic and trade fields.