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11-03-2009, 02:34 AM
The first political (http://www.alsabaah.com/paper.php?source=akbar&page=8): The government urges the Security Council resolution 1483 activated to prevent foreign intervention

Maliki meets UN envoy stresses near the announcement of the results of investigations into bombings fitness
BAGHDAD - morning
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to activate the UN Security Council resolution 1483 to prevent foreign interference in Iraq, and punishment of those involved in recent terrorist bombings, at a time, announcing a near declaration of the results of investigations bombings of fitness.

Maliki's office received the official said, the UN envoy and Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Oscar Fernandes Taranco, wishing him success in his mission, stressing that the Iraqi people is looking forward to your visit, and the report which you will reveal the extent and Qovkm his side. The head of government said in a statement received " morning, "a copy of it:" The time has come to move United Nations to stop the bloodshed, which stems from the mental ravages of the Baath Party and al Qaeda, stating "We have worked to strengthen our relations with neighboring countries based on mutual respect and common interests, but what a pity that our country has become the scene of the crime and place of test and manufacture of explosives, and the world must realize the gravity of terrorism, which has become not only threatens Iraq alone. "
He continued: "How to allow people space to learn the manufacture of explosives?", Calling on the UN envoy to visit the sites of recent bombings look closely at the magnitude of the crime, adding that "countries in the region to intervene in the affairs of Iraq since 2003 on the grounds that there are occupation forces in Iraq, and some these countries says it intervenes for the sake of Iraq and its people, but we say to them that the Iraqi people is responsible for that. "
Maliki said that "Our security and intelligence services confirm the presence of interference in our affairs, we have asked them to refrain from such interference, but did not succeed in convincing them, that we have come to the conclusion that they want to target the political process, and wanted to return the Baath party to power again, so it was left to us , but ask for the intervention of the United Nations, "indicating that" terrorism needs to pause and international, and we ask the UN to help us to stop the regional intervention in our affairs, and to stop the terrorist operations which target innocents of our people, and we hope to be your realistic and want to watch crime on the ground, so that you can transfer details of the incident clearly to the Secretary-General and Security Council members, and we assure you that our evidence on this subject is clear, although the denial of the evidence and submissions of evidence, we saw the Turkish Foreign Minister and considered strong evidence, and we ask them is to stop support submitted to the terrorists and the Baathists wanted by Iraqi authorities and the International Police (Interpol). The Premier added that "all mediation in this issue have not reached a conclusion, so we went to the United Nations, and we believe that a statement from the United Nations warns neighbors and invite them to non-interference in our internal affairs, mediation would be better, "stressing said:" We have information that intervention and training, nurture, and the entry of terrorists did not stop, and some neighboring states did not comply with international resolutions, despite our commitment to them, hence the ground is now appropriate for the inquiry to do so and the terrorist attacks that have occurred recently, three of those responsible of the Baath Party, and receive support from the Baath Party in Syria has confessed to it. "
He called for the necessity of activating the UN resolution 1483, which prohibits interference in the internal affairs of Iraq and to deny safe haven for criminals from the former regime members. It is said that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had been submitted to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, a request for an international tribunal to try those behind the the bombings, while raising the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, during his participation in the meetings of the Assembly, a request to send a special UN envoy to investigate the facts. Meanwhile, the UN envoy said: "We look with pain and grief of the bombings that took place in Baghdad, and this is an opportunity to offer condolences to the Government and the families of the victims and all the people of Iraq, The Secretary-General and the Security Council to denounce and condemn these acts of terrorism, strong language, and that the subject is located in the international community's attention, and our part, we support your government and the Iraqi people. "
Taranco He pointed out that "The Security Council has accompanied it at the time of the bombings, and your letter have been transferred to the Council members, and we have many consultations in this regard," he said: "Government has requested an international tribunal to follow-up of people who stand behind these bombings, and the Secretary-General interested in this, and we are working to get to meet a request by the Government, and after we receive the letter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs has been appointed a special envoy, and we are here to assess the situation in general and that the scale of regional intervention in Iraq. "He stressed that" the Secretary-General Kofi Annan stressed the need for preliminary discussions on the subject and to put an end to these attacks, and report to him, have come to consult with you and listen, and that the facilities are members of the team of analysts and politicians and lawyers, and we will inform the Secretary-General on the demands of the Iraqi government. "
In the meantime, Prime Minister said investigations were under way on Sunday's blasts and terror will be unveiling the results of the investigation soon. A statement from the province of Baghdad, said al-Maliki met in his office on the first governor of Baghdad, Dr. Salah Abdul-Razzaq, since they were discussing the latest developments and action taken by the province to qualify demolished building damaged by Sunday's blasts terror and the conditions of the families of martyrs and to check on the health of the injured. "The statement quoted the governor as saying:" They discussed the security situation, as prime minister stressed that investigations were still ongoing about the bombings of fitness and will disclose the results of the investigation soon, He also asked the Baghdad province address the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of the material to be covered compensation, similar to the Ministries of Justice and the municipalities. "Abdul Razak added that" Maliki asked about the measures for the conservation of relief to the wounded and the martyrs and the quick return of renovation of the province, has been told that work is under way through the rubble and restore electricity to the floors of the building and installation of ceilings and the second will be all works are completed within two weeks, in addition to the immediate disbursement of compensation from the budget of the province of Baghdad for 25 martyrs and more than 200 wounded and to ensure treatment of the wounded from a disaster outside the country, as well as all aspects of assistance to victims and those affected by terrorist bombings, and instruct the completion of transactions to include under the compensation of victims of terrorism. "
Abizaid and Abdul Razzaq said: that between the President of the government, "the delay in reconstruction of complex fitness owing to the delayed launch of the Ministry of Finance to the now $ 3 and a half billion dinars allocated by the Council of Ministers earlier for the reconstruction of the complex as a result of the right of the damage by Wednesday's blasts, terrorist act," noting that al-Maliki promised to solve this problem by addressing the province of Baghdad of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers official letter to speed up the charge. The governor said "the prime minister welcomed the idea of the inclusion of shops and places nearby had been damaged by Sunday's blasts terrorist material compensation with the restoration of the damage done to them, and coverage of the car owners affected by the physical damages and monitoring of a specific amount." And that "if the completion of the allocation of funds will be the adoption of a clear mechanism in the exchange and set the priority for the owners of registered cases at the police station fitness. "Meanwhile, search and Defense Minister Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi during a meeting with envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations" file within the regional countries in Iraq. "A statement from the Ministry of Defense: The "The two sides reviewed the security situation and the current challenges and threats and external intervention