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11-03-2009, 02:29 AM
The first political (http://www.alsabaah.com/paper.php?source=akbar&page=8): Baghdad aspiration of the international investigator on the overwhelming evidence

http://www.alsabaah.com/sitepicture/2-1813.jpgMaliki Taranco: It is time to stop the hemorrhage of Iraqi blood
BAGHDAD - morning
Officials have made in Baghdad for the UN special envoy Oscar Fernandez Taranco irrefutable evidence and documents proving the involvement of Baathists and terrorists, and third-party funding and planning of terrorist acts that took place in the country recently, particularly for Wednesday and Sunday Aldamyin.

These moves coincided Iraq - International government demanding that the UN Security Council resolution 1483 to activate to prevent foreign interference in the country, and punishment of those involved the shedding of Iraqi blood. "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during his meeting with UN Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs Oscar Fernandes Taranco," It is time to move the United Nations to stop the bloodshed, which stems from the mental ravages of the Baath Party and al Qaeda. "" The countries of the region to intervene in the affairs of Iraq since 2003 on the grounds that there are occupation forces in Iraq, and some of these countries say they intervene for the sake of Iraq and its people , but we say to these people that the Iraqi people is responsible for this. "The private sources had said the" morning ": that" the international investigator, who arrived in Baghdad yesterday evening, first, to look at the hundreds of documents, files and pictures that prove the involvement of Baathists and terrorists in neighboring countries to support the business criminal, particularly the bombings in Baghdad in August and October last. "Maliki reiterated that" Our security and intelligence services confirm the presence of interference in our affairs, we have asked them to refrain from such interference, but did not succeed in convincing them, that we have come to the conclusion that they want to target the political process, and wanted to return the Baath party to power again, so it was left to us, but to seek intervention of the United Nations ", urging the activation of the UN resolution 1483, which prohibits interference in the internal affairs of Iraq and to deny safe haven for criminals from the former regime members. It should be noted that the government has submitted to the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the end of last August, a request for an international tribunal to try those behind the bombings, while raising the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, during his participation in the meetings of the Assembly, a request to send a special UN envoy to investigate the facts. middle of this picture, Sources close to the government for the "morning" For the international investigator on the documents and evidence to prove involvement of the Baathists and foreign terrorists in Syria of supporting the criminal operations, including the bombings of Bloody Sunday. The Defense Minister Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi had discussed during his meeting yesterday Envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations "file within regional countries in Iraq, "as the two sides reviewed the" security situation and the current challenges and threats and external intervention. "
The sources said that these documents and the evidence is a sham and audio recordings and charts, data and photographs taken by satellites and aircraft, indicating that the UN envoy promised to relay the image that will be shared in Baghdad for members of the UN Security Council to take a decision on the formation of the International Tribunal