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09-18-2010, 09:38 AM
Did not know that the IMF got involved at the local level?

We are working not to raise prices of petroleum products despite pressure the International Monetary Fund
Ahmed has disclosed Chandler and Deputy Minister for Oil refineries in a statement to Radio Tigris, on Saturday, the decision to raise the prices of gasoline Aitakz by the Ministry of oil, but due to the central government.

Chandler pointed out that "the IMF pushing for the removal of subsidies in full for all petroleum products consumed locally, which means that the prices of petroleum products will rise very considerably," he said, "The Oil Ministry said in international forums that the local products in terms of quality is not the level required to be lifted prices to a high level. "Said Deputy Oil Minister for refineries in a telephone interview with Radio Tigris:
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And Chandler that domestic production of gasoline accounts for 65 to 70% of domestic consumption, with output of up to 14 million liters per day, while imports of 6 to 7 million liters per day, referring to the contracting units to improve production in Samawah and Najaf, Basra and the session, up productive capacity of each, including one million liters per day, but some need to be at least a year to be able to output.

وتابع الشماع قائلا:
Chandler continued, saying:

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In response to a question about the poor quality of gasoline in some areas and complaints of vehicles that frequent the poor quality of gasoline available at the pump, between Chandler said admixture is good for different qualities of gasoline, local and imported resulted in poor gasoline, saying that "modern cars, you need to join any good gasoline. "
Chandler said the Tigris Radio