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Engagement with International Financial Institutions. The Department of Treasury has been actively engaged in the negotiation and implementation of Iraq’s stand-by programs with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in an effort to support the maintenance of a stable macroeconomic environment in Iraq. This year, the Department of Elsa Peretti庐 Cross pendant (http://www.europeantiffany.com/Tiffany-Product/View_176.html) encouraged Iraq and the IMF to agree to a third multi-billion dollar program. The Department of Treasury has also been instrumental in helping Iraq increase its engagement with the World Bank to promote financial sector development and improvements in Iraq’s social safety net, working closely with the Iraqi government to facilitate the negotiation of the World Bank’s Development Policy Loan to Iraq, which was approved in spring 2010.
Debt Relief. In support of Iraq’s Elsa Peretti庐 Eternal Circle pendant (http://www.europeantiffany.com/Tiffany-Product/View_198.html) with international financial markets, the Department of Treasury has worked closely with Iraq’s creditors to facilitate a write off of more than $65 billion in Saddam-era debt. Reducing this debt is an important step towards cleaning up the Iraqi balance sheet by getting rid of Saddam-era liabilities. This effort helped Iraq reduce its external debt burden from over 350 percent of GDP to about 140 percent in 2009. Debt relief efforts are ongoing with Iraq’s remaining creditors, which include Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
Designing and Executing a Sound Iraqi Budget. Technical advisors from the Department of Treasury have worked closely with Iraqi ministries including the Ministry of Finance and Planning to help Elsa Peretti庐 Eternal Circle pendant (http://www.europeantiffany.com/Tiffany-Product/View_178.html) formulate appropriate budgets and execute funds efficiently on priority reconstruction and security tasks. Iraq’s spending on reconstruction has risen from $1.2 billion in 2005 to almost $7 billion in 2009, and Iraq’s spending on security has risen from $2.1 billion in 2005 to almost $8 billion in 2009.
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Youth Initiatives. In August Elsa Peretti庐 Eternal Circle pendant (http://www.europeantiffany.com/Tiffany-Product/View_177.html), USAID and the Iraqi Minister of Trade launched a new program called the Iraqi Youth Initiatives (IYI). IYI is now open in eight Iraqi provinces providing business skills training, apprenticeships and microfinance loans. The program is projected to benefit over 5,000 deserving Iraqi youths between the ages of 18 and 35 and create approximately 2,500 full-time jobs.
Providing Access to Credit. USAID helped Elsa Peretti庐 Infinity Cross pendant (http://www.europeantiffany.com/Tiffany-Product/View_179.html) nine Iraqi-owned microfinance institutions (MFIs) and provided financial support to three international MFIs operating in all 18 provinces. Since 2004, these MFIs have distributed more than 178,400 loans worth $410 million with a repayment rate of 98 percent.