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06-16-2010, 07:11 AM
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Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 12:29 http://www.iraq-ina.com/admin/news/37597.jpg

BAGHDAD: A source close to the ongoing investigations of the robbery suffered by the Central Bank of Iraq on the first Sunday, the security force that restored the building did not find any trace of the assailants, but found five bodies belonging to the suicide bombers blew themselves up, but the intensity of the fire indicate that the number of insurgents was much higher.

The attempt to storm the Central Bank and the consequent clashes lasted several hours, the first of its kind in the targeting of this institution monetary giant, over the past years, which sparked surprise by the success of insurgents in major breakthrough for the heavily fortified to prevent the passage of vehicles near.

The source said, preferring anonymity for the sensitivity of the information given by that "doubts about the existence of a collusion by staff at the bank with members of the gang that attacked him," explaining that "What supports this theory is the disappearance of any trace of the members of the gang stormed the building, as well as the outbreak of fire in the floors elected and carefully selected from the bank, including sensitive documents. "

The source noted that "the conditions of the process does not suggest a motive of theft, but there is vandalism."

"The form of the process confirm the involvement of a large number of people, but the bodies are found only five, which is confirmed for the aggressors to the help of staff within the bank before it easier for them to escape."

For his part, said a source familiar with another, that the Division, which has been particularly affected in the incident on Sunday, specifically to combat money laundering and related to their "illegal loans with banks civil war." \

He explained that the rooms that have been bombed and burned during the process, "kept by the Central Bank documents related to money laundering, banking and credit," adding that among the documents that burned "group for trading illegal loans and open involvement by government officials with some private banks during the previous period" .

But a source at the Central Bank said that the bank "retains backup copies of all documents, including those that were damaged during the incident Sunday." A spokesman for the Baghdad operations command Maj. Gen. Qassim Atta said on Monday that "investigations relating to the operation failed terrorist gang which tried to implement in the building of the Iraqi Central Bank said on Sunday that led to the attackers were wearing military uniforms."

And the transfer of the National Centre for Information of the Council of Ministers, for Atta as saying that "the latest developments in the investigation proved that a member of the terrorist gang that tried to storm the bank had held the rank of captain, accompanied by a person holding the rank of lieutenant, and the third holds the rank of lieutenant, while wearing the rest of the gang members dress troops" .

He pointed out that "the forensic and explosives have been working on Sunday to prepare reports on the quality of the explosives used and the fingerprints lifted from the site of the attack and determine the identities and the things the attacker's identity."

He added that "the committee investigating the cause of the attack on a block of the Central Bank reached, through intelligence information, to identify the points, from which the aggressors, as well as unquantifiable."

The Baghdad Operations Command announced that the final figure for the number of victims of abuse long bank building is 18 killed and 55 wounded, 44 of them left the hospital after receiving treatment.

Atta said that "the total number of martyrs, including two policemen, civil defense, two members of the Facilities Protection Service (FPS), while the toll includes the martyrs six wounded from the Civil Defence men and 13 wounded men, the (FPSO) and five military personnel, including the commander of a brigade band 43 band 11 in the army, who led a purge of the elements of the bank the gang attacked him. " He revealed that "the attempt carried out by the terrorist gang for control of the bank were on the four stages." \

"The first phase was the explosive device was detonated near the fuel tank, electric generator at the entrance outside of the Central Bank."

"The second phase consisted in fighting the aggressors with force to protect the entrance outside of the bank included a bombing of the attacker himself," explaining that "the third phase was the arrival of the attackers to the courtyard of the Bank's internal and detonate suicide bombers blew themselves up at the door of procedure of the Bank and the attack force that protects the back entrance of his" .

He pointed out that "the fourth and final phase was the entry of a number of militants into the bank buildings and setting fire to a number of floors."

Atta said that "the force, which has cleared the bank was led by commando regiment band 11 and the Sixth Division reconnaissance company, were given the force's Regiment, the Anti-terrorism."

The spokesman said the Baghdad Operations Command that the high-level committee headed by Minister of National Security was set up to investigate the circumstances of the incident, saying that the committee began to examine the content of the video surveillance tapes of the Central Bank of Iraq.

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Thx for the post. All I can think to say is needless ppl are being killed due to huge corruption! Come on Iraq and RV and get your government running and live a life of stability.

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Nice find Apollo! Thanks! Glad there are "back ups"!

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i have to say apolloo i had my doubts about you at first when you joined.....thought that the former site you were on carried way too many rumors.....but you have proved me wrong....you have adapted and become a huge asset to this site.....i am very glad i kept you around......thank you so very much for what you do to make this site as successful as it is.....


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Thanks Apollo for the post, I hope they really did have backup copies!!!