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06-15-2010, 04:23 PM
Conscious / agent of the Ministry of the Interior Senior reveal the terrorist operation that targeted the Iraqi Central Bank

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Conscious / Baghdad / m k
14/6/2010 8:08pm

U.S. Under Secretary of the Interior Ministry earlier Adnan Asadi, "The crime that occurred Central Bank yesterday were not organized crime, but is the process of a major terrorist and serious political target by the reputation of the Iraqi government."

The ball is in a special statement by the reporter (and the Iraqi News Agency Information / INA) said, "This operation was planned intelligently and study of the court if there were more than four suicide bombers and improvised explosive devices as well as gunmen carrying rocket (RBG7 And Kalashnikov rifles, where they could sequence to the region and they are a military convoy of about thirty people of various military ranks. "

He explained that they were able to penetrate all security barriers, which was responsible for the security of the Central Bank on the grounds that they are certain security and steal their goal the most important symbols of the national economy of Iraq, pointing out that this plot were not easy, but we were able to derail a fierce armed clashes. "

He considered that "the protection of the central bank did not have only light weapons and the attackers used a weapon of medium and improvised explosive devices, but called in riot police led to the immediate response to them, saying the prime minister and leaders of the peaceful formed a crisis cell to find out the conspiracy serious".

He also accused al-Asadi al-Qaeda terrorist to this crime, who want her to cover the fiscal deficit, which suffered after the blows they received from security agencies and thus we see that this process came from al-Qaeda after the dismantling of the legal organization of Ansar al-Sunna and the killing of the rest of the symbols.

He noted Asadi that "security forces continued to suffer from a clear imbalance in activating the Intelligence Organization and receive information proactively before they occur, but we believe that the secret service was not built a day because of the competition and political competition in the country, adding to the removal of a large number of officers from us by the Law Commission Justice and Accountability because they are mostly intelligence officers and intelligence in the former regime and we continue to ply replaced by a new foothold. "

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