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06-15-2010, 03:08 PM

Official: the process of the central bank aimed at sabotaging the financial system

Khaled Waleed

Detect the appearance of Mohammed Salih, adviser to the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq in an interview with Radio Free Iraq said the operation targeted the bank two days ago were not designed to destroy the central bank, but to disrupt the financial system in Iraq by targeting a bank Mesopotamia and the good as well, pointing out that these institutions three form a main pillar upon which the financial system of Iraq.

A spokesman for the Baghdad operations command Maj. Gen. Qassim Atta said earlier that the plan included the control of the Bank in four stages; the first was by blowing up an explosive device near one of the generators, which led to the explosion of generated events and the type of confusion ..

And the second included two of the gunmen who were dressed and arranged for officers in the army stormed the front door of the bank, but the force charged with protection clashed with them, and they blew themselves wore explosive.

The third phase included the storming of two other militants wearing suicide vests, the inner door of the bank, and the protection elements, acting for them and shot them, which led to the explosion Ahzmthma devices and are killed on the spot, in the fourth and final phase was burned down some floors of the bank took extinguished more than three hours.

The president of Bank of Iraq Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri in an interview with Radio Free Iraq that the gunmen had gone to the bank Mesopotamia, having set fire to a number of floors in the central bank, and managed to burn the main administration section of President caused the destruction of many of the financial documents paper task, pointing out that security forces with the assistance of protections banks were able to thwart the process is in the first stage.

Abdul-Hussein said that the documents that have been cremated, the central bank and banking Mesopotamia and rational, there are alternatives which are held at branches of banks outside of Iraq.

And the spokesman of Baghdad Operations Command, Major General Qassim Atta, the gang that carried out the operation rented shops located 50 meters from the Central Bank of Iraq, and added:

"Iraqi forces arrested the shop owner, who admitted he had rent the business of the ring compared to 300 thousand dinars per month for six months, was referred the shop owner to spend, and we have also said that the gang members were dressed in military uniforms and they do not belong to any of the security services and that all fake identification cards to them. "

Atta said that preliminary investigations found that the operation bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda, and that the preparation took six months, and called on citizens to cooperate with the security forces to thwart such operations.

The Baghdad Operations Command recently warned of the plans is to al-Qaeda control and robberies on banks to finance its operations as it suffers from the conditions of a difficult financial, and pointed out that the security forces, security measures and plans calculated to counter such operations anticipated to prevent its implementation.

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