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06-14-2010, 05:26 PM
The Central Bank indicate a qualitative shift in terrorist operations http://www.almadapaper.net/news.php?action=view&id=20524
Date: Monday, 06/14/2010 23:47

BaghdadSeems to be trying to break into the Iraqi Central Bank confirms stranded in front of al Qaeda in access to sources of funding. Analysis of experts on the affairs of the terrorist organizations were talking about a serious problem experienced by the al-Qaeda in obtaining funds for the implementation of its armed forces,

But details of the operation the fiercest since 2003, in Baghdad in the afternoon the day before yesterday confirmed two things: first: a qualitative shift in the implementation of operations, as it was clear that multiple explosions easier, later on, the entry of the group into the bank, a method that simulates the robberies world-famous - and the other : The process where a lot of risk and adventure, which means, in some way, the balance of the base last throes.
The operation to storm the Bank of terrorists is the first of its kind taking place in Iraq for seven years which could not Al Qaeda terrorist organization throughout his time in Baghdad, storming of an Iraqi economic or security is so vital, and fortified by, and took its staff hostage to it, is also a process violation great importance to the security plans in place in Baghdad, as well as referring to the return of the terrorist groups armed violence through the cars of the security services and military uniforms in a serious indicator of little incidents that occurred during 2006 and 2007.
Says research centers that al-Qaeda abandoned the classic way of financing a fund-raising and transfer to cells and the rules of organization, came to give up after several actions taken by the official bodies in the region and the world to pursue transactions the financial base of the United Nations and the Committees U.S. special anti-terrorist police in European countries , and some departments of banks, which made it difficult for terrorists to carry out logistics such as travel, purchase of materials and save money to their families, recruit more volunteers.
Is true that the draft rule in the region is as important political and ideological much for them, but, projects, hit the scarcity of funds and the difficulty of moving. So they resorted to a new tactic depends on new ways of obtaining funds.
Since the major source of funds to continue its operations base and expand its activities, a number of observers is expected to rule out a robbery on a number of other banks and attempts to attack the shops goldsmiths.
And you need the base to the physical element to buy weapons and carry out the bombing, in addition to payment for elements of the organization and care of the families of suicide bombers and to pay for some individuals who provide incubation of the cells to facilitate its presence in strategic areas in Baghdad and elsewhere.
According to press reports that the budget for al-Qaeda before the attacks of September 2001 amounted to 30 million dollars. However, it has increased after the many times this number decreased again due to the global financial crisis and the deterioration of some markets and the actions taken by some governments to cut off sources of funding.
The rule had succeeded in previous years and through bank accounts in the names of brokers to invest the equivalent of 300 million dollars in many countries. However, these gains were reduced in subsequent periods because of international pursuit of these mediators and the global financial crisis.
And has through a number of al Qaeda leaders for this financial distress, going through the organization. Has recently emerged a number of voice recordings al-Zawahiri and Abu Yahya al-Libi called urging the supporters to spend to support (the Mujahideen), according to expression.
And confirms the allegations of running out of money in a safe rule, is the loss of regulation of the money men who support him, having received al-Qaeda recently a severe blow when they lost Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, a 'Chief Financial Officer the most prominent' in the organization of 'rule', where coordinated fund-raising and oversaw the distribution of the money necessary for the continuation of this organization. It is true that the death of Abu al-Yazid robbed the organization of 'rule' One of the main leaders, but the faith, which promote terrorism continues to attract many people to it. Therefore calls for the Research Centre to intensify efforts to prevent the emergence of a new generation who could continue the work of Abu al-Yazid, who frequently links to the uniqueness of the rich, who have long formed the backbone network to support 'bottom' financial support.
As a result, the organization down 'rule' for now and in a weaker financial position for years.
And to return to the new generation of the base, the alternative leaders took control, and a bankrupt treasury, so they had to move quickly to get the sources of funding to continue operations.
Way, new and unusual in the process of the CBI reveals different models of leadership is at the most, according to research centers, young personalities know a lot about technology and engaged in strong support from the community, so the power will be more ruthless and intelligent.
Other hand, he and the Minister of National Security Iraqi cult, Monday, announced that seven suicide bombers blew themselves up first on Sunday, during a raid by gunmen building the Iraqi Central Bank, indicating that the security services have arrested several militants associated with the group, which carried out the attack on the central bank. The Waeli in an interview for "Sumerian News" "The information available to the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that the number of suicide bombers who blew themselves up in a raid of the Central Bank, noting that they divided themselves into two section blew themselves inside the bank and the other outside."
He described the operation to storm Waeli Central Bank of the armed group as "well prepared, and deny the military has been implementing uniform to camouflage as well done," noting that "the gunmen who stormed the central bank came from the vicinity of the bank."
The Minister of National Security, "The operation resulted in damage to some of the events of the Central Bank of floors, as well as destroy important documents, pointing out that" the security services did not find evidence to indicate that the identities of suicide bombers. "
The Waeli "The security forces arrested a number of insurgents linked to the group that carried out the attack on the central bank."
The police source said that the outcome of the bombings and clashes that took place in the Central Bank totaled 21 killed and 72 wounded, including a number of militants, saying that smoke was still seen from the bank building, while denied the Baghdad operations and the existence of any staff inside the building, or find any held inside the rooms, asserting that "the militants failed to storm despite diligent planning for it."
Meanwhile, spokesman of Baghdad, Maj. Gen. Qassim Atta at a later time, "the existence of any employee inside the bank and the failure to find any detainee inside the rooms," noting that "the security forces were combing the cordoned-off area completely." He said Atta "forcing the three of suicide bombers to blow themselves up, as security forces killed two others, "explaining that" the operation failed, and was planned very nicely. "
He said Atta said the operation marked by "four stages of the bombing" in the vicinity and within the central bank located in the Rashid Street.
The Baghdad Operations Command has recently warned of the plans is to al-Qaeda control and robberies on banks to finance its operations because he has difficult financial situations. A spokesman for the Baghdad Operations Command, Major General Qassim Atta Al-Qaeda in Iraq is planning to rob the government and private banks in the capital to overcome the financial crisis that is going through.
He stressed that al Qaeda is going through a financial crisis after a large majority of the sources of financing, so the security information indicating that he plans currently to robberies of banks, civil and governmental, retail jewelers gold

06-14-2010, 06:36 PM
This is an interesting read and appears to be a "cover-up" story of why the CBI was attacked. They are claiming that Al Qaeda needs more money and was trying to do a robbery. This excuse in itself makes no sense. If they needed money they could knock over smaller less guarded banks, currency exchange centers and jewelers nearly anywhere else in Iraq. And why would they waste 7 suicide bombers on a simple bank robbery. (Previous articles said enrollment in the suicide bomber program is down). Lastly, the militants that made it inside went in to burn the building and destroy important documents ... no mention of them even being near a vault. And most interesting is that previous articles said there were no survivors of the militants but this article says they arrested some militants. Perhaps these were associates that did not take part in the terrorist act or there were actually some survivors. Either way, this does not sound like a simple bank robbery. I may be biased but I think the terrorists went in to stop or delay the RV as best they could.