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06-14-2010, 10:15 AM
Atta: the failed attempt to storm the Central Bank carried out in four stages

(Voice of Iraq) - 14/06/2010

(Voice of Iraq) - The Baghdad Operations Command that the final figure for the number of victims of abuse of the long building in the Central Bank of Iraq Al-Rashid Street on Sunday, was 18 killed and 55 wounded.

A spokesman for the Baghdad Operations Command Major-General Qassim Atta, in a special statement by the National Center for the media to total number of martyrs, including two policemen, civil defense and three members of the Facilities Protection Service (FPS), while the toll includes martyrs, wounded six of civil defense and 13 wounded The men (FPSO) and five soldiers, including commander of the brigade band 43 band 11 in the army, who led a purge of the elements of the bank the gang attacked him.

Atta and detect the attempt carried out by the terrorist gang for control of the bank were on the four stages. He said that the first phase was the explosive device was detonated near the fuel tank, electric generator at the entrance outside of the Central Bank. He added that the second stage was in a clash aggressors with force to protect the entrance outside of the bank included a bombing of one of the attackers himself, explaining that the third phase was the arrival of the attackers to the courtyard of the Bank's internal and detonate suicide bombers blew themselves up at the door of procedure of the Bank and the attack force that protects the back entrance to it. He noted that the fourth and final phase was the entry of a number of militants into the bank buildings and setting fire to a number of floors.

Atta said that the force, which has cleared the bank was led by commando regiment band 11 and the Sixth Division reconnaissance company, was given the force's Regiment, the Anti-terrorism.

The spokesman said the Baghdad Operations Command that the high-level committee headed by Minister of National Security was set up to investigate the circumstances of the incident, saying that the committee began to examine the content of the video surveillance tapes of the Central Bank of Iraq.


06-14-2010, 11:17 AM
My gut tells me these bad guys expect something is about to happen with the value of the Dinar and they would like to stop or delay it. And a LOP would not be worthy of this kind of terrorist act since they are already having problems finding willing suicide bomber applicants.