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06-14-2010, 07:50 AM
National Security: Seven blew themselves up in the storming of the Central Bank yesterday in Baghdad and gunmen came from areas close to

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حزيران Monday, 14 2010 12:00 GMT

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

A Minister of Iraq's National Security cult, on Monday, announced that seven suicide bombers blew themselves up Sunday, during a raid by insurgents to the Iraqi central bank building, indicating that the security services have arrested several militants associated with the group that carried out the attack on the Central Bank.

Waili said in an interview with "Alsumaria News" "The information available to the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that the number of suicide bombers who blew themselves up in a raid of the Central Bank, noting that they divided themselves into two section blew themselves inside the bank and the other outside."

The Iraqi police source said yesterday in an interview with "Alsumaria News" that the outcome of the bombings and clashes that took place in the Central Bank totaled 21 dead and 72 wounded, including a number of militants, while denied the Baghdad operations and no employees inside the building, or find any detainee inside the rooms, saying that "it was stormed by gunmen failed despite diligent planning for it."

He described the operation to storm Waeli Central Bank by the armed group as "well prepared, and deny the military has been implementing uniform to camouflage as well done," noting that "the gunmen who stormed the central bank came from the vicinity of the bank."

The Minister of National Security, "The operation resulted in damage to some of the latest story the central bank, as well as the destruction of important documents, pointing out that" the security services did not find evidence to indicate that the identities of suicide bombers. "

The Waeli "The security forces arrested a number of insurgents linked to the group that carried out the attack on the central bank."

The security source said, "to Alsumaria News" that "four armed men wearing the uniforms of Iraqi special forces traveling in a military vehicle Humvee in a convoy of official vehicles used by security forces or Iraqi officials in the movement who stormed the bank after a busy security improvised explosive device that exploded near him, "adding that" the three militants blew themselves up after security forces try to enter the building housing the bank.

Security sources said yesterday that the operation to storm the Central Bank was the first by blowing up a generator an improvised explosive device exploded near him and then blew two of the gunmen wearing ranking officers, Ohzmthma devices at the front door of the bank, and broke into two other inner door of the bank but the fire protection elements have Ohzmthma to blow up bombs and deaths, while another group undertook some of the burning floors Bank while he was a sniper of the group at the top floors.

The operation to storm the central bank by gunmen believed to be from al-Qaeda is the first of its kind taking place in Iraq seven years ago, as she could not rule for the duration of its presence in the capital, between the years 2005, 2006 and 2007 from storming of an Iraqi economic, security and fortified them and accept staff hostage to it, as the longer the process a major violation of the security plan in place in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, as well as referring to the return of the armed groups as acts of violence following the method of camouflage through the use of motor vehicles of the security services and military uniforms in a serious indicator of little incidents that occurred during 2006 and 2007.

The Iraqi provinces several experienced during the recent period, a marked increase in armed robberies, most recently in the province of Basra, last Wednesday, where the middle four gunmen, three shops adjacent to sell gold jewelery in the market in the Old Basra near the epicenter of the city of Basra and resulted in process for the killing of three jewelers and wounding five others, preceded by a robbery on stores gold in Bayaa in Baghdad on 25 May resulted in injury to 14 people, and preceded by only three days a robbery at a bank branch Iraq government to spend Mashkhab in Karbala province, but there were no casualties and resulted in the theft of six billion and a half billion Iraqi dinars (about five and a half million U.S. dollars) and several provinces on the implementation of a plan to protect banks and stores that sell gold.


Got-UR-back dino
06-14-2010, 08:26 AM
I think this is a first, using suicide bombers for something other than killing mostly innocent people. Now, it seems they were used in a detailed plot to sack the CBI. They must have drawn the short straws in the planning process. This madness won't stop until it stops with these politicians.

06-14-2010, 08:38 AM
Thanks for the post Medic!