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Said a source, "an official at the Ministry of Finance

(Voice of Iraq) - 09/06/2010

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((A source said, "an official at the Ministry of Finance))
After the approval of the Executive Board of the IMF on 24 / February / 2010 of an agreement emergency support (SBA) signed between Iraq and the Fund under which the grant fund Iraq a loan to support the budget limits of (6.3) billion dollars, Iraq received the first installment of (440) million dollars and credited to the Ministry of Finance to the Central Bank of Iraq and there will be other payments received during this year after completing the audit the first and second SBA agreement and the remaining pick in 2011.

As Iraq received the first loan amount of budget support granted by the World Bank's (250) million dollars out of an apportionment of (500) million dollars.


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This is good news. They are taking funds from the loan.