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06-02-2010, 08:20 PM
02/06/2010 15:29:27

BAGHDAD (Iba) ..

Said a senior economist at the CBI said the reserves of hard currency available to the central bank and put to the market through the daily auction of the Central Bank.

The name Abd al-Hadi in contact with the agency, the independent press (Iba) to destinations that go to a well known hard currency for the purpose of import of goods, provided by the merchants in the Iraqi market.

Observers have expressed fears of the exploitation of hard currency to put in the auction by private banks for the purpose of investing outside the country.

Abdel Hadi, the lack of emptying of hard currency through provided by the Ministry of Finance through the export of oil and sell it in the global market.

He explained that each person who remove more than 15 thousand dollars of the country must make it clear the source of the official authorities, pointing out that foreign banks are investing in the Iraqi market through its participation in the banking sector on the fact that the country reflects the existence of future investment and promising movement and growth in Iraqi market ,.

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