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06-02-2010, 11:25 AM
Conscious / Central Bank of Iraq do control money laundering

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2/6/2010 3:13 pm

The Director-General (Department of Banking and credit) in the bank CBI Walid Abdel Nabi seek bank to activate the control of the Anti-money laundering under him, making it able to play a role in the follow-up activity of companies, banking and foreign exchange, which may record some breaches in this area.

Abdel Nabi said in a press statement by an embedded reporter (The Iraqi News Agency Information / INA) "The decision recently issued by the Office of linking the fight against money laundering, the Governor of the Bank Directly, in a move intended to give the Bureau an amount greater privacy, the importance of its role in the anti-money laundering and erase the negative effects on the Iraqi economy, "noting that" the office manager, the owner of Badr, bringing down the meetings of the stakeholders and regulators, and that the bank Central to the development of regulations to the Office's activity goals are derived from the recommendations of the institutions of the international anti-money laundering in this regard, in addition to the registration office staff by 30 courses organized outside of Iraq to increase their knowledge base, thereby enhancing their ability to do their jobs better. "

Abdel Nabi added that "the Bank Central keen to deal seriously with the issue of anti-money laundering, through the development of methods of control and financial accounting were circulated to government and private banks, which requested the establishment of special offices by the adoption of these formulas in their daily work. "

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