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05-08-2010, 09:59 PM
Recapitalization of banks .. Importance and performance
Date: Friday, May 07

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh
Go out the concept of Capital to the total value of the assets that are held by a natural person or legal liabilities of less. Sometimes known amounts of cash contributed by the owners of the Organization of business or banking company in order to enable them to do their job

Either through the purchase of shares and counted as part of the capital (style contribute) or loans and counted as part of the capital also (style lending).

Although the concept of capitalization Capitalization go out to the role or functions of capital in the business or bank, the capitalization, weak (and unlike the capitalization, strong) typically include the contributions of a few in the capital or rely on style contributions is less than what can be in the capital to meet the expansion of bank in obtaining loans, funding and wide (way of lending) has promised that part of the capital. And such an approach resorts to affiliates throughout the history of the international financial order to the collection of loans from the parent company to avoid the tax burden or to avoid payment of actual interest, considering that interest rates on loans in this case are treated as if it were divided profits allowed the parent company to enjoy Balsmahat tax and to avoid withholding tax.
Also, the issuance of certificates of new shares or distribution of bonus shares to shareholders Scrip Issue of the shareholders it comes the other of the accumulation of profits through a paragraph reserves in the balance sheet of the company. And Aistrt to shareholders to pay any amounts for new shares. Since it can get pregnant, the arrow on the one bonus share for every three shares owned by an old contributor himself. This approach leads usually to a decline in stock prices automatically by 25%. In spite of what the method of preference shares to the owners to get cheap stock rather than stock-Ghali, they shall, in accordance with the concept or the philosophy of welfare in economics, they are not in good shape, as they say better off by such an advantage. But they should at the same time consider the courage to hope the high prices of those stocks gradually and bring it to the original value and by 25% which makes them well placed second preference better off in accordance with what is involved in the concept of economic well-being mentioned with him. The movement of price is not strange in the dealings of the financial markets, known as termed secession share stock split.
Of the foregoing, it is necessary to refer to the role Different role of banks capital and its importance in maintaining the integrity and durability of the development banks themselves and the safety of the banking system in the country in general. Banks generally work in an environment surrounded by a high degree of state Allatokd or uncertainty, which resulted in risk at different rates on its operations. So is the bank's capital-based or wall that prevents the unexpected losses that can be exposed to banks and depositors money was at risk.

As the financial resources of the Bank, as noted above divided in substantive terms into two groups, first is subjective and the most important capital and reserves and called the money-owned and the second of Foreign Affairs and the most important deposits and borrowings, and bank the other, including the issuance of bonds and others, usually called the money borrowed, the bank's own resources or capital, is in all cases the main source and the best sources and most suited to the needs of investment financing and the granting of loans for the purpose of economic activity and enable the banks to absorb losses, ie, to absorb the losses of working and operational. And the fact that banks do not work with their own funds only, but funds applicants, their role in the protection of funds by creditors (the owners of deposits) to make the capital a line of defense the President exercised by the bank in providing protection for depositors from any loss or accidental external result of the decline in stock prices or failure in collection of some of the loans or withdrawals surprise by depositors in times of exceptional quick-impact which is exposed to the banking market in particular. and although the configuration of the financial resources of the bank, whether self or foreign, as we noted earlier, the role of capital in the business banking remains different completely on the role of capital in the business of economic non-bank, as the focus of major task in the latter to finance the purchase of buildings, machinery and equipment necessary for the production process as a primary objective and then came to protect the rights of creditors in their different terms as a target secondary, while we believe this picture is different to the established economic, banking, where The role of capital in the financing and purchase of fixed assets is very minor and that the rights of creditors short and long-term is the main objective, which requires the availability of the assets of a strong and liquid capital.

The above, and as it came to the Iraqi National banking activity which is a number of private sector banks, with over 35 banks today on civil strife, the capitalization is still not exceeding one trillion Iraqi dinars, but a little.
If we take into account the needs of the country's financing, we find that the capital of private banks relative to gross domestic product (non-oil) does not exceed 1.5% which is very low and reflects the weakness of financial depth of the country or Huan pillar of capitalism in private banks and low, as well as lower contribution the economic development of our country, which requires the strengthening of their capital is a significant turn from banks, each family closed weak in their capital and operation, to companies big banking can expand their capital through merging with each other or to increase the number of shareholders and restructuring financially and operationally to be a force for bank financing active in the leadership of the financial activity in our country's future.
Therefore we decided to Board of Directors of the Iraqi Central Bank by the private banks increased their capital from a minimum of 50 billion dinars, up to 250 billion dinars in the next three years, beginning in 2010 and phased manner, which encourages these banks to integrate and really activate their operations and enable them to mobilize resources savings to the private sector to better serve the requirements of economic development. Provided that the capital resources directed towards the recruitment of new direct lending and credit that a deepening of the banking and brokerage operations Tnoaia broader financial instruments required by modern banking in our country. Also, the required increase in capital will take the broad concept of his or flexible, which means to check the banks increase their capital, taking into account not paid-up capital only, but plus what is available from capital reserves and retained earnings and other, within the so-called property rights.

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