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Filled Baldawi: borrowing from the International Monetary Fund has a previous approvals of the Council of Representatives

29/04/2010 10:29:02

[/URL]http://www.dinarspeculator.com/imgnews/20100429191840238810200495931451618600.jpgBAGHDAD (Iba) ...Said a member of the Economic Commission of the Council of Representatives outgoing Baldawi full of "borrowing from the IMF had earlier approvals of the outgoing parliament," he said, "This is a loan with a few benefits to move the Iraqi economy."

The International Monetary Fund approved a loan program for Iraq worth 3.6 billion dollars had been allocated to meet the needs of the balance of payments and to help rebuild infrastructure destroyed.

She Baldawi in contact with the agency, the independent press (Iba), "The approval of the IMF loan to Iraq was subject to approval of Iraq's budget for the current year by the House before."

The former House of Representatives passed in February to balance the federal State for the current year a total value of 87 trillion Iraqi dinars, up to 72.5 billion U.S. dollars.

And followed Baldawi "The Mataatkzh the government of the decisions made in the interest of the general economic situation in the country and can not be linked to any decision to walk economic matters in the country form the next government." Hinting "that the decision to link grades form the next government is still in place until the composition and formation of the Federal Service" .

Has been linked to former House government demand career degrees, amounting to 110 000 degrees the formation of the Federal service.

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simply put.....no backing out......