View Full Version : Conscious / National Committee continue to meet for Iraq's accession to the WTO

04-16-2010, 02:51 AM
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Conscious / National Committee continue to meet for Iraq's accession to the WTO
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Conscious / Baghdad / p e

16/4/2010 10:24 am

The Commission on Trade in Services, one of its sub-committees of the National Committee for Iraq's accession to the WTO WTO Meeting to discuss the mechanism of the service sectors in Iraq and from each ministry to determine the future vision of trade in services in Iraq.

The director of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations Ministry of Commerce Raad al-Asadi The reporter ( Agency Anabaalaalam Iraqi / INA) That among the topics discussed at the meeting is to spread awareness about the nature of the work of the World Trade Organization WTO And the possibility of establishing a monthly forums and public education and the private sector in this regard.

He said he discussed broadcast the website of the National Committee on Accession to the WTO and sent to other ministries and departments concerned as well as agreement on the necessity of accomplishing the service sectors unfinished representative of the services of housing and Alaamaruchdmat education and environmental services and cultural and recreational services and distribution services in addition to other services.

Noted that Iraq had obtained observer status in the WTO in 2004 after holding two rounds of official talks to achieve the status of permanent membership in that organization.