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04-08-2010, 04:39 AM
Conscious / representative of Iraq at the United Nations: We accept decreasing the amounts of compensation for 1%

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Conscious/ Sm
8/4/2010 11:9 am
Said the representative of Iraq to the United terrible overpopulation Hamid al-Bayati said Iraq accepted awards cut imposed by the Security Council and supervised by the United Nations to 1%, although we believe Exemption of one hundred per cent of the compensation. "
This situation has emerged From the representative of Iraq after the United Nations declared its satisfaction with the Iraqi Government was continuing to pay the awards Albulgp 5% of the proceeds of Iraqi oil to the Compensation Fund.
Al-Bayati said that Iraq owes compensation of 25.5 billion dollars, of which 24 billion dollars owed to Kuwait alone.
Al-Bayati said in response to an unimaginable luxury for the Security Council in this issue "I think that the Security Council is trying to convince other bodies such as the United Nations Compensation Commission to approve a compromise or something like that."
The Kuwaiti sources of high-level concern that the mandate expires at the Development Fund for Iraq in December will cast doubt and suspicion about the fate of the rate of 5% is assumed deducted for compensation, said: "If the expired mandate of the Fund and for the Iraqi government on oil revenues directly, The important question is how to get Kuwait to the rest of the compensation approved by the United Nations. "
The sources emphasized that Iraq's interest to continue the Development Fund for Iraq internationalist because it pour all proceeds Iraqi oil which is distributed to Iraq's international immunity, the sources said: "Can not anybody to have any demands or debts owed by Iraq to claim them or taking from the fund because it is fortified by an international resolution Under Chapter VII of the Security Council resolution. "