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04-07-2010, 08:51 AM
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Iraq review the fiscal action plan to pay its external debt in accordance with international resolutions

A statement by the United Nations, Iraq is reviewed at a meeting of the Security Council fiscal action plan to repay its external debt in accordance with international resolutions.
The statement, posted on the United Nations, on Tuesday that the UN Security Council discussed in the meeting of his financial situation in Iraq, which it heard, the Chairman of the Committee of Financial Experts in Iraq, Abdel Basit Turki Saeed, who presented the work plan and timetable for the transition to successor arrangements for each of the Fund development of Iraq and the International Advisory and Monitoring Board by December 31, 2010.
The statement continued that the basic features of this plan of action which depends from the first of January 2011 focused on maintaining the same existing mechanism as much as allowed by international resolutions, noting the safeguards of Iraqi funds using the bank accounts of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York to deposit Central to all receipts from sales of oil and gas, an alternative to the opera with the continued operation of the automatic filing for compensation under the provisions of paragraph twenty-first session of Security Council resolution 1483 and subsequent relevant resolutions and the Ministry of Finance to be the exclusive power to run the bank account.
Also reviewed the report of the Government of Iraq according to the statement the action plan for the settlement of the debt inherited from the former regime in 2010, as the most important agreement to settle the debts were of the Group of the Paris Club, where the settlement of over fifty-one billion dollars, "adding," The creditor countries outside the Paris Club the number was fifty-five States had been reached with the settlements on terms similar to those agreed with Paris Club countries with the exception of thirteen countries, including the GCC countries and efforts are underway to reach compromises with the same.