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  1. Oil minister refuses to attend questioning session
  2. Iraqi oil: 1600 jobs in Basra
  3. Jordan waiting for response on request for increased oil exports
  4. Ayyiyah advised Shahristani to refuse questioning by Parliament
  5. Residents of Almzak: Chinese oil company reluctant to employ locals
  6. Oil: Crude oil exports for the month of September amounted to 50.7 million barrels pe
  7. The demise of the dollar
  8. Iraq will sign agreements Rumaila and Zubair with the BBC. BP, Eni
  9. Iraqi Oil Minister called for questioning
  10. MP Saadoun: Region will resume export of oil when the federal government to meet its
  11. Iraq: The parliamentary move to impeach Minister of Oil
  12. New oil well north of Amara
  13. Deputy governor of Basra, calling for increasing the production of Iraq's Southern Oi
  14. Plans for the development of Zubair oil field in Basra
  15. Maysan Oil Company announces direct drilling new oil wells in Architecture
  16. Iraq tempts big oil companies
  17. Congress hoped to reach understanding on export of oil from Kurdistan
  18. Iraqi parliament: BP oil deal illegal
  19. UPDATE 1-Iraq, Eni-led group sign initial Zubair oil deal
  20. Iraq restores pipeline running north to transport crude to Turkey - a shipping agent
  21. Pragmatism prevails in Iraq's oil sector
  22. Iraq signs new overseas oil deal
  23. Italian firm signs oil deal with Iraq
  24. Iraq oil wealth eludes poor - 03 Nov 09
  25. 1st round oil permissions will boost production to 6m bpd – minister
  26. Iraq: Al-Shahristani: ratification of the contracts of the powers of the Council of M
  27. Russia seeks to activate oil cooperation with Iraq
  28. Shahristani: Iraq was able to attract largest global companies to invest in Oil
  29. Shahristani: Oil will become the grace of Iraqis
  30. Oil exports decline due to lower production from Kirkuk
  31. Oil Ministry opens up recruitment and thousands apply
  32. Iraq signs mega oil deal with BP and CNPC
  33. Iraq deal develops largest oil field-Britain, China firms get rights
  34. DJ UPDATE:Iraq To Award West Qurna-1 Field To ExxonMobil,Shell
  35. OPEC basket $75.53 a barrel
  36. Rumaila deal key to CNPC goals
  37. Kirkuk oil may make or break Iraq's future
  38. Exxon Group Wins Major Iraq Oil Contract
  39. Russia studies possibility of bidding Iraqi oil with a partner
  40. Exxon Mobil, Shell win Iraqi oil contract
  41. Development of West Qurna field to raise exports to 6 million barrels/day
  42. Possibility of postponing the question the oil minister for traveling for pilgrimage
  43. Ministry of Oil: Contract to Develop West Qurna Field and Provide 100 New Jobs
  44. Commission of the parliamentary oil and gas: oil and gas contracts signed with foreig
  45. Iraq hopes to pump 6 million barrels of oil from three fields
  46. Committee on Oil and gas is the conclusion of oil contracts with foreign companies, "
  47. Al-Maliki: Iraq will ratify the contracts Zubair and West Qurna next week
  48. Iraq: No need to raise OPEC production .. And the prices are "normal"
  49. Meeting in Dhi Qar, discusses ways to invest oil refinery by a British company, with
  50. Barzani evokes Iraq oil rows in Brussels
  51. Russia's Rosneft's largest oil producer in Russia: study the possibility of participa
  52. Maliki: the next government has no right to stop the work of oil contracts
  53. Hassani: interrogation of al-Shahristani, coalition aimed failure of the rule of law
  54. House of Representatives questioned al-Shahristani, to be completed tomorrow
  55. Oil Ministry revealed existence of exchange for the sale of stolen crude oil
  56. talks with an Australian company to establish a refinery capacity of 200 thousand ba
  57. Iraq calls for oil drilling equipment suppliers to submit bids by November 22
  58. Tima: Ministry of Oil and gasoline are injected into oil wells at the same time, impo
  59. Conscious / OPEC President: $ 80 a good price for oil
  60. Oil plans to open a third port for the export of oil through Jordan
  61. Iraq to again postpone a decision on the oil fields
  62. France's Total is the bid for the development of two oil fields in Iraq
  63. Companies, Japan is preparing for the final stage in the Iraq oil talksBar
  64. Iraq talks with Kuwait oil fields, the border
  65. Oil revenues last month amounted to 4 billion dollars
  66. Sinopec Chinese companies outside the list of Iraq's oil licensing round
  67. Nippon Oil to resume negotiations with Iraq to develop oil field of Nasiriyah
  68. Iraq to increase oil production: a blessing or a curse?
  69. FOCUS: Iraq Issues Biding Rules For 2nd Licensing Auction
  70. The continuation of negotiations between Iraq and Kuwait on joint exploitation of oil
  71. Iraqi oil contracts herald a boom for the oil service companies
  72. Bomb cuts Iraqi oil pipeline deliveries to Turkey
  73. Kuwait, Iraq in Talks over Production from Border Oilfields
  74. Iraq poised to be 3rd largest oil producer.
  75. Shell CEO on debt, gas, Iraq, mergers, and more
  76. Iraq oilfield deals herald boom time for service firms
  77. Iraq and Kuwait share a border oilfields!!
  78. Iraq eyes new oil platforms, big export boost
  79. Iraq drilling firm to drill 180 wells in 2010
  80. Iraqi Drilling Company plans to drill 180 oil wells in 2010
  81. New oil platforms, pipes to boost Iraq export
  82. Abd al-Hadi al-Hassani: Kurdistan read the law continues to block the formation of th
  83. Oil Companies Look to the Future in Iraq
  84. Oil Giants Bend to Iraq's Terms
  85. Nippon view on the field of Nasiriyah is awaiting approval by the Ministry of Finance
  86. Total, Nippon tipped for Iraqi oil deals
  87. The Iraqi government decided to enter into transactions with two oil facilities befor
  88. Iraq Energy Expo & Conference (IEEC)
  89. Conscious / Oil Ministry convenes the second round of competition for the development
  90. Reuters: A History of Foreign Oil Firms in Iraq
  91. Reuters: CNPC To Start Iraq Rumaila Oil Work Very Soon
  92. Chinese Petroleum Corporation begins work in the field of Rumaila "soon"
  93. Iraq’s Oil & Gas Industry: Opportunities and Investment
  94. FACTBOX-Iraqi oilfield deals in the pipeline
  95. PREVIEW-Iraq to auction vast oilfields despite bomb attacks
  96. Iraq to auction oilfields in bid to become major producer
  97. AP Article: Iraq Opens Big Slice of Oil Riches to Outside Bids
  98. United Press Article: Iraq Tightens Security for Oil Auction
  99. Shell, Mitsubishi discuss investment in Basra gas
  100. Political first: 45 international companies are competing to invest on 10 oil fields
  101. Iraq premier opens auction for 10 oil fields
  102. Shell-Petronas wins oil deal in Iraq
  103. Global energy giants win contracts for 2 Iraqi oil fields
  104. here is the list of oil fields up for bids
  105. Iraq set to be second in oil league table...By NEO
  106. Iraq’s West Qurna-2 Is Main Prize in Oil Bid Round’s Final Day
  107. Under Tight Security, Iraq Sells Rights to Develop 2 Oil Fields
  108. Lukoil-led group wins Iraq's W. Qurna oil deal
  109. Big Bidders Nab Contracts At Iraq Oil Auction
  110. Costs, security fears dampen oil auction
  111. Gazprom-led consortium of firms wins Badra oilfield contract
  112. Lukoil, Statoil to develop west Qurna giant oilfield
  113. Iraq hails oil auction `victory' but fear of violence limits bidding
  114. Iraq will top the oil-producing countries within a few years ...
  115. Shahristani: Iraq still has dozens of fields to be presented to the international oil
  116. Committee on Oil and Gas: broad consensus on the oil law, but can not be enacted in t
  117. Iraq hails oil auction but risky sites shunned
  118. Iraq Auctions Development Rights to Oil Fields
  119. No boon for U.S. firms in Iraq oil deal auction
  120. Iraq oil deal winners to make 68 cents/bbl -oilmin
  121. Iraqi Oil Capacity To Reach 12 Million Bpd, Minister Says
  122. Iraq set to be second in oil league table
  123. Iraq wants to see "Total" in the oil fields
  124. Broad consensus on oil law, but can't be enacted in current session
  125. Shell: We'll get oil production in the field to 1.8 million barrels/day
  126. 7 out of 10 oil fields go to international oil companies
  127. End of the first phase of the second round of licenses
  128. Iraq to be world's second biggest oil producer
  129. Iraqi oil auction was a “success”
  130. Iraq: oil export revenues will bring about $ 200 billion annually
  131. Statement on the U.S. long-term guarantees for the Kurds ended the implementation of
  132. Iraq reaches oil deals with 10 foreign firms
  133. Iraqis skeptical about glittering promise of oil
  134. Committee on Oil and Gas: broad consensus on the oil law, but can not be enacted in
  135. Future Iraq global oil production...
  136. Oil executives gird for work in risky Iraq
  137. Iraq Is Wild Card in World Oil Supply
  138. Iraq strengthens hand at OPEC with oil deals
  139. A fuel crisis in Baquba and the owners of the stations of civil protest in front of
  140. No boon for U.S. firms in Iraq oil deal auction
  141. Iraq strengthens hand at OPEC with oil deals
  142. Iraq offers seven contracts in second licensing round
  143. Bidding conclusion of Iraqi oil fields
  144. Conscious / Minister of Oil: The price of tour competition at least in the world
  145. Iraq reports incursion; Iran issues denial
  146. Media sources: Iraq looks to rival Saudi Arabia in crude oil production
  147. Firms to sign pre-contracts for 7 Iraqi oil fields
  148. Iranian forces withdraw from Iraqi oil field Fakkah
  149. Pipeline sabotage halts oil exports from northern Iraq
  150. Iraq, Shell ink initial deal on Majnoon oilfield
  151. Iran makes partial oil withdrawal
  152. Iraq receives new drilling rig for the development of oil fields
  153. Nigeria and Iraq to boost OPEC oil output 8% by 2014
  154. Iraq signs oil contracts and looks forward to the OPEC meeting Tuesday
  155. Iraq says no plans for a third round of oil bids
  156. Iraq does not expect a significant increase in oil production in 2010 and 2011
  157. Iraq scores in oil well standoff, investment
  158. Oil well returns to Iraqi control
  159. Petronas to invest up to $8bn in Iraq field
  160. Iraq targets 2.1m bpd oil exports in 2010
  161. Absence of stability and decline in oil prices fail the promise of prosperity in Iraq
  162. Iraq Doubling Its Oil Supply To China
  163. Ministry of Oil requests OPEC reconsider calculations for Iraq
  164. Oil rises to more than $78 a barrel
  165. Conscious / an Iraqi invitation for the "OPEC" to increase oil production amid the an
  166. Can Iraq escape the resource curse?
  167. MP Akram: allocation of 1% of oil imports to province of Kirkuk
  168. OPEC basket price rises to $74.83 a barrel
  169. Lukoil-Statoil Group signs initial deal with Iraq for Qurna oilfield
  170. Complete Round 2 results of Oil Auctions
  171. Schedule for Round 2 Oil deal (a lil old but shows the outline)
  172. Explains Oil Law drafts
  173. Iraq to host conference on the tenth of January 2010
  174. Iraq Cabinet to approve oil deals by the end of the week
  175. Can Iraq escape the resource curse?
  176. Iraq poised to transform oil market in next decade Samachaar 2009-12-31
  177. Iraq poised to transform oil market in next decade
  178. Iraq's oil revenues in 2009 exceeded 36 billion dollars at the production of 2.4 mill
  179. Iraq: Appointment of new Director-General of North Oil Company and workers are...
  180. He said that Iran would be in Baghdad soon, Shahristani, Iraq's desire denies...
  181. Osman describes Maliki's call to resolve the issue of oil contracts for the Kurdistan
  182. Iraq cabinet ratifies four major oilfield deals
  183. Iraq names new north oil chief
  184. Iraq Cabinet OKs 4 major oilfield deals
  185. Check oil fiscal revenues exceed $41 billion last year
  186. Iraq approves oil deals, paves way for massive investment
  187. High price of OPEC basket to $79.64 a barrel
  188. Iraq may adopt a new system for pricing oil
  189. Iraq is producing and jet fuel instead of imported
  190. Iraq is looking forward to the shipment of oil Bnaqlath and may adopt a new system f
  191. Mahma Khalil for ((et al)): to talk about oil and gas has been discussed at the highe
  192. Ministry of Oil: companies win contracts in oil licensing round announced the end of
  193. Iraq completed the signing of oil deals this month
  194. Iraq mulls oil standard
  195. Mahma Khalil for ((et al)): the case of the Peshmerga and the oil and gas for not app
  196. Good for Deccan ((et al)): oil contracts agreed by the Kurdistan region should have b
  197. Nippon Oil will resume its negotiations with Iraq on January 24 on the oil field Nasi
  198. Corruption-plagued Iraq joins oil transparency group
  199. Iraq To Finalize Four Oil Field Deals This Month ??? Official
  200. Iraqi firm wins $5m oil contract
  201. Iraq may change crude oil pricing index - source
  202. Iraq's super-giant Rumaila field developed
  203. Joint Venture Agreement with Al Meinaa Oil Services of Iraq
  204. Iraqi oil contracts will not bear fruit by 3 years
  205. Corruption-plagued Iraq joins oil transparency group
  206. MOO plans to dig 100 oil wells in 2010
  207. Italian oil company to employ 15,000 jobless people in Basra
  208. Inspector of the Ministry of Oil: The first experimental report of Iraq within the Tr
  209. Iraq: Oil: The focus in the next phase focused on activating the exploration fields
  210. Experts: Iraq won't be able to invest the funds of licensing contracts
  211. Iraq signs deals to export 2.3 million barrels of oil in 2010
  212. Oil rises above $83 a barrel due to weaker dollar and China data
  213. Shahristani: Iraq will be largest supplier of oil market in coming years
  214. OPEC baset price fell to $79.08 a barrel
  215. Iraq seeks to offset production of Russian and Saudi oil
  216. Oil Minister: Iraq on the verge of years an investment of about (100) billion dollars
  217. Kurds’ Boom in North Iraq Imperiled by Oil Dispute With Baghdad
  218. U.S. Companies Race on Iraqi Oil Bonanza
  219. Iraq’s oil reserve could challenge top oil producers
  220. Gulf Keystone raises oil estimate for Iraq field
  221. Iraq seeks to offset the production of the Russian and Saudi oil
  222. U.S. Companies Join Race on Iraqi Oil Bonanza
  223. Conscious / oil fell below $ 79 in electronic trading on Nymex
  224. Iran, Iraq oil dispute lingers
  225. BP and CNPC Pay $500 million signing bonus on Iraq oil contract
  226. Experts skeptical about the ability of Iraq to increase oil production to record leve
  227. Iraq expects to conclude all oil deals this month
  228. Iraq approves all pending oil deals
  229. The agreement on oil and gas law issued by the Federal Parliament
  230. Oil prices raced indicators of the global recovery
  231. Iraq, Shell and Petronas sign final Majnoon oil deal
  232. Iraq Kurds want to resolve oil row, resume exports
  233. Kurdistan, Baghdad calls for dialogue "serious" about oil is ready to resume export
  234. Huge Iraqi oil field slated for development
  235. EU, Iraq Sign Strategic Energy Partnership Agreement
  236. Exxon, the U.S. signed a final agreement to develop the West Qurna field next week
  237. A parliamentary committee welcomes the announcement by the Government of the Kurdista
  238. Hawrami: Kurdistan Regional Government is ready to settle the dispute with Baghdad
  239. Provincial government agreed with Maliki to open the files of oil
  240. Oil sign the final contract for a field with a coalition Gharraf Petronas and JAPEX
  241. Kurdistan welcomes the invitation by al-Maliki to open the files of oil contracts and
  242. Minister of Oil: a decisive encounter with the coalition on the Japanese field of Nas
  243. Iran enters gas talks with Iraq
  244. Researcher: U.S. oil is the only area to bring together Arabs and Kurds in the nation
  245. OPEC basket price drop to 75.30 dollars a barrel
  246. Iraq seeks to cash in on its gas
  247. Iraq Q4 crude exports, revenues rise
  248. Iraq will be at the forefront of the oil producing countries after contract implement
  249. Iraqi Kurds accept most government conditions for exporting their oil
  250. Iraq signs contract to develop al-Zubair oilfield with Italy’s Eni