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  1. Iraqi PM warns against delaying legislative elections
  2. Al-Samarrai: I will take responsibility....
  3. Kurdistan Parliament is the first reading of a number of draft laws
  4. the three Presidencies agree on specific wording of the electoral law
  5. the Presidency of the Republic to ratify the laws of immigration and displaced person
  6. Iraqi leaders reach breakthrough on election draft law
  7. MPs grapple on election law
  8. Election Law Bickering Leads to 1 Hour Adjournment
  9. Iraqi MPs fail to agree on election law changes
  10. Parliament to vote on poll law today: MP
  11. Musawi:some parties exchanged congratulations on lack of agreement on elections law
  12. Parliament speakership to meet today for election bill – MP
  13. UN proposal can be accepted on condition – MP
  14. Iraq MPs fail to reach quorum for election law vote
  15. Parliament to hold crucial session on election law today
  16. Iraq MPs fail to reach quorum for election law vote (another version)
  17. Legal committee holds meeting on election law, says MP
  18. Iraq MPs fail to reach quorum for election law vote
  19. Iraq election chief, US pressure lawmakers on vote
  20. Hasani's (News): Meetings of the Council is still in session until a resolution
  21. Electoral Commission and the United Nations asking the Iraqi Council of Representativ
  22. Kurds confirm loss of voter registration
  23. Iraq Still at Jammed on Election Law
  24. Prime Minister Barzani: Iraqi constitution, the main factor in solving the problems..
  25. Iraq clerics urge end to election law deadlock
  26. AP Misquotes Kurdish President on election law
  27. Resolutions of the Council of Ministers meeting No. 39 27 / 10 / 2009
  28. End Iraq election law deadlock
  29. Parliament to extend work 6 months if election law deadlock continues
  30. UNHCR and the United Nations call for parliament's adoption of the type of electoral
  31. Kurds welcome U.S. intervention to resolve a dispute Kirkuk
  32. End Iraq election law deadlock
  33. Mr. Ammar al-Hakim: a red line, the election date can not be bypassed
  34. The delegation of high-level Iraqi government up to Cairo on Sunday
  35. New Iraq coalition bloc announced at parliament
  36. Conscious / MP Abdullah Iskandar: Exceeded all contentious issues on the election law
  37. Conscious / MP Rashid al-Azzawi: we have until next Monday to reach a compromise on t
  38. Iraqi Parliament to conduct first reading of draft 2010 budget tomorrow
  39. Crucial Iraq election deadline looms
  40. MP expects solution for Kirkuk issue within 48 hours
  41. Parl. to vote on Kirkuk issue if consensus is not reached-MP
  42. Conscious / MP Jamal melon: There are some powerful actors are an obstacle to the pas
  43. Iraqi parliament fails to pass the election law for the seventh time
  44. Samurai receives at his home the PM Maliki
  45. Conscious / MP Mohammed al-Bayati: There is U.S. pressure on the Iraqi parliament to
  46. There are points of agreement with the United States to delay the election law
  47. Bayati: Parliament summoned ministers of interior, defense and security leaders
  48. Presidency of the parliament planned to launch the election law to a vote today
  49. Parliament to question security leaders on recent breaches
  50. Parliament approved all the amendments in the Investment Law
  51. Kirkuk at the Heart of Iraq Election Law Deadlock
  52. Iraqi Kurds vow 'no concessions' on Kirkuk as parliament meets
  53. Al-Hashimi: We will use our mandate has been ignored for Constitutional Federal Court
  54. 71 lawmakers demand no postponing elections in Kirkuk
  55. Parliament to raise its tomorrow day after completing the first reading of the draft
  56. Elections might be delayed, Iraq says
  57. Iraq elections law still deadlocked
  58. Kurdish MP describes Kirkuk’s 2009 voter register as “compromise”
  59. Iraq elections chief says Thursday is deadline for new law
  60. 3 cases of corruption before the House of Representatives
  61. Financial control:This year's report will reveal serious corruption
  62. Maliki attacks Parliament
  63. Hussein accuses Maliki of disrupting regulatory role of Parliament
  64. KA agree to give Kirkus special status
  65. PKK threatens the use of a presidential veto if the topic of postponing the elections
  66. Conscious / Electoral Commission sets Thursday deadline for receipt of the election l
  67. Crisis,election law: 4 proposals for consideration by heads of blocs of Kirkuk today
  68. Iraqi election law again falters on Kirkuk dispute - Summary
  69. All parties to the conflict on the issue of Kirkuk reached an initial consensus
  70. Constitution ruled that elections could take place at a specific date and can not be
  71. House of Representatives decided to postpone the vote on the election law to Saturday
  72. The announcement of the agreement between the Iraqi factions on the election law....
  73. Iraq MPs to vote electoral law on deadline day
  74. Parliament to discuss draft law on no-governmental organizations
  75. Iraqi lawmakers are close to an agreement over the country's controversial elections.
  76. Parliament:Election law made by a number of blocs with Legal Committee help
  77. Parliament waiting for a response on Kirkuk
  78. Shiite clerics criticize privilges claimed by Iraq's parliament
  79. Parliament discusses four important laws
  80. Speaker of Parliament requests names of replacement deputies for absentees
  81. Iraqi Parliament Fails Again to Approve New Electoral Law
  82. Adjournment of the Parliament about the election law until tomorrow, Sunday to enable
  83. Abdul-Mahdi and Hashimi critical of the privileges granted to members of the House of
  84. Parliamentary proposal describes the UN to give a parliamentary seat of the Kurds
  85. meeting of Parliament on the election law amid calls for postpon & demands of vote
  86. Reached the National Coalition and the Kurdistan Alliance for an acceptable formula
  87. Al-Samarrai: will begin shortly after the vote on the election law
  88. MP Adel Berwari: the Kurdistan Alliance accepts the proposal of the coalition to reso
  89. MP Zebari: Kirkuk issue be resolved in the Constitution there is no need for other so
  90. Azad Bamarni expresses the hope that is the vote on the election law
  91. Ninety per cent of parliamentarians agree with the proposed law on elections
  92. http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?prev=hp&hl=en&js=y&u=http%3A%2F%2Fal-iraqnews
  93. Dismissal request of Attiyah came after repeated violations of rules of procedure
  94. House Sues Al Mada
  95. Adoption of the election law
  96. Election Law Amendment Act No. 16 of 2005 Sunday 08 2009
  97. Adoption of the election law scaling of the dreams of Kurdistan
  98. Election Law - from Reuters
  99. Hill and Odierno welcome Iraqi Parliament’s approval of amendments to election law
  100. White House Heralds Iraq Election Law
  101. Parliamentary objections to certain paragraphs of 2010 budget
  102. Iraq Presidency ready to ratify election law
  103. Voting on first amendment of investment law postponed – MP
  104. Talabani, deputy OK elections law
  105. 10 days for PB to approve laws
  106. The Powers of the Presidency we hope to use for the benefit of the Iraqi people
  107. Talabani and Abdul-Mahdi signed the Law on the elections, Hashemi did not sign the la
  108. Talabani off on European tour
  109. Legal Committee in the House of Representatives to reach an agreement on the letter-H
  110. Today last day to endorse election law - legal committee
  111. Member of the Legal Committee: Can not for the presidency of the reservation to the l
  112. URGENT .. Iyad al-Samarrai confirms that al-Hashemi aside the election law and return
  113. Al-Hashimi: amendments to the electoral law a single session of
  114. According to Article (18 / II) of the Rules of Procedure of the Council of Representa
  115. Congress for the (morning): the demands of the Kurdistan region resolved through dial
  116. Al-Hashemi vetoes election law
  117. Conscious / Hashemi: Do not postpone or delay in the elections
  118. Meeting of Parliamentary Legal Committee and UN Mission in Iraq
  119. Conscious / MP Osman: House of Representatives did not respond with a letter Tariq al
  120. Conscious / Prime Minister calls on the Iraqi people to stand by the House of Represe
  121. Maliki...Set aside election law unconstitutional and threatens political process
  122. Kurdistan Islamic Union: Denunciation of the election law a chance to repair the nega
  123. NIA holds emergency meeting on election law veto
  124. MP Layla al-Khafaji: Returns to the election law amendment will enter parliament pol
  125. Demonstration in Basra against election law veto
  126. Start of the session under the chairmanship of the House of Representatives open-Sama
  127. Alusi, for example ((et al)): the government is primarily responsible to the prolifer
  128. Election Law video inside Iraq Parliament.
  129. head of the Iraqi pilgrimage criticizing the position of Tariq al-Hashemi and revocat
  130. Voted Delayed to Monday; Iraqi MPs again fail to break election law deadlock
  131. Iraqi parliament fails to reply veto-Hashemi and political blocs were looking for a w
  132. Parliament was reluctant to take steps to end the problem of the constitutionality of
  133. Deputy in the coalition. Sistani did not support the overturn the law
  134. Bahaa al: Juridical Commission presented three proposals to the Council of Representa
  135. House of Representatives voted this afternoon on one of the three options on the elec
  136. House of Representatives raises its 45-minute consultation on the proposals submitted
  137. Hashemi considering a proposal is received from the Parliament on the election law
  138. House of Representatives raises its 45-minute consultation on the proposals submitted
  139. Conscious / MP Deccan: the letter of agreement Hashemi holds a majority of blocks
  140. he Muslim Brotherhood under the title of the rule of law
  141. Urgent: MPs meet to vote on proposal of the Legal Committee
  142. MPs meet to vote on the proposal of the Legal Committee
  143. Hashemi considering a proposal is received from the Parliament on the election law
  144. Conscious / MP Qasim Jubouri rule out maneuvers and qualifier between politicians
  145. Iraq Parliament Passes Investment Laq
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  147. Al-Hashimi: Letter of the Board of Representatives mysterious .. And the veto is stil
  148. Conscious / Urgent ... Number of representatives of parliamentary blocs, leaving the
  149. Conscious / Deputy Karim Yacoubi: a proposal parliamentary blocs to secure the rights
  150. Conscious / Urgent .. House begins vote on the election law
  151. Conscious / Urgent ... House begins vote
  152. the House of Representatives to reach agreement on the election law
  153. Conscious / Bahaa al: Elections will be held on time and delayed Fallam
  154. Conscious / Osama Nujaifi calls Iraqi politicians to stay away from political maneuve
  155. URGENT ..The ratification of the elections for the second time
  156. Parliament approved the new electoral law without addressing the objections Hashimi
  157. Election Law Passes Again...........
  158. Hashemi threatens 2nd veto........
  159. MP Ali Mayali: Denunciation of the election law again gain him become final and is e
  160. Iraqi Parliament passes election law
  161. Iraqi Parliament approves amendment on vetoed elections law (Updated)
  162. Pressure Being Applied to Parliment
  163. House of Representatives vote on the amendment of article I of the Electoral Act
  164. Conscious / MP Izz al-Din State: no reversal of the election law again prejudice the
  165. Samurai reliable mechanism to correct the election of Hashemi Iraqi by overseas
  166. Iraq passes key investment law, focus on housing
  167. Iraq's parliament approved a new amendment to the electoral law and answer some of th
  168. Alluding to the possibility of revoking again .. Hashemi's office: election law, whi
  169. Meeting of the Legal Committee and the heads of parliamentary blocs and the Commissio
  170. Haidari: You do not have a date for elections and no law
  171. Governor of Nineveh province rejects any reduction in seats to maintain
  172. Inability to Compromise May Delay Iraqi Election
  173. US Helping Iraq Adopt Election Law:Clinton
  174. Jamal Watermelon: Aqrarcil Representatives positive with no room for reversal of the
  175. Revised Iraq Election Law Unacceptable to Sunnis
  176. Hashimi tends to overturn a new election law
  177. Talabani pays tribute to amend the election law and is looking forward to not be over
  178. Speaker: The duty of the Electoral Commission to ensure justice for all Iraqis, accor
  179. Just Berwari: Modifying the electoral law a victory for all Iraqis, not only for the
  180. Iraqi Turkmen Front: Electoral Act became law is biased in a political party or parti
  181. Conscious / Urgent ... President pays tribute to the adoption of the House of Represe
  182. Conscious / MP Ismail thanked: We need 166 votes to overturn a veto the law once agai
  183. Conscious / President commends the decision of the House of Representatives on Electi
  184. The Office of the elections: the election date will be postponed for a month or two m
  185. President meets with members of al-Samarrai, the Electoral Commission and discussed w
  186. Front: the right-Hashemi said invalidate the election law again
  187. MP Khazaali: If the veto once again will be an emergency meeting of the Council of R
  188. Nat'l Vote Unlikely In January..........
  189. Hashemi, Talabani calls to understand the Parliament approves elections law
  190. Statement issued by the Office of the President of the Republic in connection with El
  191. Independent High Commission for elections held a meeting with the President of the Ho
  192. Kurdish lawmaker: the elections will be held in February and no reason to overturn th
  193. President Jalal Talabani and Vice President Adel Abdul-Mahdi sign the electoral law,
  194. Iraqi Parliamentary Elections Likely To Be Postponed
  195. Iraq election chaos exposes sectarian divide
  196. Araji: We have reached a settlement with the Hashemite about not canceling of the ele
  197. Conscious / Urgent ... Al-Hashimi: election law will not include any reference to red
  198. Chairman of the Legal Committee: Amendment to repeal the election law unconstitutiona
  199. An important meeting in the office of al-Issawi to overcome the crisis, the election
  200. Conscious / Urgent ... Issawi: 2.8% will not reduce the number of parliamentary seats
  201. U.S. and international proposals to end the crisis in the Iraqi elections
  202. Statement issued by the Information Office of the President of the House of Represent
  203. Al-Hashimi: election law will not include any reference to reduce the number of seats
  204. Hashemi is that the issue of displaced people in the electoral law unresolved
  205. Vice Presidents discuss the handling of the presidency with the election law after ra
  206. Agreement might prevent a second veto on the Law of the Iraqi elections
  207. Hashemi written guarantees are expected to ratify the election law
  208. Alusi Hashimi accused of sectarianism and undermine the democratic process and demand
  209. Iraqi parliament speaker: the possibility of holding elections in March
  210. Iraqi leaders press ahead on tentative election deal
  211. Election Law Passed
  212. Baldawi: Voting on the Protection of Iraqi products after the holiday
  213. Talabani describes the upcoming elections Palmasirip
  214. Iraq VP holds out hope for election law compromise
  215. Iraq president calls on parliament to meet on election law
  216. President discusses with the President of the House of Representatives election law a
  217. President discusses with Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi crisis, the election law
  218. MPs: if not denounced by al-Hashemi law laws we've got a package waiting for legislat
  219. Are free to convene a special meeting of the House of Representatives to resolve the
  220. Conscious / Urgent ... Conscious / Urgent ... An emergency session of parliament on S
  221. Iraqi President, Vice President Call On Parliament For Extraordinary Meeting Saturday
  222. Iraq VP: 'Optimistic' signs on election accord
  223. Speaker reveals initial agreement on election law
  224. Iraq MPs miss poll law deadline
  225. Today the Election Law in Iraq passed
  226. Iraq lawmakers end election law impasse
  227. Iraq clears way for parliamentary elections
  228. Iraq clears way for parliamentary elections
  229. Al Jazerra's Take on EL
  230. Conscious / MP Mahma Khalil: Hashemite claim to amend the electoral law is contrary t
  231. Iraq sets long-awaited election date
  232. Iraq parliament calls session over deadly bombings
  233. Urgent...Defense and Interior Ministers hold meeting with members of Security..
  234. MP Jibouri:Security Minister's answers aren't convincing to House of Representatives
  235. MP Berwari:Building Iraqi army wasn't based on scientific and impartial
  236. Ministry of Finance operates again in the next few days
  237. Hashimi and Maliki call for admitting failure in running security file
  238. Urgent...Parliament closed door session with former Baghdad security commander
  239. Presidential decree defines March 7, 2010 as date for elections
  240. MP Yacoubi:Answers ministers, security chiefs weren't convincing in todays meeting
  241. Ministers exchange accusations by security at today's meeting
  242. PM Maliki defines responsibilities of security chiefs to maintain law and order
  243. Republican decree sets March 7 as date for election
  244. Hasani's ((et al)): the security services are responsible for a section of the budget
  245. Foreign countries stand behind Baghdad bombings - PM
  246. Conscious / Urgent ...Commander in Chief of the armed forces calls for an emergency m
  247. Finance Committee: vote on the 2010 budget next week
  248. MP: 2010 budget still need to check
  249. Commander in Chief of the armed forces calls for an emergency meeting of military lea
  250. Conscious / Germany-Iraqi talks to activate the role of industrial and commercial par