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  1. United Nations agrees to finance Tarasovs agreement for 8 more months
  2. Security Council calls for redoubled efforts on issues pending since 1990 Gulf War
  3. Saudi Arabia & Kuwait pressing United Nations
  4. Maliki meets with US ambassador Susan Rice
  5. UNSC strongly condemns Baghdad blasts
  6. Iraq wants UN probe after bombings
  7. UN, Iraq sign development deal to boost stability, growth
  8. UN chief to send top official to Iraq on security, sovereignty
  9. Rice's visit to Iraq: the formation of an international court and out of Chapter VII
  10. UN, Iraq sign development deal to boost stability, growth
  11. Iraq is preparing to revive its nuclear program after being released from the seventh
  12. Kuwait announces completion of preparations for the maintenance of border signs
  13. Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki meets Assistant Secretary General of the United N
  14. Baghdad officials give UN special envoy overwhelming evidence
  15. Maliki to activate UNSC resolution 1483 to prevent foreign interference
  16. UN envoy in Baghdad to take practical steps to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  17. UN envoy promises Iraq to step forward on Chapter VII issue
  18. The United Nations expressed its readiness to support efforts to remove Iraq from Cha
  19. United Nations: support out of Iraq's Chapter VII
  20. UN continues to distribute awards to countries that claim to be affected by Gulf War
  21. Talabani stressed the role of the United Nations in ousting Iraq from Chapter VII
  22. Zubaidi expected to hold meeting with Kuwaiti side to resolve outstanding issues
  23. Ban welcomes Iraq electoral law agreement, elections to be held as scheduled
  24. UN hails approval of election law in Iraq
  25. UN Chief praises Iraq for passing poll law
  26. Conscious / MP Zebari: Iraq still demanding his removal from Chapter VII
  27. Conscious / MP Jamal Watermelon: Saudi Arabia and Kuwait standing out against Iraq fr
  28. UNCC concludes 68th session, next payment on 28 Jan ''10
  29. Official to Iraqis, "let''s be partners in life as our martyrs shared graves"
  30. Kuwait supports Security Council reform efforts
  31. Ban Ki-moon calls for Iraq's neighboring countries to respect Iraq's sovereignty
  32. United Nations demands that Iraq meet its obligations to Kuwait
  33. The issue of intervention in Iraqi affairs on the table of the Security Council soon
  34. Ban Ki-moon calls for Iraq's neighboring countries not to interfere in its affairs an
  35. Ban encourages Iraq to meet its obligations towards Kuwait in order to get out from u
  36. Report from the UN on Iraq 11/11/09
  37. Ki-moon to keep the doors open to calls for the formation of Baghdad International Co
  38. UN Security Council extend an invitation Li Iraqi political leaders
  39. United Nations representative in Iraq is the success of the forthcoming legislative e
  40. The United Nations is preparing a plan for reconciliation between Iraq and Kuwait
  41. UN envoy says Iraq election ‘Herculean task’
  42. Ban expresses hope Iraqi Parliament will swiftly adopt electoral law
  43. United Nations and Iraq agree on a framework for a major new development partnership
  44. Political first: four vital sectors of the top strategy 2010
  45. Representative of the United Nations reflects a «cautiously optimistic» about develop
  46. UN to dispatch assessment mission to Iraq for counter terrorism
  47. United Nations: The problem Kuwait - Iraqi and reached another way
  48. After reversal Hashemi .. The representative of the Secretary-General of the United N
  49. Political first: UN envoy confirms the existence of interference in Iraqi affairs
  50. Cabinet forms committee to get Iraq out of Chapter VII
  51. The United Nations Operational Rates of Exchange
  52. a higher committee to work on extricating Iraq from Chapter VII
  53. UN renews its commitment to helping the people and the Government of Iraq
  54. Office of the United Nations: to seek a fair mechanism for Iraqi refugees
  55. Unsc resolution 1859
  56. Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to meet represe
  57. Iraq: Kurdish lawmakers confirm support for new electoral laws with UN envoy
  58. Foreign Minister meets commander of Central Command, and Assistant US Secretary of St
  59. 21 December 2009 Security Council SC/9827
  60. link to un resolution 1905 at un.org
  61. Exit Iraq from Chapter VII...? House of Representatives host
  62. Zebari: We are continuing our efforts to emerge from Chapter VII
  63. Iraqi lawmaker: Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII of money during the next six month
  64. Chapter vii unsc resolution 1483
  65. Ani accuses Zebari and officials of misleading Iraqis on Chapter VII
  66. Baqir al-Zubaidi: understanding the Saudi - Kuwaiti of Iraqi debt
  67. A new diplomatic plan to rid Iraq of Chapter VII A new diplomatic plan to rid Iraq of
  68. Coordinating Committee in Kirkuk, held its first meeting in the presence of the Offic
  69. Agency: preparations for the detection of a mass grave near Karbala
  70. Parliament: the Iraqi delegation went to the United States to internationalize the is
  71. Kuwaiti Foreign Minister: We want the security of Iraq and not money
  72. Mohammad Al-Sabah for Qabas: worried about the new Iraq .. Do not challenge him money
  73. Iraq says Kuwait not be required to present their debts and to call for the cancellat
  74. UNSC voting to be held today
  75. Iraq: Deputy secretary-general to highlight progress at int'l compact meeting
  76. Maliki calls on EU to help Iraq out of Chapter VII
  77. Kuwait may write off billions in loans to Iraq
  78. As Iraq makes progress, UN to focus more on social and economic development
  79. Deputy Secretary-General, Reviewing Lessons Learned from Compact with Iraq,
  80. As Iraq Progresses, UN To Focus On Development
  81. United Nations outlines new track in Iraq
  82. international effort to pass resolution to lift restrictions on iraq next month
  83. Conscious / Zebari: We seek to lift the UN Security Council resolutions affecting the
  84. Chapter VII article
  85. Washington to get Iraq from Chapter VII
  86. Mobility of a diplomatic drive Iraq out of Chapter VII in February next
  87. in talks to rid Iraq of Chapter VII of money
  88. Meeting tackled means to exit Iraq from Chapter VII
  89. The US-Iraqi committee looking at ways to rescue Iraq from Chapter VII
  90. Iraq calls for the U.S. government to help bring him out of the seventh item
  91. Iraq calls for the U.S. government to help bring him out of the seventh item
  92. a new framework for the country out of Chapter VII
  93. MP Adnan al-Jubouri: that the referendum on the security agreement does not exist at
  94. Chap 7
  95. Zebari insists Iraq has disarmed, urges UNSC to lift restrictions
  96. Chapter VII info
  97. Even more ChapterVII info
  98. FM calls on UNSC’s 5 permanents to exclude Iraq from Ch.7
  99. FM calls on UNSC 5 perms to exclude Iraq
  100. Zebari discusses the action in the Security Council that Iraq emerges from Chapter VI
  101. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: legal proposals to remove Iraq fro
  102. UN pays out $674.2 million from Iraqi oil fund
  103. Continue efforts in coordination with Washington to expel Iraq from Chapter VII
  104. Conscious / Iraq delivers letters to several countries to help it out of Chapter VII
  105. Iraq demands to issue a decision to remove it from chapter VII
  106. UN Journal Jan 29,2010
  107. Un Letter posted by Pepper for those that couldn't open.
  108. Iraq community in Egypt meets with UNSG of Iraqi Council of Ministers
  109. Zebari: A city for Iraqi farmers, who will be affected by the demarcation of border..
  110. Iraq is expected to take it out of the decision of a UN Chapter VII in February
  111. The end of Chapter VII in the next month
  112. Foreign Affairs: can not set a timetable to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  113. Iraqi Foreign Ministry invites the possession of documents and property delivered to
  114. Foreign Affairs calls on Iraqis to Tsaem the possessions of the documents and Kuwaiti
  115. UN expresses shock at the bloody attacks in Baghdad
  116. PLEASE READ-Letter dated 22 December 2009 from the Chairman of the
  117. mid-month date of the UN Security Council meeting on the assessment of the situation
  118. Zebari calls to help Iraq out of Chapter VII
  119. Asked whether Iraq's call to get out from under Chapter 7 will come up this month
  120. Iraq eyes its removal from Chapter VII
  121. Iraq: faster progress towards the exit of the provisions of Chapter VII
  122. Iraq had returned to Kuwait the remains of 300 people and a large portion of the docu
  123. Municipality of Basra, set in coordination with UNHCR sites posters parliamentary ele
  124. France vows to support iraq in all fields
  125. Kuwaiti MPs: We refuse to transfer debt to Kuwaiti investments in Iraq
  126. UNSC allocates 251.400 dollars to settle the issue of missing Kuwaitis in Iraq
  127. UN News on Chapter VII
  128. Secretary-General of the United Nations linked to drive Iraq from Chapter VII to reso
  129. Clinton to visit Baghdad next week
  130. Hadi al-Amiri: the position of Kuwait to remove Iraq from Chapter VII Unhelpful
  131. Kuwaiti companies to invest in Iraq should be to Ataatdakhl the pol
  132. UN chief calls for inclusive Iraqi elections
  133. Khalid al-Asadi (l (et al)): on Kuwait to deal positively with the launch of Iraq to
  134. Amery to keep Iraq under Chapter VII is not in the interest of Kuwait
  135. The situation concerning Iraq
  136. A higher committee to work on extricating Iraq from Chapter VII
  137. Iraq ask the "Federal" about the existence of article VII of the Constitution whether
  138. U.N. human rights forum examines Iraq's record
  139. Allawi, the Americans will be making a terrible mistake if Iraq is no longer the most
  140. Iraq predicts "package deal" will be reached with Kuwait after elections
  141. Chalabi: U.S. interfering in Iraq elections
  142. 16 February 2010 SC/9862
  143. Violent foes of Iraqi stability cannot reverse progress under way – UN envoy
  144. Bayati: Comprehensive agreement with Kuwait will be reached after elections
  145. Security Council discuss Iraqi elections amid calls for lifting sanctions on Iraq
  146. Iraq to pay 27 billion and 25 billion to Kuwait
  147. After 19 years, 236 remains found
  148. Iraq sees 'package deal' with Kuwait
  149. Iraq's attempt to regain int'l status depends on its deal with Kuwait: UN
  150. UN Special Envoy Calls for Constructive Iraq-Kuwait Ties as Post-Election Priority
  151. U.S. Seeks to Spur Iraq’s Economy by Ending UN Trade Sanctions
  152. The U.S. military in Nasiriyah organize a training seminar on the detection of counte
  153. French ambassador: We will work to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  154. French ambassador in Baghdad: Paris is ready to mediate between Iraq and neighboring
  155. Journal of the United Nations Programme of meetings and agenda
  156. U.S. and Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said the UN Security Council resolutio
  157. Political first: the expectations of the imminent issuance of the Security Council
  158. UNSC Iraq UNMIT Mandate Expires - Meeting February 26, 2010
  159. Unsc examines us draft text paving way to lifting scientific restrictions on iraq
  160. Report of the Secretary-General pursuant to paragraph 5 of resolution 1859 (2008)
  161. UNSC welcomes steps taken by Iraq
  162. Security Council welcomes Iraq’s support for non-proliferation
  163. UN to weigh lifting Saddam-era sanctions on Iraq
  164. Security Council: You can lift the restrictions on Iraq's nuclear, if ratified the Ad
  165. UN Security Council Ready To Lift Saddam-Era Sanctions
  166. Zebari: international restrictions continue to constrain Iraq
  167. Political circles optimistic Iraq will be subject to Chapter VII of this year
  168. Iraqi government submitted a plan to the Security Council to consider the inherited d
  169. Security Council's statement a big step toward lifting the restrict
  170. The Committee to Protect Iraq's funds develop a plan for the consideration of foreign
  171. Oil revenues optimization would solve Iraq’s problems – Maliki
  172. US works hard to bring Iraq out of Chapter VII of UN Charter-MP
  173. France seeks to bring Iraq out of Chapter VII
  174. Iraqi committee forms means of exiting Chapter VII
  175. Iraqi committee forms means of exiting Chapter VII
  176. Iraq demands «Agency» work on lifting international restrictions
  177. Iraq stresses support to IAEA in combating nuclear armament
  178. Kuwait offers support to reform UN Secretariat
  179. Iraq has affirmed its support for the efforts of the International Atomic Energy Agen
  180. Ban Ki-moon: We are working to bring the outstanding issues with Iraq
  181. UN Webcast for Monday 3-8-10
  182. Security Council Press Statement on Iraq Elections
  183. Requiring Iraq to implement all relevant Security Council resolutions relating to the
  184. PM Maliki meets representative of SG of the UN in Iraq
  185. PM Maliki chairing a meeting of the NSC
  186. Science: the international community convinced of the need to raise resolutions 707 a
  187. Foreign Minister: Iraq has fulfilled its obligations regarding the remaining oil for
  188. the government send a letter to the Security Council to close the program file «Oil
  189. President of the Basra Governorate Council: We got a promise from the French ambassad
  190. Zebari met with Russian Ambassador - Foreign declare success removing Iraq from Chapt
  191. International Atomic Energy Agency Commends Iraq’s Cooperation to Release from Chapte
  192. Chapter 7 could it b??
  193. France is making efforts to rid Iraq of Chapter VII of money
  194. Kuwaiti MPs Iraq settlement of debt and compensation and open a new page in relations
  195. High-level Dialogue on Financing for Development 23-24 March
  196. VP Mahdi receives SC of the UN Melkert
  197. Resolution 707
  198. Resolution 686
  199. Iraq to address UNSC to lift sanctions imposed during Saddam’s era
  200. House of Representatives signed a memorandum of understanding with the IAEA, the U.
  201. IAEA recommends end of Iraqi restrictions
  202. UN sanctions on Iraq still in force
  203. Washington will help bring Iraq out of Chapter VII
  204. no later than 1 April 2010
  205. Iraqi delegation to Kuwait soon to end the outstanding issues
  206. Iraqi delegations to Kuwait to end the outstanding issues between the two countries
  207. Iraqi government calls on Kuwait to resolve the debts file
  208. Kuwait calls on the Iraqi government to resolve the debt once and for all file
  209. Ministries to complete declarations for Atomic Agency
  210. Letter dated 22 March 2010 from the Secretary-General addressed
  211. Iraqi - Kuwaiti anticipated to end the outstanding issues
  212. Observers praise the endeavor of the State Department to get Iraq out of Chapter VII
  213. Approved a draft law on Iraq's accession to the Convention on the Physical Protection
  214. Security Council backs Iraq election results
  215. Security Council Press Statement on Iraq Elections
  216. Merkel, Brown back new sanctions against Iran
  217. Iraq, China sign deal to write off 80% of debts
  218. Security council report iraq april 2010
  219. China supports Barack Obama's call for new Iran sanctions
  220. Iraq agrees to continue to pay 5 pct of oil proceeds in comp. fund
  221. Financial plans to end the file of debt during the current year
  222. Finance Iraqi Finance: debt file will end in 2010
  223. United Nations demands that Iraq continue to pay compensation to Kuwait
  224. The situation concerning Iraq :Tuesday, 6 April 2010
  225. Letter dated 18 March 2010 from the Permanent Representative
  226. First Report of the Secretary-General, pursuant
  227. Security council is briefed on development fund for iraq, guinea-bissau
  228. Iraq to Take Control of Oil Revenue by End of 2010, UN Says
  229. Iraq to obtain rest of Oil-for-Food funds by end of the year, UN official says
  230. Security Council considering a plan to allow Baghdad, Iraqi oil revenue management
  231. Iraq seeks to reduce 80% of the compensation that goes to Kuwait
  232. Iraq review the fiscal action plan to pay its external debt in accordance with intern
  233. Chairman of the Committee of Financial Experts Stresses the obligation of Iraq to set
  234. Article 140 new statement
  235. Kuwait ruler urges MPs to stay away from criticism of Iraq.........
  236. Conscious / United terrible overpopulation express satisfaction with Iraq's continued
  237. Conscious / representative of Iraq at the United Nations: We accept decreasing the am
  238. Conscious / UN Security Council discusses Iraqi oil revenue management
  239. French Foreign Minister: he says Paris should help Kuwait in addressing the border is
  240. Emir of Kuwait: Iraq's debts will not be resolved until after the submission to the N
  241. Bar Iraqis demanded by UN derail Iraq from Chapter VII
  242. U.N. meeting on Iran sanctions held
  243. Presidency of the next government, Allawi, Iraq will emerge from the shackles of Chap
  244. Egyptian ambassador in Baghdad told «life»: it's time to exit Iraq from Chapter VII
  245. Politics : Iraqi pressure on Kuwait to drop the compensation
  246. Policy : the Egyptian ambassador confirms his standing at the same distance from all
  247. Egyptian ambassador in Baghdad: It's time to exit Iraq from Chapter VII
  248. raqi official: the outstanding issues between Kuwait and Iraq will be closed soon
  249. Zebari confirms the role of Britain in support of Iraq in the Security Council
  250. Freezing of the Iraqi file, Kuwait awaiting the new government