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  1. Kobler show Aissaoui United Nations concern of the worsening crisis in the country
  2. Maliki, Kobler discuss a number of issues of Iraq
  3. Urgent .. UN declares its position on Iraq and demonstrations presented the protesters' demands on Baghdad
  4. Zebari: paragraphs side Kuwait Tbkien Iraq under Chapter VII
  5. Iraqi Free calling Najafi call and Foreign Minister to see the actions taken by his ministry to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  6. Zebari: put the central bank has tired remain under Chapter VII for another four years
  7. High Nassif demanding Nujaifi call Zebari to see the actions taken by his ministry to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  8. Zebari: may remain under Chapter VII for another four years and the financial situation of Iraq tired
  9. Zebari's (range Press): put the central bank has tired remain under Chapter VII for another four years
  10. Kuwaiti Prime Minister in Baghdad soon
  11. lBaghdad awaiting the visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait to discuss the lifting of Iraq from "VII"
  12. Mutlaq confirmed the importance of the UN Mission intensified their efforts to contribute to the actor to overcome the current crisis
  13. UN official in Kuwait Monday to follow up Iraq-Kuwait issues
  14. Iraq would emerge from Chpt VII still Mtakraly ending two paragraphs concerning Kuwait border demarcation and the remains of the missiing
  15. Commends the United Nations Iraq for his anti-corruption response
  16. Ban urges Iraq to remove "all obstacles" to boundary project with Kuwait
  17. Iraq waives 300 meters of Kuwait from its territory against ejected from Chapter VII
  18. Foreign: affected by the demarcation of the border with Kuwait will be compensated
  19. Iraq and Kuwait agree to build 200 homes for Iraqi border villages in Umm Qasr as part of the completion of the demarcation of the border
  20. Legal Counsel for the owners: UN Security Council Resolution unjust decision was taken from the land, water and wells of Iraq and give them to Kuwait
  21. Govt to set up ‘family fund’ as debt deal to become law – Foreign relations panel discusses border with Iraq
  22. ‘Iraq keen to end border issue’
  23. Matsamu Saladin: Kobler sold discharged to the government and we will collect signatures to demand Ban Ki-moon for his dismissal
  24. Ban Ki-moon: Interior prevented us from entering the detention centers under its control and the justice system when many weaknesses
  25. Maliki adviser: There is no new agreement between the Iraqi and Kuwaiti government on border demarcation
  26. Iraqi government sees the demarcation of the border with Kuwait 'unjust', but is committed to
  27. Next April .. Kuwait signed an agreement removing Iraq from Chapter VII
  28. Legal Expert: UN resolution for the demarcation of the Iraq-Kuwait border void and non-binding for Iraq
  29. World's largest embassy to be slashed by two-thirds
  30. Leader of the Supreme Council for the United Nations to put the Baath Party on the list of banned organizations internationally
  31. Kubler: deep mistrust in Iraq threatened the fabric of political and social ties
  32. UN urges Baghdad to show restraint with demonstrations and resolve their differences with Kurdistan
  33. United Nations: the Government of Iraq to respond to the protesters quickly and will not remain neutral in the event of violation of human rights
  34. Sources: al-Maliki agreed and a final demarcation of the border with Kuwait, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry's statements are political election!
  35. UN pressure may force Maliki Cancel postpone elections Anbar and Nineveh
  36. Zebari stresses Iraq’s efforts to settle file of border signs with Kuwait
  37. Mosul demonstrators refuse an invitation from Kuebler to meet him and insist on a "change
  38. Kobler announce resolve the issue of the demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait
  39. The announcement of the end of the problem of the border between Iraq and Kuwait to demolish three houses in the Umm Qasr area
  40. Deputy: takeover of Kuwait on Iraqi territory were in collusion with the United Nations and based on British maps
  41. Kuwaiti Prime Minister: File border with Iraq over .. And I am ready to go to Baghdad, even if they wanted me to go today
  42. United Nations: the demarcation of the border is an important step to exit Iraq from Chapter VII
  43. Kuwait Premier: Borders demarcation problem settled with Iraq
  44. Martin Kobler confirms end the problem of demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait
  45. Mahma Khalil: UN failed in Iraq and its efforts are not compatible with the size
  46. Kuwaiti Ambassador {Firat News}: We seek to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  47. UN advises Iraqi political forces not to withdraw from the constitutional institutions or disabled
  48. Kobler holds all the political blocs responsible for the continued demonstrations
  49. Kuwait: We will not stand generally remove Iraq from Chpt VII
  50. Government agrees to compensate the victims of the demarcation of the border with Kuwait 240 million dinars
  51. Nujaifi: Kuwait and Iraq Gadahn a thing of the past and the issue of reparations and debt settled through
  52. Maliki Announcing an end to the problem of the demarcation of the border with Kuwait and apologizes to its people
  53. Kubler calls for the "immediate suspension" of death sentences in Iraq
  54. Kuwaiti Prime Minister to visit Iraq soon «to discuss the differences of the past and turn the page
  55. 'Protection money' in an American-Iraqi talks
  56. Iraq discussed with Central American renewal '' protection money in foreign banks
  57. Turki protection of funds and reserves discussions in Washington
  58. Kubler in URGENT APPEAL: Iraq is at a crossroads and on Iraqi leaders to do bold and immediate initiatives for peace
  59. United Nations Mission in Iraq issued its report on the Electoral Commission measures to reduce fraud
  60. Kuwaiti Minister: we expect out of Iraq from Chapter VII next year
  61. Kuwait expects to exit Iraq from Chapter VII in 2014: this is what we sought him since the fall of Saddam
  62. UN urges journalists to follow professional standards and let Communications Commission to ensure media freedom
  63. Kuwait says Iraq still owes her damages amounting to $11.2 billioin
  64. UN welcomes the resumption of dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil
  65. Human Rights Minister discuss with the UN Mission file Kuwaiti missing persons and property
  66. United Nations says last month was Iraq's deadliest from violent attacks since June 2008
  67. UN welcomes the return of the Minister of the Kurds to the government and stresses the importance of dialogue
  68. Ban Ki-moon: We support the Iraqi government to achieve security and stability
  69. United Nations: Iraq needs a strong and free press and journalists are subjected to unique challenges
  70. Ban Ki-moon received the credentials of the Permanent Representative of Iraq
  71. Zebari discuss with Kubler demarcation of the Iraq-Kuwait border.
  72. Zebari stressed the importance of the role of the UN in Iraq out of Chapter VII
  73. Zebari and Kubler search topics inside Iraq and the demarcation of the border with Kuwait and agreed to find a mechanism to launch a national dialogue
  74. United Nations commends the Iraqi government for "reform" of the public sector
  75. Kuwait: Iraqi file of compensation will end in 2015
  76. Iraq's ambassador to Kuwait, Kobler discuss Iraq's efforts to get out of the provisions of Chapter VII
  77. UN leaders of Iraq: your country will slip into the unknown because Azemtkm
  78. Maliki discuss with Kubler efforts to remove Iraq from Chapter VII of problem solving elements MEK
  79. Iraq, Kuwait delivers a range of property and the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information
  80. Maliki, Kobler discuss efforts to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  81. Foreign Parliament: Organize navigation with Kuwait comes out of Iraq from Chapter VII
  82. Adoption of the Convention Iraqi - Kuwaiti parliament after the holiday
  83. UNSC approves Ban''s plan for Kuwait-Iraq border deal
  84. Security Council agrees to transfer funds from the United Nations Fund to compensate Iraqi farmers
  85. Iraq, Kuwait has implemented its international obligations towards the Chapter VII
  86. Iraq's ambassador to Kuwait, Kuwaiti Foreign Minister delivers message Zebari implement Iraq's international obligations
  87. Iraq and the United Nations agree to deliver amounts of compensation as a result of the demarcation of the border with Kuwait
  88. Iraq recognizes Kuwait message implementation for the first international obligations out of Chapter VII
  89. Suhail discuss with the United Nations Mission of the political situation in Iraq and the region
  90. Zebari said in Kuwait after the deportation of the missing file to Chapter VI
  91. Iraq and Kuwait signed 2 memoranda to lift Chapter Seven sanctions
  92. Zebari: Iraq practically came out of Chapter VII and pending fulfillment of $ 11 billion to Kuwait
  93. Zebari: compensation is the only file under Chapter VII, Iraq is liberated from the end of 2015
  94. Obama's Assistant for the Middle East pays tribute to Iraq's efforts to normalize relations with Kuwait and looking activating coordination between th
  95. High Nassif Zebari calls to disclose the price submitted by Iraq of Kuwait against him out of Chapter VII
  96. Zebari seen for a delegation from the White House last reached Iraq with Kuwait to exit from Chapter VII
  97. Nassif: Zebari's remarks about the approaching exit from Chapter VII very painful
  98. Legal Expert: the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII of part of the policy of procrastination to members of the Security Council, Kuwait
  99. Sheriff Soliman: Section VII form a significant burden on the state and the economy
  100. United Nations: the martyrdom and wounding {3442} operations Iraqi violence during the month of May last year something sad and must act urgently to s
  101. Algeria cancel more than half a billion dollars of Iraq's debt and Yemen since 2010
  102. The United Nations hopes to take decisive action to contain the differences in Iraq
  103. GCC commend Kuwait-Iraq understanding to solve sticky issues
  104. The Kuwaiti government instruct the practical completion of the procedures for the maintenance of the border with Iraq
  105. USNC Meeting June 27: Will Move some issue regarding Iraq from CH VII to Chapter VI
  106. Press Conference by Security Council President on Work Programme for June
  107. UN: 5.7 per cent of the population in Iraq suffer from food deprivation
  108. Security Council: Iraq to file Chapter VI to implement its commitments
  109. End of Iraq”s Chapter VII status soon – FM Zebari
  110. Some UN Chapter VII dossiers will be moved to Chapter VI, UK ambassador to UN
  111. Relations, Iraq - Kuwait before the Security Council end of the month
  112. UN envoy meets with Iranian ambassador in Baghdad, and looking with him the situation in Iraq and the region
  113. Breaking News … Kobler shifted to Congo
  114. BREAKING NEWS Kobler transferred to Congo, Roger Mess takes over
  115. United Nations in Iraq accuse of rigging the parties of their data and calls to media scrutiny
  116. Uniting welcomes transfer Kubler and calls for a more positive role of the UN
  117. Urgent. Kuwaiti Prime Minister to visit Iraq tomorrow to sign a number of agreements
  118. Kuwaiti Prime Minister in Baghdad to end the UN Security Council sanctions
  119. Ban Ki-moon: welcome initiative Hakim and al-Maliki's visit to Kurdistan and are worried about the escalation of violence in Iraq
  120. Zebari: We signed six memoranda of understanding with the Kuwaiti side
  121. Kuwait with Iraq agree to take it out of Chapter VII
  122. Kuwaiti Foreign Minister: our discussions with Iraq successful and we have made ​​progress in binary files
  123. Zebari: Kuwaiti delegation's visit to Iraq has been fruitful and we signed {6} memorandums of cooperation between the two countries
  124. Urgent .. delegates Iraq and Kuwait to Ban Ki-moon to display the a file Iraq would emerge from the seventh item
  125. Iraq announces lifting of Chapter VII of the end of the current month
  126. Iraq and Kuwait Ataiwian the page on the past
  127. Maliki and the morning inaugurate a new phase in the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations
  128. Iraq fulfills Chapter VII commitments to Kuwait - Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled
  129. UN chief calls Amir on Kuwait-Iraq border deal
  130. Kuwait, Iraq sign six accords
  131. Ban Ki-moon Ahatv Maliki and prepared to derail Iraq from Chapter VII
  132. Ban Ki-moon to the owners: the United Nations will do its utmost to outlying areas of Iraq from Chapter VII
  133. Zebari and U.S. and British ambassadors are looking arrangements out of Iraq from Chapter VII
  134. Iraq and Kuwait recognized that Ki-moon sent a joint letter emphasizes Baghdad's commitment to implementing the provisions of Chapter VII
  135. Ban Ki-moon welcomes the agreement between Iraq and Kuwait and described the historic moment
  136. Legal Expert: out of Iraq from Chapter VII will open a new page in its relations with the countries of the world
  137. Newspapers today: get rid Iraq from Chapter VII after satisfy Kuwait
  138. Representative of Kuwait to the United Nations: the decision to remove Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN Security Council will pass unhindered
  139. Otaibi: UN Security Council to approve law of relieving Iraq from 7th Chapter June 27
  140. Ki-moon seeks to obtain a positive decision from the Security Council conveys Iraq to Chapter VI
  141. Zebari's / Beecroft and Collis /: the government is determined to expand its consultations to exit from Chapter VII
  142. Iraq out of Chapter VII and moves on to the sixth and Kuwait happy editing restrictions
  143. What does it mean exit from Chapter VII??
  144. Foreign Relations: We got the formal approval of the Ki-moon to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  145. End of the month automatically begins to leave Iraq from Chapter VII
  146. Baghdad has fulfilled its obligations and pending international emancipation of the items
  147. New Kuwaiti relations - Iraq
  148. Ban calls for end to Saddam-era sanctions against Iraq
  149. U.N. recommends bringing Iraq closer to ending 1990s sanctions
  150. Secretary-General of the United Nations calls to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  151. Ban Ki-moon calls for the UN Security Council to put an end to the threat of sanctions which still threatens Iraq
  152. Moussawi, Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII, an important step in the completion rule Iraq and Alsatrhaly of the all resources
  153. Deputy waistcoat: out of Iraq from Chapter VII is an important step for the completion of the country's sovereignty [Audio]
  154. United Nations Mission aspiration of the new five-year plan to the Ministry of Planning
  155. Ki-moon recommend to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  156. Recommendation to lift UN sanctions on Iraq Martin Kobler: Item became the seventh of the past and the present is Iraq's relations with Kuwait
  157. Iraq obtained the green light from the United Nations to take it out of Chapter VII
  158. Finalizing Iraq out of Chapter VII
  159. Freedom from Chapter VII
  160. Parliamentary economy: we are out of Chapter VII will restore our economic strength
  161. 4 days separating Iraq from the disposal of Chapter VII
  162. Optimism exit of Iraq from Chapter VII
  163. What happens after Chapter VII?
  164. Journalists Syndicate is preparing to celebrate the awards and the imminent withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII Sunday, June 23, 2013 11:00 [Baghdad
  165. Watermelon: exit from Chapter VII is important and leads to the restoration of full sovereignty of the country
  166. Parliamentary financial (statement): Iraq emerges from Chapter VII to an attractive environment for investment
  167. Salman al-Musawi: out of Iraq from Chapter VII reflected Aijaaaly the economy of Iraq
  168. After his release from Chapter VII .. Iraq on the threshold of a new future despite the crises and events of the region
  169. Dr. Mohammad Saleh appearance *: Iraq: the seventh chapter and Mirage air conditioning
  170. Kurdish lawmaker: Iraq regain its sovereignty and independence بخروجه from Chapter VII
  171. Sources (UR): out of Iraq from Chapter VII mortgage (FSA)!
  172. Politicians: out of Chapter VII important government Completed
  173. Parliamentary economy: out of Chapter VII will enable Iraq to recover its funds frozen
  174. And Unit Jameeli: remove Iraq from Chapter VII will make it a fully sovereign state without the tutelage of his money
  175. Urgent .. A senior source in the Foreign alludes to the approval of the Security Council to lift the seventh item on Iraq
  176. Abtan: out of Iraq from Chapter VII would have economic and political stature
  177. Exiting Chapter VII will provide economic boost to Iraq
  178. Relieving Iraq from UN sanctions to enhance its presence at international forums, says SLC MP
  179. Complete sovereignty
  180. Differences between the seventh and sixth chapters of the Charter of the United Nations
  181. Tomorrow .. Complete sovereignty
  182. Major changes in Iraq's foreign policy
  183. Baghdad prepares to celebrate releasing Iraq from UN's Seventh Chapter
  184. Iraq's full sovereignty of the day
  185. Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII puts new challenges
  186. UNSC Programme of Meetings and Agenda - Thursday, 27 June 2013
  187. Maliki's coalition is out of Chapter VII "achievement" parallels the withdrawal of foreign troops
  188. Iraq aims "last" Foreign consequences beyond the borders and is preparing to test unseen for 23 years
  189. Legal Expert: If the Security Council is convinced Iraq in the implementation of all its obligations upon the lifting of all international sanctions
  190. Health: out of Iraq from Chapter VII will facilitate the import of medicines and medical supplies
  191. Today .. Security Council votes to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  192. Today .. Iraq awaits his release from the international trusteeship item
  193. Security Council vote at 7 pm Baghdad time to lift the death of Chapter VII on Iraq
  194. UN bring Iraq the end of 1990 Sanctions
  195. URGENT... Security Council votes unanimously to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  196. UN Security Council eases some sanctions on Iraq over 1990 invasion of Kuwait
  197. Security Council reduces Saddam-era sanctions against Iraq
  198. Fireworks light up the skies of Baghdad after the Security Council vote to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  199. Urgent .. Maliki: Iraq is now free of the restrictions imposed on him because of the follies of the dictatorial regime
  200. What does it mean out of Iraq from 000 Chapter VII sanctions
  201. Orator prayer Maliki consolidated hail remove Iraq from Chapter VII and confirm "atone rejected others"
  202. Maliki: international resolutions are of the past and will not engage in a policy of axes and polarizations
  203. U.S. State Department welcomes remove Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII
  204. Maliki: APPEALS all the countries of the region and the world to extend the hand of friendship and confirms Iraq because engaged policy axles
  205. Kuwait: Iraq did not come entirely from the provisions of Chapter VII
  206. UNSC President disagrees with Zebari on Iraq honouring all Chapter VII obligations
  207. Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2107 (2013), Security Council Removes Iraq
  208. Special Security Council resolution under Chapter VII
  209. Maliki: We removed the last obstacle to Iraq to exercise effective role
  210. Baghdad Mayorship calls considerable world companies to expand their role in rebuilding Iraq
  211. Central launch celebration for the withdrawal of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII
  212. Kurdistan Alliance: Iraq folding Chapter VII introduces a chapter to less dangerous
  213. Arab League: out of Iraq from Chapter VII will restore the international status
  214. Kuwait confirms that Iraq did not come entirely from the provisions of Chapter VII
  215. The former minister shows how Iraq can recover their Amosobh rights peacefully from Kuwait after his release from Chapter VII
  216. Out of the seventh activates the Iraqi dinar
  217. Our money and get out of Chapter VII
  218. Warnings exposure of Iraqi funds abroad risk
  219. Video: Iraq Thankful to UN for Easing Sanctions
  220. And Washington welcomes the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII and is free of weapons of mass destruction
  221. Yasiri: $ 72 billion reserves after leaving Iraq from Chapter VII
  222. Saudi Arabia on Iraq debt reached $ 42 billion
  223. Iraq Free of Chapter 7: The Good and Bad
  224. Saad: the presidency of the parliament and hosts foreign and transport ministers tomorrow to discuss outstanding issues with Kuwait
  225. Chairman of the Investment Commission of Baghdad: Iraq out of Chapter beginning to open up to the world economic
  226. Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII lifted restrictions economic development
  227. Zebari: Resolution 2107, out of Iraq "completely" from Chapter VII
  228. Parliamentary sources: frozen Iraqi funds (fee) whales corruption
  229. MP: Getting out from Chapter VII allows us to demand compensations
  230. United Nations plans to develop the public sector in Sulaimaniya as a model experimental
  231. Exiting from chapter VII makes Iraqi dinar stronger
  232. Iraq Dinar and Chapter 7 - A Change for the Iraqi Economy
  233. United Nations concerned 'absent' law of parties
  234. Ban commends Kuwaiti, Iraqi leaderships for ushering in a new era of cooperation
  235. High Nassif calls to negotiate with Kuwait under Chapter VI of what it acquired from Iraqi territory
  236. United States: Iraq returned to practice positive impact in the region
  237. Economic center: dinar become undesirable internationally after withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII sanctions
  238. United Nations is concerned, "ignoring" the law of parties
  239. Iraq officially calls UNSC to extend UNAMI's mandate for 1 year
  240. UNAMI: Iraq paid 11 billion dollars in compensation residual of Kuwait will close the outstanding issues between them
  241. United Nations declares near the final solution to the outstanding problems between Iraq and Kuwait
  242. Economists: leave the seventh item on a golden opportunity collide financial corruption and political instability
  243. Iraq agrees to renew the mandate ((UNAMI)),
  244. Amid upsurge of violence in Iraq, Security Council extends UN mission for another year
  245. U.N. awards Kuwait $1 bn from Iraq invasion fund
  246. Iraq confirms reaching mechanism to settle Kuwaiti PoW & missing persons file
  247. Nassif demanding calculates the what has been paid to Kuwait in compensation because of the difference between the foreign and finance ministries arou
  248. Deputy calls for the need to calculate what has been paid to Kuwait and detect differences between the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs
  249. UN calls for Iraqi politicians to act decisively to stop the bloodshed
  250. UN declares its readiness to assist the Government and people of Iraq to overcome the crisis