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  1. Central Bank: Iraq’s economy is fully liberated from the economic sanctions
  2. Observers: out of Iraq from Chapter VII would revive his country's economy
  3. Ban Ki-moon calls on new Iraqi government to complete the reconciliation
  4. Expert calls for debt rescheduling to face the repercussions exit from Chapter VII
  5. Iraq Without Sanctions
  6. Nujaifi discuss with the representative of Iraq to the United Nations international r
  7. Iraqi parliamentary delegation heads to Kuwait soon
  8. UN Operational Rates of Exchange: No Change for Iraq
  9. Nujaifi meet with Iraq's Permanent Representative at the United Nations
  10. Unsc 661 protocols
  11. Governor of Kuwait to visit Karbala and confers the implementation of investment proj
  12. References Najaf renewing the claim to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  13. Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki receives Kuwaiti media delegation
  14. Iraq and Kuwait were nearing a close the outstanding issues
  15. complaint to the Security Council against Iraq, the deaths of As at the hands of Ira
  16. Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari meets with representative of the Secretary General of the Unit
  17. Melkert Jaafari and discuss the role of the mother in the future the United
  18. Iraq abides by UN Kuwait-related resolutions: Iraqi FM
  19. Kuwaiti Prime Minister arrives in Baghdad this afternoon
  20. Iraq takes his duties as President of the Arab Permanent Missions to the UN Office in
  21. Kuwaiti Prime Minister in Baghdad the previous phase ended ...
  22. Biden Talabani: U.S. wants UN resolution to lift all sanctions on Iraq
  23. Al-Dabbagh: the Committee on strategic cooperation between Iraq and the United States
  24. Kuwait is now an essential role in removing Iraq from Ch VII
  25. Zebari told the House of Representatives: Iraq on the way to emerge from Chapter VII
  26. Baghdad: the border with Kuwait drawn internationally leaving only install stents
  27. International sanctions on Iraq and the paper, however, pressure for Washington to ma
  28. Iraq ready to implement international obligations after their liberation from interna
  29. Melkert visits "commissioned" by the Security Council Nineveh areas of conflict and s
  30. Kuwaiti Ambassador: Iraq's debt with the need for many of the discussions
  31. Iraqi Foreign Ministry to constitute a high ministerial committee to address the outs
  32. $ 680 million to Kuwait for the United Nations Compensation Commission
  33. UN concern about the decision to the Federal independent bodies
  34. Maliki to Kuwait to end the pending files
  35. Kuwait's debts on Iraq reach US$21 billions (b), newspaper reports:
  36. VP Hashimy confers with UNSG's Special Representative in Iraq
  37. Melkert calls to respect the decisions of the Federal Court and the right of Parliame
  38. Hashemi and Mlkrt Istardhan ongoing efforts to remove Iraq from the consequences of
  39. Recovering from Saddam
  40. International Community Gives Iraq Briefing Book to Malilki
  41. UN assistant framework for Iraq 2011-2014
  42. Reveals the source of Maliki flew to Kuwait next Wednesday
  43. Kuwait Opposition Rejects Cancellation of Iraq’s Debts
  44. Agreement Iraq - Kuwait to resolve the outstanding issues
  45. Iraq and Kuwait agree to activate the work of the joint committees next month
  46. Iraqi parliament calls for exempting Iraq from Kuwait, the remaining debts
  47. Vice Kordestani: Kuwait on debt cancellation and close the file of compensation with
  48. Iraqi PM hails outcome of his visit to Kuwait
  49. Osama al: A delegation from the House of Representatives will discuss his compensatio
  50. Kuwaiti newspaper reveal Iraqi deal
  51. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait: the black page in relations, Iraq - Kuwait has
  52. United Nations: Iraq and Kuwait stand at the threshold of a new dawn in relations
  53. Iraq-Kuwait contacts to help in ending suspended dossiers between both countries, off
  54. Zebari Mlkrt discuss how to end the outstanding issues on Iraq, the Security Council
  55. All Iraqis have right to participate in rebuilding their country, UN stresses
  56. Melkert Issawi and discuss the issue of Kirkuk and the federal budget for 2011
  57. Council support the Iraqi relations - Kuwait sets 5-year plan to resolve outstanding
  58. Moving forward - Iraq, Kuwait opening new chapter
  59. Kuwait requests UNSC to retain the Iraq-Kuwait issue on its agenda
  60. Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki meets representative of the Secretary-General of
  61. Diplomatic push to end the international obligations
  62. URGENT - Iraq to pay all remaining compensations for Kuwait, Foreign Minister says
  63. UNAMI: $600 million to train, create jobs, provide basic services
  64. Iraqi-US agreement to pay for it and waiting for Parliament ..
  65. Kuwait visit signals new chapter in bilateral relations - Al-Nujeifi
  66. Iraq, Kuwait, surpassed difficult circumstances, Kuwait’s Parliament Speaker says
  67. Iraq-Kuwait committee meeting March 28th; Kuwait FM assures to help Iraq emerge from
  68. Border and compensation and the Missing at the table of dialogue between Iraq and Ku
  69. Iraq and Kuwait tomorrow hold a ministerial meeting to discuss whatever outstanding..
  70. Detailed New Briefing Paper On Iraq
  71. Joint committee to discuss issues between Iraq and Kuwait
  72. Iraq-Kuwait Com. approves 12 articles of suspended dossiers
  73. Kuwait-Iraq cmte working on outstanding issues -- FMs
  74. UNAMI holds meeting to support Rule of Law in Iraq
  75. Foreign minister meets secretary gen. Of the united nations
  76. UNAMI studying the idea of establishing a mechanism of consultations to resolve issue
  77. Foreign Minister receives deputy U.S. Secretary of State
  78. Ban calls on Baghdad to make concrete progress in its commitments to the remainder of
  79. Iraq-Kuwait Committee convenes to settle suspended dossiers on Sunday
  80. Sources for the (citizen): Iraq is seeking to emerge from Chapter VII for the extensi
  81. Charter of the UN index and related links
  82. United Nations requires that Iraq meet its obligations to Kuwait to restore the inter
  83. The Mandates of Chapter VII of the UNSC
  84. SC Report April 2011, Noon Briefing, Sec-Gen Report
  85. Depositary Notifications (CNs) by the Secretary-General - UN Treaties
  86. Moon utters concern over situation in Kirkuk
  87. Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Ali Moha
  88. Ban Ki-moon urges Iraqi leaders to work together to solve the problem of Kirkuk and
  89. Deputy: Kuwait is not cooperating with Iraq regarding the implementation of agreement
  90. Continued US support vital to UN's Success-Ban visits US
  91. Second Report of the Secretary-General UNSC dated 3/31/2011
  92. Melkert Confident Iraq Reaffirmation of Land,etc with Kuwait
  93. UN Webcast - Iraq Security Council Meeting - April 8, 2011
  94. Iraq needs attention under continuation of challenges, UN says
  95. Iraq's foreign debt will be resolved this year
  96. Abtan: Kuwait to cooperate with Iraq to end the pending files
  97. Qusay al-Suhail discuss with the UN the role of civil organizations
  98. Central Bank: we know not all of Iraq creditors
  99. CBI shows confidence in the lift protection from Iraqi funds mid-year
  100. There is hype on the assets of Iraq after the country's emergence from Chapter VII
  101. Central Bank: A_ad to the emergence of new creditors to Iraq and look forward to a fi
  102. Abbas al-Bayati Almstcharalssayas discuss with the representative of the Secretary-Ge
  103. Melkert: the Iraqi government may soon recognize Kuwait's borders
  104. UN envoy: Iraq may soon be recognized Kuwait's borders
  105. UN rights chief urges probe into Iraq camp deaths
  106. Kuwait, Iraq agree on creating safe maritime environment
  107. ‘Kuwaiti-Iraqi Borders Issue Settled’
  108. Ad Melkert: Chapter VII is nearing its end
  109. Exit from Chapter VII the end of June
  110. Suhail looking Meckert with Iraq would emerge from Chp VII
  111. The political body of the Sadrist movement meets UN envoy in Iraq, "Ad Melkert"
  112. General of Customs's to work customs tariff facilitate Iraq's accession to the WTO
  113. Germany is mediating in Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII
  114. Pentagon escape for the 3rd time to attend the meeting of $8 Billion to Iraq
  115. DFI Project Progress Presentation 6 Jan 2011
  116. Cabinet approves Tgariranha mandate of the United Nations on Iraqi state revenues
  117. UN Pays Kuwait $880 Million in Damages for Iraq Invasion
  118. Iraq UNSC For May 2011
  119. Nujaifi to Melkert: We hope to reach a satisfactory settlement with Kuwait soon
  120. Nujaifi hopes for Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII during his meeting with UN envoy
  121. Urge Kuwait's gov't to deal positively with debts and exonerate Iraq from Chpt VII
  122. File debt and remove Iraq from Chapter VII .. Iraq calls for the Kuwaiti National Ass
  123. CBI: the opening of two accounts of Iraq to ensure payment of compensation Kuwait
  124. New Kuwaiti port risks affecting Iraq’s Faw Grand Port project
  125. Zebari announced an agreement with Russia to activate the Joint Ministerial Committe
  126. Iraqi white: calls on the Government to submit an application to the Security Council
  127. UN calls on the Government of Iraq to complete pending resolutions etc.
  128. Melkert: Iraq has turned a new leaf
  129. Melkert calls for reducing employment, activating opportunites in Iraq
  130. UN mediation to resolve the Iraqi crisis on the Kuwaiti port of Kuwait Mubarak
  131. Kuwait has no right to freeze the assets of a bankrupt company
  132. Security Council Statistics (of Iraq)
  133. UN calls for Iraq to implementation of international commitments
  134. Algiashi: political moves to the United Nations to make the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq
  135. Deputy Special Representative of the Secret ary-General of the United Nations calls o
  136. Iraq’s PM confers with UN Delegation on suspended issues with Kuwait
  137. United Nations confirms progress in the work of Baghdad to end the outstanding issues
  138. Iraq’s PM confers with UN Delegation on suspended issues with Kuwait
  139. Recognizing the Boarder with Kuwait would be important step
  140. Zebari, UN official discuss Iraq's role in the region
  141. U.S. Ambassador to Iraq: we have allocated a grant of Iraq and our presence continues
  142. UN delegation: Iraq-Kuwait pending issues progressing
  143. UN official urges Baghdad to recognize Kuwait-Iraq border
  144. UN panel: Iraq must continue to regulate private militia
  145. Maliki: abolition of the surplus from the ministry will solve crisis
  146. Renewal of the mandate of Ban Ki-moon as Secretary-General of the United Nations
  147. Kuwaiti group seeks investment in Basra
  148. Ban believes search for missing Kuwaitis "gradually moving forward"
  149. Kuwait develop a plan to raise the level of trade cooperation with Iraq
  150. Algeria Torteuralghae all debts owed by Iraq
  151. UN Security Council urges Iraq to do more to meet its obligations to Kuwait
  152. Leadership in the Islamic Supreme Council calls for redrawing the border between Iraq
  153. U.N. assembly approves second term for U.N. chief Ban
  154. Security Council Press Statement on Iraq/Kuwait
  155. Security Council end the functions of control and international advice and handing Ir
  156. Iraqi agreement Kuwaiti government to take over the remains of 32 Iraqi military who
  157. the implementation of Security Council resolutions to emerge from Chapter VII
  158. Morning to Clinton on Iraq, the implementation of Security Council resolutions to eme
  159. Royal searches with a US delegation of the strategic framework agreement activation b
  160. Kuwait, Iraq is demanding the implementation of Security Council resolutions
  161. Kuwait, Iraq is demanding the implementation of Security Council resolutions
  162. Secretary-General of the UN calling on the Government to implement its obligations to
  163. Ban urges Iraq to show "tangible" progress to obligations towards Kuwait
  164. UNAMI Expires July 31, 2011
  165. Zebari: We have challenges to emerge from Chapter VII and the shenanigans with the ne
  166. Maliki's bloc rise up: all options open to prevent the creation of Port Mubarak
  167. Asked al-Maliki during a meeting with Chinese President Beijing's support for the wit
  168. Global aid for trade efforts vital for boosting development, Ban says at review meeti
  169. Iraq will need sustained support to face pressing challenges – UN
  170. UN expresses 'cautious optimism' on Iraq
  171. The UN and the U.S. remove Iraq from Chapter VII resolution 833
  172. Security Council SC/10330 - 19 July 2011
  173. China's support needed to get rid of sanctions - Maliki
  174. China announces support for Iraq to emerge from Chapter VII
  175. United Nations: Iraq is facing great challenges at the political, security and develo
  176. UN cautiously optimistic about Iraq
  177. Ban Ki-moon: third report on Iraq to the UN Security Council
  178. UNSC: Iraq / UNAMI Briefing 19 July 2011
  179. Ban Ki-moon: index of poverty in Iraq, up 22.9%
  180. China to cancel remaining debt and support getting rid of UN Sanctions
  181. Parliamentarians for "with": the recent United Nations report may impede exit Iraq fr
  182. United Nations demands that Iraq meet its obligations to Kuwait and maintenance of th
  183. Maliki gets pledge from Obama to help remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  184. Iraq resort to the United Nations to resolve the crisis, the Kuwaiti port of Mubarak
  185. Kuwait rejects Iraq's request to halt construction of a port Mubarak
  187. UNSC extends UNAMI mandate for one more year
  188. Security Council extends UN mission in Iraq by another
  189. webcast/2011/07/iraq-security-council /// link only
  190. Security Council Adopts Resolution 2001 (2011), Extending Mandate
  191. The United Nations paid to Kuwait a new batch of more than a billion dollars in compe
  192. UN to appoint German chairman of UNAMI
  193. UN should play greater role - al-Iraqiya
  194. Suhail, Christian discuss helping Iraq out of UN Chapter VII
  195. White al-Iraqiya’s MP calls on UN to observe Kuwait’s military mobilization in Bubian
  196. Maliki gets pledge from Obama to help remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  197. Ban Ki-Moon calls on Iraqi leaders for dialogue to achieve peace
  198. UN Security Council denounces series of explosions in Iraq
  199. Maliki presents the report of the Committee on Port Mubarak to the Cabinet at its nex
  200. Suhail Melkert discusses with the role of the UN mission and the U.S. withdrawal from
  201. Cabinet defers announcement on the official position of the port of Mubarak to Tuesda
  202. Deputy for the rule of law: the completion of the port of Kuwait, Mubarak would turn
  203. Melkert Maliki and discuss the possibility of solving international problems associat
  204. Sayyed Hakim calls for political blocs to take advantage of the holidays to discard d
  205. Iraqi Foreign Minister: the controversy around the port of Kuwait, was dissolved
  206. Jeffrey: The U.S. military will withdraw and we will focus on expanding and strengthe
  207. Iraq disclose its final position from the port of Mubarak next Tuesday
  208. Confirmation of what the future published by the Iraqi ..Ch 7 related..
  209. Najafi, Vice President Meets Representative of the Secretary General of the UN
  210. Najafi, emphasizes the role of the United Nations effective in helping Iraq out of Ch
  211. UN expresses its readiness to "facilitate" the political situation in Iraq
  212. Najafi Schoravch looking with the UN role in Iraq
  213. Iraq committed to UN obligations
  214. Iraq to call on UN to respect its sovereignty
  215. Talabani, Iraq's speech at the United Nations
  216. Expert: debt as a means of political pressure on Iraq
  217. President Talabani participate in the meeting of the General Assembly to demand to dr
  218. United Nations: Iraq still faces many challenges on the way towards establishing peac
  219. Zebari discuss with Assistant Foreign Minister the issue of the British out of Iraq f
  220. United Nations marks the sacrifices of Iraqis for peace
  221. Iraq will have to soon regain its international place, exiting from Chapter VII
  222. Issawi in the United States to discuss Iraq's debt
  223. Iraq offers to negotiate to determine the debt
  224. Iraq to take tough decisions to reduce trade with Kuwait
  225. Zebari discuss with Feltman complete remaining steps to get Iraq out of Chapter VII
  226. Analysts: out of Iraq from Chapter VII, however, the United States
  227. Baghdad and Washington agree to complete the steps of removing Iraq from Chapter VII
  228. Foreign Relations calls for Asian countries to help Iraq out of Chapter VII
  229. Najafi: problems with Kuwait will soon be resolved through dialogue
  230. Two blocs to submit grilling request against PM on Oct 13 ‘Panel waiting to receive a
  231. Shibli reveals the possession of documents proving Foreign Minister received a gift f
  232. The arrival of Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations Special
  233. Kuwaiti ambassador: we see the seriousness of Iraq to end the pending files
  234. Iraq calls for the international community to help bring him out of the pain of Chapt
  235. Talabani affirms its full readiness to support the UN mission in Iraq and the success
  236. Keywords: Iraq, referred the case to Interpol Bank of Commerce
  237. Iraq demands the role out of the UN Chapter VII
  238. Demonstrators demanding rejoining Kuwait to Iraq
  239. The announcement of entering Iraq in the Global Compact of the UN to orgaize work
  240. Iraq celebrated the International Day of United Nations
  241. Najafi calls Kharafi to visit Baghdad
  242. Al-Dabbagh: The Iraqi government is ready to solve the problem of debt owed by Iraq
  243. Hakim confirmed the need to work out for Iraq from Chpt VII
  244. UN panel approves over $1 billion for victims of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait
  245. Parliamentary bloc calling for Maliki's government to resort to legal Westerners to c
  246. UN Envoy in Basra: Most important work of the mission is to remove Iraq from CH VII
  247. High Nassif demanding the United Nations representative in Iraq to report on the driv
  248. Allawi calls on UN to appoint representative to monitor human rights in Iraq
  249. U.S. may go to the Security Council to issue a resolution
  250. United Nations put Iraq among the countries with weak human development