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  1. CBI Consultant: Our face inflation and monetary policy-making after the exit of the
  2. Central Bank Announces Annual inflation eased in Iraq during the last month
  3. Conscious / lower central bank sales to 131 million dollars
  4. Central Bank Consultant: The smart card provided the expenses of the issue of curren
  5. Governor of the Central Bank is lending to the government by the Bank of harm to his
  6. Central Bank: Annual inflation in Iraq was falling to 3.1% in November
  7. Economists: The version of class 100 thousand dinars will not benefit the Iraqi econo
  8. Advisor Central: the smart card to facilitate citizen access to entitlements
  9. Iraqi currency of a 100 thousand dinars
  10. Economists: The version of class 100 thousand dinars will not benefit the Iraqi
  11. Dear DS Members.......
  12. The central bank seeks to establish a center of financial and credit information
  13. Central Bank of Iraq denies planning to develop a currency class 100 thousand dinar
  14. The truth about the 100 thousand dinar class of currency......
  15. Central sells $ 160 million in auction
  16. the central bank seeks to establish a center of financial and credit information
  17. 2011 draft budget falter again in the House of Representatives
  18. Iraqi Central Bank implemented a project for electronic information available
  19. Central Bank of Iraq: liberation of the national economy fully
  20. Adviser to the CBI told the Baghdad international
  21. Interview: First, the role of development banks
  22. Report (Shabibi): Academics and Politicians warn of a crisis of confidence between
  23. Why we think it is rv'ing......
  24. prnewswire.com sebastian-river-holdings-adds-an-additional
  25. Circulated to all the exchange companies in Iraq
  26. Governor of the «Central» Iraqi government warns of borrowing
  27. Advisor Central: the stability of import prices caused by the euro
  28. Articel 110 Iraqi Constitution
  29. Central Bank: Annual inflation eased in Iraq, after controlling the levels of liquidi
  30. Coins and paper in small groups facing the risk of "extinction" in Iraq
  31. The central bank denies issuing currency class 100 thousand dinars
  32. Conscious / rising central bank sales to 151 million dollars
  33. Iraqi Central Bank gives licenses to 4 new banks with a capital of 250 billion dinars
  34. Central Bank: No intention to issue currency of the category of one hundred thousand
  35. Central Bank Consultant: signs are good for low inflation, which fell...
  36. The central bank adviser: Iraq before a historic opportunity for economic growth
  37. entral Bank announces reduction in inflation to the lowest percentage since 2003
  38. Sources: "the forces of the window," the central bank to fight the rebellion against
  39. Central Bank announces reduction in inflation to the lowest percentage since 2003
  40. The central bank describes the budget in 2011 Balokpr in the history of Iraq and
  41. Central Bank of Iraq announced the introduction of electronic clearing
  42. $264 million in CBI dollar sales
  43. Central Bank: the amount of tax in the budget of 2011 amounted to 2.7 trillion iqd
  44. Abdel Mahdi stresses the importance of central bank independence
  45. A new anouncement on the cbi site in arabic 01/10/2011
  46. Central Bank: America spent on the reconstruction of Iraq $ 50 billion
  47. Statistics criticizing the Iraqi Central Bank to publish inflation indicators
  48. Central Bank: Iraq made significant steps towards the fight against money laundering
  49. Central Bank of Iraq to be submitted to parliament a new law to combat money launderi
  50. Central Bank Consultant: The size of banks in the Iraqi market to exceed 10%
  51. Central ends week of the sale of $ 146 million
  52. The central bank adviser calls for private banks to play a more active role in the Ir
  53. Central Bank: the customs tariff law will not affect the standard of living of the Ir
  54. CBI’s independence compromised by Federal Court
  55. INA / warning of jeopardizing the independence of the central bank's decision to link
  56. The central bank at risk
  57. Expert warns of economic prejudice to the independence of Central Bank
  58. Central nervous about the decision of the federal bodies of a link independent of th
  59. Parliamentary bodies confirm that the link independent of the Cabinet violation of...
  60. Iraq: House of Representatives debating the Federal Court decision to link the indepe
  61. Damluji: Linking independent bodies under the chairmanship of the government coup aga
  62. Central Bank of Iraq criticizes the Federal Court decision which connects independent
  63. Iraq cenbank slams ruling placing it under cabinet
  64. CBI calls on the Federal Supreme Court to issue an interpretative decision shows its
  65. Concerns over Iraqi central bank
  66. Legal: can not link the Central Bank of the Council of Ministers
  67. Iraq central bank slams ruling putting it under Cabinet
  68. Nujaifi Shabibi and stresses the need to preserve the independence of Central Bank
  69. Central Bank of Iraq: the link displays the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs
  70. Parliament Speaker and the Governor of the Central Bank Inaqachan seriousness the...
  71. Sharp decline in CBI dollar sales
  72. After al-Maliki put his hand on him .. Central Bank Warns of Khosar Iraq to foreign a
  73. Iraqi court ruling would increase Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's power
  74. Iraq's Central Bank Rejects Calls To Become Under Premier Control
  75. Nujaifi looking with the Electoral Commission the Federal Court decision
  76. Minister of Planning meets Iraqi Central Bank Governor
  77. Central Bank raises bonds worth 400 billion dinars per month
  78. $ 50 billion are threatened by corruption and the pursuit of creditors after inflicti
  79. Planning and the central bank were discussing a mechanism to address Iraq's debt
  80. Maliki's new partners decry court ruling that would boost his powers
  81. Media Center: Link to the Central Bank of the government should not interfere with hi
  82. Central Bank: Parliament has the exclusive right to control our
  83. Planning minister, CBI governor discuss boosting cooperation
  84. Minister of Planning and Central Bank Governor discuss the accumulated debt of Iraq
  85. Advisor to the Central Bank confirms that the House of Representatives is the best pl
  86. Iraq: Connecting the bodies of the Council of Ministers has fixed and we get a law to
  87. Iraqi Central Bank, Election Body Slam Court Ruling
  88. Senior Economist calls for writing in Kurdish Iraqi currency addition to the Arab
  89. AUCTION on 24-JAN-2011
  90. Plan to benefit from bank deposits
  91. CBI warns of dangers facing Iraqi funds following federal court ruling
  92. Central: The Iraqi government can fill the deficit by borrowing from their deposits i
  93. tendency to borrow from the Central Bank or the IMF to cover budget deficit
  94. Iraq seeks recover 2011 deficit (Maliki's way?)
  95. Central Bank: the real risks of waiting for Iraqi funds internationally
  96. ICB link to Gov will not affect economic policies
  97. Governor of Baghdad: Central Bank of the new building will catch up with the European
  98. Central: The Iraqi government can plug
  99. Central warns of the dangers waiting for a real Iraqi funds internationally
  100. Talabani discusses with the Governor of the Central Bank of the Federal Court decisio
  101. Bad news for the central bank
  102. central bank adviser: to bridge the budget deficit by borrowing from government banks
  103. Maliki vows to central bank independence and authority elections
  104. Alsumaria News revealed earlier decision of the Federal Court is contrary to its very
  105. Iraqi Central Bank Says Assured of Independence
  106. Central Bank Governor: fear of the repercussions of the Federal Court decision, espec
  107. A judicial source: the court under pressure.. It fears the intersection with the gove
  108. Federal Court decision binding and can not be challenged by any party
  109. A new mechanism to ensure the protection of Iraqi funds
  110. Iraq court ruling assures bodies independence
  111. Iraqi actions to restore the money deposited out
  112. Central sales rise to 190 million dollars at auction
  113. Iraqi central bank says assured of independence
  114. Central Bank: delay the budget adversely affect the reality of economic development i
  115. Concerns over Iraqi 2011 budget delay
  116. CBI starts week by selling $145 million
  117. Central Bank: Arab unrest will not affect the protection of the UN Iraq funds
  118. CBI: fiscal policy will control monetary policy has been activated in case Federal C
  119. CBI sells $166m in daily auction
  120. Tariq Harb: independent bodies under the control of Parliament, even if associated wi
  121. Shabibi: fear for the "dinar" and independence does not mean alienating the governmen
  122. Taulpmady economic discusses the Federal Court decision by appending the Central Bank
  123. Shabibi: the independence of the Central Bank of the umbrella of a protector of state
  124. Shabibi: Linking the central bank would make the government keep the dinar exchange
  125. Economists: Iraq is suffering from inflation and the policy of "central" led him to
  126. Al-shibibi: independence of the ECB umbrella protector of State funds
  127. Iraqi Justice: Federal Court decisions on independent bodies will not be canceled
  128. Divergence of views on central bank independence
  129. CBI sells $147m in daily auction
  130. ICB: Oil policy has major impact on Iraqi monetary policy
  131. Central Bank of Iraq is the integration of private banks Palmtmr
  132. Staff of the Central Bank of Iraq in Basra SIT
  133. U.S. Treasury warns Baghdad of «link Iran's increasing» banking sector
  134. Conscious / euro exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar and foreign currencies
  135. Government renewed an invitation to domestic banks merger to cope with
  136. Government adviser calls for private banks in Baghdad to be integrated to form a larg
  137. Central Bank: open Islamic banking windows of banks, government will raise by 40% of
  138. Central Bank: open Islamic banking windows of banks, government will raise by 40% of
  139. CBI calls on the Government to address the impediments to the implementation 5yr Plan
  140. CBI announces payment of more than two billion dollars to 3500 commercial creditor
  141. Iraq calls on the Government to expedite the evacuation of Iraqis residing in Libya
  142. Fire erupts at CBI in Baghdad
  143. Fire erupts at CBI in Baghdad
  144. Iraqi bank revamps banking
  145. Civil Defense: control of the central bank fire
  146. Central Bank of Iraq: there is no significant transfer of funds abroad
  147. A huge fire in the Central Bank of Iraq in central Baghdad
  148. Iraqis are worried about their money in banks and the "central" confirms that they ar
  149. Will protest derail the isx
  150. Expert confirms the creation of sovereign wealth fund in Iraq
  151. CBI: The average per capita income will reach in 2016 to 9 thousand dollars
  152. CBI: the tensions in the Arab arena does not affect trading in the country's economic
  153. Banks, Iraqi civil request the assistance of the central bank to merge
  154. The independence of the Central Bank of Iraq (1-3) Zuhair Ali Akbar / General Manager
  155. U.S. military: the number of our troops in Iraq 47 thousand soldiers only
  156. Central Bank emphasizes the need to benefit from the budget
  157. Central Bank: six banks had introduced electronic clearing
  158. Iraq Settles $21B In Saddam-Era Commercial Debt-Central Bank
  159. CBI plans to form a Council of payments financial
  160. CBI plans to the Board of Finance for payments in 2013
  161. CBI plans to form a Council of financial payment protocols
  162. Central: Iraq, follow the best plans to pay its debts as financial
  163. Central Bank: the demand for merger of private banks is very weak
  164. Federal Supreme Court responded to the Nujaifi on the link independent bodies and adh
  165. Banks tend to set-off of electronic instruments
  166. Federal denies reversing a link on the interpretation of independent bodies
  167. Invitation to resolve the problems that hamper the role of the private sector in deve
  168. Federal Court denies retreat from the decision to link independent bodies under the c
  169. Central Bank of Iraq: Iraq has succeeded in providing cover for foreign currency
  170. Federal necessitate that central bank independence and the Electoral Commission
  171. Bank of Iraq plans to build the role of the low cost in all the provinces
  172. Iraq court says poll body, c.bank still independent
  173. Economic expert criticizes political banks to grant loans to the degrees of
  174. Medium optimized for the integration of banks
  175. "Elimination of the top": a new law for the work of the Council will not cancel any p
  176. Confirm the importance of developing the capital market in financing of the budget
  177. International private bank transactions in Dahuk
  178. CBI: The average per capita income of $ 4400 per year and will arrive in 2016 for nin
  179. Central Bank: Our next issue of currency cash allowance damaged
  180. Central Bank: the Iraqi economy is dominated by
  181. Monetary Policy: How strong is the Dinar?
  182. Cash in small denominations and minds of the public servants
  183. Arabic Audio: Cash in small denominations and minds of the public servants
  184. Iraqi parliament to regulate banking system
  185. Why has Iraqi banking been such a looming issue?
  186. Najat Manager Administrative Service at the Central Bank of assassination attempt
  187. Banker criticizes the Council of the Judiciary for not formed the Financial Services
  188. Iraqi bank expects inflation rife
  189. Iraq Panel Submits Bill On National Oil Co. To Parliament
  190. CBI is expected to continue inflation of the country's dependence on oil imports
  191. Central Bank: private banks in Baghdad, an advanced e-banking performance
  192. Iraq's Trade Bank to raise capital by 41pct
  193. Iraqi bank expects inflation rife
  194. Central Iraq: 250 billion dinars minimum capital for establishment of private banks
  195. Central Bank warns of continuing high inflation rates in Iraq
  196. CBI warns of the consequences of high rates of inflation in the country
  197. Iraq strives enhancing banking system
  198. Central Bank: Iraq's capital amounted to about 2%, which impacts on the economic real
  199. The introduction of electronic signature and electronic transactions
  200. Iraq strives enhancing banking system
  201. $ 185 million sales value of the central
  202. IRAQ TO IMF: Central bank stays independent
  203. Central Bank: The financial markets enhance the country's economy, capitalism
  204. A source at the World Bank's (morning): diversification of the Iraqi economy and the
  205. Differing economic views on the amendment of the law of the Iraqi Central Bank
  206. Central sells $ 159 million in auction
  207. Differing Economic Views on the Amendment of the Law of the Iraqi Central Bank
  208. Iraq decides not to vote on the candidates positions security
  209. Iraqi lawmaker intends to submit a draft for the allocation of loans for industrial p
  210. Central Bank: Iraq will use the IMF to end the file of commercial debt
  211. Centralsells $ 191 million in auction
  212. Kurdistan parliament reschedules ministers' summon
  213. Announcement to Cancel Auction: MOF/CBI
  214. Raise zeros from the Iraqi currency ... between the robbery and yes / Graduate C 1
  215. Merger of industrial and trade ministries?
  216. APRIL 9TH "Fall of the Regime" Bank Holiday
  217. Central Bank of Iraq: the financial accounts for 2010 were delayed because of the lac
  218. Al-yasseri invites the ECB not to adopt the recommendations of the International Mone
  219. CBI: Iraqi and Foreign Financial Institutions
  220. CBI: The History of the CBI and the IQD
  221. CBI: the investor's funds in Iraqi banks insured
  222. Central Bank holds the responsibility of bank management's currency, damaged in the m
  223. Just in case you want to call or email Shabibi
  224. CBI sells $170 million
  225. Central Bank: the former regime borrowed from the entire planet has been surprised cr
  226. Iraq's economy between the charges of private sector banks and the Govt's failure
  227. Central Bank of Iraq is nearing completion of the project raise three zeroes from the
  228. CBI: the investor's funds in Iraqi banks insured
  229. CBI: the Banking Act does not encourage integration
  230. U.S. - Iraq Business Initiative Briefing with Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi
  231. CBI is organizing the work of Islamic banks in the country
  232. Central Bank of Iraq intends to organize the work of Islamic banks
  233. Conscious / raise zeros from the Iraqi currency ... between the robbery and yes / c 2
  234. back ground of Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi of cbi
  235. Expert banker: Banking Act does not encourage integration
  236. Central Bank: the restructuring of the Iraqi currency inflation fit the cash block
  237. Concerns in the province of Dhi Qar province from the change of currency and
  238. Iraqi banks: the launch of the production platform
  239. Advisor to the Central Bank expected survival rate of inflation below 10% in 2011
  240. Lifting of restrictions on banks to do their role in the development of industry
  241. Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin Meeting w/Shabibi, Essawi, & Sumaida'ie in D.C.
  242. Modernizing Iraq’s Banking System
  243. Bantrzi Adviser: Iraq is committed to the policy of liberalization of current
  244. Central Bank: Iraq does not remain financially to its dependence on oil
  245. Iraq will open two accounts in the United States for the filing of its oil revenues
  246. News and reports: ratify Iraq funds Protection Committee report
  247. Torn Iraqi currency is prohibited in the center and south,
  248. CBI reduced sales of foreign currency
  249. CBI sells $58 million as week ends
  250. Press Briefing cause lifting of the Iraqi Central Bank sales of 18 million dollars to