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  1. Central Bank Of Iraq .. And Organized Crime
  2. Baghdad operations: results of the investigation in an attack the central bank will a
  3. twin bomb blasts at the Trade Bank of Iraq in Baghdad
  4. Iraqi bank chief slams 'cowards' after bomb horror
  5. Trade Bank of Iraq to reopen tomorrow
  6. Central Bank re-work
  7. Suicide bombs kill 33 in Iraq, officials say
  8. Sources: Central Bank of fire during the armed robbery charges and documentation loan
  9. Central Bank and Bank of Iraq embark their normal
  10. The eyes of the Iraqi people reveal secrets theft of Iraqi banks
  11. Senior Economist: Robberies of banks weakened the economic trading
  12. Islamist militants claim responsibility for the attack on an Iraqi bank
  13. Iraq central bank denies archive damaged in the attack, in which he was finally
  14. Iraq and Lebanon: The Challenge of Instability - Interview with Shabibi
  15. Central Bank denies that private banks be put at risk
  16. Central Bank: international banks consider entering into the Iraqi market
  17. Shabibi: Delete the zeroes from the Iraqi dinar will be gradually
  18. Conscious / central bank governor: We reject the accusations against the banks that
  19. The banking sector in Iraq to the front
  20. Central Bank: the Iraqi currency will not change in the near future
  21. Central Bank: lift the zeroes from the currency a very complex process
  22. Problems between the Central Bank/Ministry of Finance will not be solved soon
  23. CBE: raise zeros from Iraqi currency require more time
  24. Proposed abolition of zeros of the coin .. Some deems necessary and the government...
  25. Financial policy of the Central Bank in light of economic change for Iraq (picture)
  26. Iraq calls for an economic solution to problems between Ministry of Finance and CBI
  27. Central Bank: raise zeros from the currency is a very complicated
  28. Economist: raise zeros from the currency creates controversy economically and 30 tril
  29. Kurdistan is intended to link with banks in the world online
  30. Erbil market securities are operating, for the first time
  31. Central Bank sells the new coin canceled at low prices in the scrap market
  32. Economist: raise zeros from the currency creates controversy economically and 30
  33. CBI stop the auction currency due to closure of the streets of the capital to coincid
  34. Official Karbalaye: from trying to do exposure of banks will fall trap security force
  35. CBI Resumes Auctions
  36. Senior Economist: Degradation of the actual value of the dinar in spite of improved
  37. A government source: Issues of corruption and behind the incident, the Iraqi Central
  38. Campaign to shut down printing presses and offices of non-approved banking to reduce
  39. vInterior: We are working professionally away from politics, and we got quite THREADS
  40. Iraqi Central Bank monetary policy on the verge of a new developments
  41. De La Rue plunges on note printing problems
  42. Do you experience will contribute to the structuring of foreign banks in Iraq?
  43. Assigned the work of Zaha Hadid designs for the new Central Bank building
  44. Iraqi Central Bank confirms its intention to delete the three zeroes from the currenc
  45. Delete the three zeroes and adding the Kurdish language as well as Arabic and English
  46. Conscious / Qassim Atta : Key facts about an incident shortly announce the Central Ba
  47. Baghdad Chamber of Commerce calls for the central bank to cut interest rates to 3%
  48. Iraq: domestic credit activity and proceeds deposited in the Central Bank
  49. Audit Shows 8.7 Billion Funds Missing From Iraq Oil Fund
  50. Plan to transform the auction currency at the central bank cash to the default
  51. Chamber of Commerce calls for the central bank to stop the receipt of deposit
  52. Iraq’ CBI will auction electronically transforming from a cash system
  53. Iraq Central Bank Fails To Sell T-Bills Worth $170M-Official
  54. Exclude the Central Bank approved the opening of Iranian banks in Iraq
  55. Section VII hinder recognition of the Central Bank Aalmiaalarac turn into electronic
  56. Central Bank of lifting the sub-link it in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah from the Department
  57. KRG their desire to merge with the central bank Central Bank of Iraq
  58. Linking sub-bank in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah Iraq CBE board
  59. Iraq Checks Iran Banks Seeking License
  60. Call for the development of Iraq's financial dealings with the world
  61. Expert: Iraq lacks the financial institutions to purchase debt
  62. Remove zeros and raise the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar
  63. Fire (shooting) on the house's central bank governor in central Baghdad
  64. An armed attack on the home of the so-called central bank governor and a member of pr
  65. Conscious / a car bomb explosion in central Baghdad
  66. CBI: cancel the debt of more than 13 000 commercial credit towards Iraq
  67. CBI calls for private banks to search for a variety of sources of foreign exchange
  68. Unidentified Gunmen Stole 900 Million Iraqi Dinars From The Green Bank In The Neighbo
  69. Reports on Sadr's threat to leave Iran if it continued to pressure Iran for Maliki
  70. Newspaper: private banks sought to lift the Iraqi economy from recession
  71. Iraq's banks urge privatisation of state lenders
  72. Financial denies delete the zeroes of the Iraqi currency
  73. CBI adviser denies relationship with the Ministry of Finance deleting zeros for IQD
  74. Iraqi economists: can not privatize State-owned banks
  75. Iraq's banks urge privatization of state lenders
  76. Shabibi in Wyoming on FOX
  77. Central : the rate of inflation to 2.7% encouraged the launch of liquidity to banks
  78. VIDEO: Controlling Inflation in IraqWall Street Journal
  79. Releasing cash to banks reinfores - banker Iraq Business News
  80. Exempt traders who wish to transfer large sums abroad to bring the appropriate docume
  81. security improvements boosted the confidence between the government and private bank
  82. Government unlikely to pay salaries before Eid al-Fitr
  83. Development of the new central bank of iraq headquarters building
  84. development of the Kurdish language on the currency, but another attempt to disrupt
  85. JD Kurdish: Kurdistan Regional Government Requests for printed language on the Iraqi
  86. CBI - Central Bank concludes week of financial 165 million dollars!!!
  87. Central Bank: low turnout on the banks last use (Visa Card)
  88. Central Bank: compensation Americans affected by the former regime, amounted to about
  89. Two billion dinars from the central treasury to cover the deficit!!!
  90. Central Bank confirms its willingness to delete the zeros
  91. Central Bank of Iraq resumes sessions DIFC Week to $ 126 million
  92. Central Bank confirms its willingness to delete the zeros from the currency after the
  93. US watchdogs say Iraq has own money for security
  94. Iraqi Finance: the performance of private banks is not satisfactory and still lack th
  95. Iraq: Public Finance Management Project
  96. height central bank sales to 156 million dollars
  97. Central bank is ready to delete the zeros of the dinar after the formation of the gov
  98. Bank CBI declares its readiness to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar
  99. Central Bank: edition of the dollar in 1996 is acceptable to our
  100. Iraqi Finance: Most problems with Central Bank are resolved
  101. The remaining funds from the budget reserve to maintain the value of the currency
  102. Central Bank of the Tigris Radio: Do not have a financial surplus and delete the zero
  103. Kurdistan Regional Government requests the printed language on the Iraqi currency
  104. CBI suspends all transactions at Warka Bank; Issues an order to cease all dealings
  105. Iraq’s Core Inflation Rises in August
  106. Kurdistan Regional Government requests the printed language on the Iraqi currency (di
  107. The Iraqi Central Bank: Willingness to Delete the Zeros of the Iraqi Currency After t
  108. Economist: next year will see a rise in Iraqi dinar against the dollar
  109. Smaller Denominations...Does Anyone Know?
  110. I hold 50 dinar coins....
  111. Warka Bank Hits Back at Rumours!
  112. Question about CBI.........
  113. Disputed Iraqi coalition meets as country awaits new government
  114. Iraq Ctrl Bank To Extend Control To Kurdistan -Report
  115. Erbil exchange market takes in millions - money transfer and currency exchange...
  116. Dinar Redenomination - SIGIR - July 30, 2010
  117. Central Bank of the Tigris Radio: No financial surplus we have to delete the zeros
  118. Mahdi & Shabibi Discuss CBI to achieve the country's real breakthrough....
  119. Iraqi banks need $10 bln in three years - CBI still in "training mode"
  120. Iraqi economic: loss of a counterfeit currency value of the dinar
  121. اThe central bank is ready to delete the zeros from the dinar after the formation of
  122. CBI dollar sales go down to $163m on Tuesday
  123. Iraqi official announced adoption of new strategy intended to raise value of IQD
  124. Economists: the inflation of Iraq may last for two decades
  125. Central Bank past by deleting the zeros of the Iraqi operation
  126. D. Ahmed Al-Wazzan: Raising three zeros from the nominal value of the Iraqi dinar
  127. Economists: Delete Alasfaralthelatp will help to widespread use in the currency
  128. As of tomorrow displays the file "to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency
  129. Economists: Delete the zeros will help increase the circulation of currency
  130. Collapse in Iraqi banks
  131. Rising dinar may be worth watching
  132. Bi Tarikh Al Ghad Iraq’s Central Bank set up a new strategic project in 2007 under t
  133. can not implement a project to raise zeros from the currency in the absence of Parlia
  134. introducing the subject of lifting the zeros from the Iraqi currency always coincide
  135. No Cash Sales at CBI for last seven days
  136. Redenomination Discussion - Alsumaria TV Schedule
  137. Zubaidi ... Meet with Deputy U.S. Treasury Secretary stresses importance of restructu
  138. Increased activity of the Iraqi currency exchange offices as the surest means for the
  139. *****Redomination show changed to talking about the KURDS****
  140. Given the attention rallied over the episode of Iraqi Dinar re-denomination that aire
  141. Experts: inflation in iraq may continue for two decades
  142. Finance Minister discusses with Deputy U.S. Treasury Secretary importance of supporti
  143. Currency auction: 18 Oct 2010
  144. Bank capital increase deadlines a red herring on economics
  145. Currency auction 10-192010 - w/zero cash dollars used
  146. Delete the zeros .. Do you revive Dinarena?
  147. Programs and targeted training plans to raise the competencies of staff in banks
  148. Political first : Central Bank: delete three zeros would require consultation with
  149. Day-10, No cash USD, CBI auction 10/20/10
  150. Controversy over the deletion of zeros currency
  151. Central Bank: Changing the currency needs to consult with the next government
  152. Senior Economist: Change the currency will not change the value of purchasing news...
  153. 24 Oct Auction - 0 USD cash used, 12th consectutive day
  154. CBI: Office of Financial Supervision demands audited budgets
  155. Iraqi Finance renewed its claim to raise zeros from the local currency
  156. Economic Reports : Central sells $ 137 million money orders in the opening auction
  157. 25 Oct Auction - with no USD cash sales(again)
  158. Link to tv show and a translated summary....
  159. Financial reiterates its demand to raise zeros from the currency
  160. Iraq Banks Told to Raise $7 Billion
  161. CBI treasury auction - (C19) 26-OCT-2010
  162. CBI sells $688 million this week
  163. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraqi_dinar
  164. the economic objective
  165. Strategy of the Monetary Policy in Iraq / Part I and II
  166. CBI currency auction - Oct 31, 2010
  167. Iraq called economic security strategy to reduce the entry of funds to support armed
  168. Economic expert describes raise zeros from the Iraqi currency that will not affect th
  169. United States and Europe tend to work-based Islamic Bank
  170. Iraq-Foreign Minister Meets Heads of Missions of 5 Permanent Members of Security Coun
  171. Business: the Iraqi banking system is backward and obscure its services for 95% of th
  172. Central Bank Consultant: cash requirements of $ 150 billion
  173. Central Bank: monetary reserves of 50 billion dollars
  174. The central bank adviser: Iraq has met debt repayment 13 thousand commercial creditor
  175. Central Bank: Iraq paid all the debts of small and large works to end the
  176. CBI dollar sales skyrocketed on Thursday
  177. Karbala, November 6 (Rn) played an economist Iraq, on Saturday, the resolution plans
  178. Finance and Economy Iraqi Finance ruled out privatization of government banks
  179. Call to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar
  180. al-Shabibi at Harvard Arab Weekend (Nov.18th - 21st)
  181. Central Bank expects growth of 9.4 per Iraq, close to China's growth
  182. Delete the zeros from the currency will strengthen the position of Iraq to the Intern
  183. The central bank is ready to delete the zeros from the dinar after the formation of
  184. Central Bank: Provides banking sector, the performance of the government during the l
  185. Central Bank: private banks are better than state-owned ones
  186. Finance: Delete the zeros of the local currency enhances the value of the Iraqi dinar
  187. Central Bank Recorded an Increase in Reserves ...
  188. Iraqi Stock Exchange is not afraid of a plan for the abolition of 3 zeros from the di
  189. Economic Expert: the process of deletion of zeros from the currency is an important
  190. Iraqi Finance Ministry: Iranian banks in Iraq exempt from UN sanctions
  191. CBE provides training to Iraq central bank employees
  192. The Central Bank registered a rise in the reserves to 50 billion dollars
  193. Central Bank: inflation in Iraq, to 3.2 percent in October
  194. Economist: expect to achieve from the deletion of zeros from the currency as long as
  195. International banks in Iraq enhances cash
  196. Central Bank: the high inflation rate 0.01 will not affect the Iraqi economy
  197. A significant increase in Iraq's proven reserves of hard currency
  198. Delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency pending the formation of the government and th
  199. Conscious / central bank concludes DIFC Week 202 million dollars
  200. CBI confirms the success of his plans to keep the value of the Iraqi dinar
  201. AUDIO: Delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency pending the formation of the government
  202. Central Bank approves licenses for the four banks
  203. Central Bank: The foreign banks operating in Iraq under the umbrella of the Iraqi civ
  204. Central: Investing in four years, Gone with the Wind ...
  205. Iraqi and Foreign Financial Institutions
  206. The Central Bank intends to grant licenses for the establishment of private banks
  207. Big Increase in Iraq’s Foreign Currency Reserves
  208. Increasing private banks will enhance the economic role in the country
  209. Conscious / central bank adviser: reserve is sufficient to raise the value of the Ir
  210. Central Bank: A new project to restructure the currency
  211. Central Bank Consultant: We seek to restructure the currency
  212. CBI confirms his quest to restructure the dinar
  213. Central Bank propose financing budgetary deficit through sale of bonds
  214. Central Bank: addressing the financial deficit will be local and international loans
  215. Central Bank: cash sales procedures will ease the beginning of next week
  216. cash sale procedures will start next week
  217. Parliament questions CBI over deleting zeros
  218. House of Representatives is hosting the central bank governor and his advisers
  219. Central Bank warns of withdrawal of $ 5 trillion dinars from the reserve
  220. Shabibi: Iraqi dinar currency strong and stable in the region
  221. The central bank adviser: the dinar will rise against the dollar in the coming period
  222. Experts: Delete the zeros from the currency will raise the value and limits the infla
  223. 2 articles The start of the tenth meeting of the Council of Representatives headed by
  224. Abrihi Ahmed Ali .. Delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency
  225. Notes on the Hosting House of Representatives for the central bank governor and Hous
  226. Central Bank Consultant: Budget 2011 will raise economic growth to a ten percent
  227. President of the Republic receives the Governor of the Central Bank
  228. Central Bank describes the rates of economic growth for the year 2010 as "shameful"
  229. Central Bank Consultant: We have a government surplus of $ 29 trillion dinars
  230. CBI sells $815 million dollars this week
  231. Central Bank demanded an end to the budget accounts
  232. Central Bank: a proposal to borrow from the reserve Bank is contrary to the law
  233. Central Bank calls for financial control terminate the accounts of the 2010 budget
  234. Central Bank of Iraq: declining growth rates
  235. Political reading of the draft decision to delete zeros from the iraq currency
  236. Ministry of finance decides to distribute salaries from tomorrow Sunday
  237. Central Bank: a proposal to borrow from the reserve Bank is contrary to the law
  238. Central Bank: investment companies anxious to work in Iraq because of international s
  239. $ 50 billion reserves of the central Iraqi foreign currency
  240. Central Bank of Iraq: Iraq emerged from the effects of the seventh item on the econom
  241. CBI defends independence
  242. Central sells $ 796 million during the week
  243. CBI calls for monetary integration with the Region of Kurdistan
  244. ICB calls for monetary integration with Kurdistan Region
  245. Central Bank: the country's economy is fully liberated from the economic sanctions
  246. CBI opens DIFC week with $140 million
  247. Central Bank of Iraq reveals that the financial institutions has become one of the...
  248. Views: Iraqi dinar and delete three zeros
  249. Central Bank: financial institutions has become one of the most liquid and money-laun
  250. Conscious / Advisor Central Bank of Iraq: Coming Soon Asaddaramlp class 100 thousand