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    Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are having a good day & enjoy your evening.
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    gm ds.
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    good morning to all ds i pray that everyone will have a blessed day today. Alak: Central Bank reserves exceed international standards September 17, 2019 - 11:06 AM Copy LinkEmailFacebookTwitterWhatsAppFacebook Messengerposted Baghdad / Step Press The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Alaq, Tuesday, that the amount of the budget deficit for 2020 is not yet proven as indicated by the Ministry of Finance, and what is circulating is just hypothetical figures and not yet settled, indicating that the upper limit of the deficit must be compatible with The new financial management law, stressing at the same time that the central bank reserves of foreign currency comfortable and well beyond international standards, and that the law prohibits the use of this reserve to lend to the government to fill the budget deficit, but it is used to stabilize the exchange rate and the strength of the local currency "Our foreign currency reserves are comfortable, good and within international standards; Standard ratios are higher, but according to the law they are not to cover the deficit but are a cover for the local currency. H Directly or anybody as long indirectly but it is to maintain the value of the dinar against the dollar. " And the relationship, that "the stability of the exchange rate is a central objective of the Central Bank and seeks to achieve by all means, and depends mainly on the economic performance of Iraq, the stronger the economy was to maintain the exchange rate stronger, and our economy is subject to fluctuations in oil prices, which is a resource The basis for the country, which is also the basis for the foreign currency, so careful management of reserves in order to achieve stability is important, where there can be a balance between the supply and demand of foreign currency, and when supply disrupts affect the exchange rate, and the reserve we have so far is able to The application covers And therefore keeps the price under control. ” Regarding slackness in government jobs, Al-Allaq said: “The government apparatus has reached more than saturation, and it does not add economic value; rather, in its expenses it represents a great challenge to the public budget and reduces the resources that can go to employ others and achieve more job opportunities through real projects. The basic solution to the issue of unemployment is the employment of the real sectors, namely, industrial, agricultural, tourism, etc., which is the basis in moving economic rings, so there must be a focus on moving these economic sectors by changing the economic model that exists in Iraq today, the model now is that It comes from oil, and it pumps the bulk of it in the form of salaries. These salaries turn into demand for imported goods and commodities. The Governor of the Central Bank, that "can not be laid off people, but the money taken as salaries can be invested inside Iraq through the expansion of the real sector and this will occupy other people, and that depends on coordination in trade, investment, tax and customs policies to harmonize with each other to move the situation internally". As for the Cairo meeting, Al-Allaq said: “These meetings are regular and periodic, and since Iraq is a member of the Arab Monetary Fund, it is attending these meetings, where the meetings of the Council are a review of all developments that take place in the financial, monetary and economic matters in the Arab world, especially in the circumstances facing Major challenges in the economic aspects Increasing challenges and risks related to these aspects, which we provide insights and perceptions and how our countries can face these challenges, and analyze their effects and impact on our economies. He added, “We will also discuss at the meeting the functions of central banks in terms of technologies and their effects, which are fast and successive, especially with regard to the subject of currency and its use, which has evolved towards digital and virtual, and in this context also talk about the objectives that are evolving functions of central banks quickly to achieve financial stability in Under the circumstances, and to achieve prudential control for central banks towards banking institutions and financial institutions, "he said:" Another goal that we gave priority in this meeting; we organized a special workshop on the expansion of financial inclusion, ie L Banking services to as many different citizens and segments as possible and achieve a lot of services quickly. ” On the relationship between the Central Bank of Iraq and its Egyptian counterpart, Al-Allaq stressed that it is “very good and continuous, and we have many areas of cooperation, and we consider the Central Bank of Egypt very close ally, we have communication and consultation and the degree of high relationship and we need them in building our capabilities and in training and consultation.” Regarding the reopening of Rafidain Bank in Egypt, Al-Allaq said: “It is an important subject and we have been following it for a long time. steppress.net Abdul-Mahdi is going to China today for a week-long visit Date: 2019/18/18 13:42 • Abdul-Mahdi is going to China today for a week-long visit BAGHDAD: The prime minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, will go to China on Wednesday. He is accompanied by a large delegation of ministers and governors to discuss the conclusion of trade agreements and to promote joint cooperation. The adviser to Prime Minister Abdul Hussein Al-Hanin, in a press statement, the program of the visit Adel Abdul-Mahdi, indicating that the large delegation accompanying him has a clear economic features, including ministers, advisers and businessmen. He added that "the program of the next visit and economic files, carried by the Prime Minister include major projects in roads and transport, services, education, health and others," noting that "the Iraqi and Chinese sides have prepared well for the visit in the past months, through continuous meetings with major Chinese companies And complete the funding model through the Iraq-China Joint Reconstruction Fund. " Al-Hunain expected that "the visit will be signed during the visit major contracts and agreements in the sectors of industry and agriculture, building schools, hospitals, housing, roads, trains and bridges," pointing out that "the visit falls within the philosophy of the Prime Minister in opening up to the world, and that Iraq is a friend of all, and an influential factor in World, and forms a bridge between all the different. " alforatnews.com More than one billion dinars daily revenue for the border port of Trebil Release date:: 9/18/2018 13:34 More than one billion dinars daily revenue for the border port of Trebil The General Authority for Customs announced on Wednesday the registration of the Kamil Trebil border center daily revenues of more than one billion dinars. "The continued increase in revenues achieved in most of its customs centers comes as a natural result of the efforts of its cadres working there, as well as distinguished management during the current period," it said in a statement. The statement added that "the center of the Kamil Trebil border on Tuesday, revenue of more than one billion dinars." The statement pointed out, that "its revenues are entered into the account of the Ministry of Finance with the Central Bank of Iraq, which is subject to auditing of the Office of Financial Supervision and thus be registered the highest revenue supplying the state budget after oil revenues, despite the challenges and constraints and the acute shortage of qualified personnel and the lack of minimum requirements and means and devices customs work ".is over alforatnews.com
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