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  • harry's Avatar
    Today, 08:02 AM
    Parliament votes on several projects during today's session 08/19/2017 Trend Press / Baghdad The House of Representatives, announced the agenda of its 15th session, which will be held on Saturday, stressing that the meeting will discuss several proposals and vote on a set of bills, including the exclusion of Basra from the programmed segments of electricity and complete the vote on the provincial elections law. The press service of the Council, in a statement received "Trend Press" a copy of it, "The 15th session will be held at 11 am on Saturday, where will vote on a formula for the obligation of the Ministry of Electricity except for the province of Basra of the programmed segments, and give them full share During the summer months. " It added that "the session will be completed during the vote on the draft law on the provincial and district elections, (the Legal Committee, the Committee of Regions and governorates not organized in the province), (remaining 2 article), in addition to the vote on the draft amendment of the Third Law of Governorates not organized in the region No. 21 ) For the year 2008, (Legal Committee, Committee of Regions and Governorates not organized in a region), (12 articles) ". She explained that "the session will vote on the draft amendment to the first law of amnesty No. 27 of 2016, (Legal Committee), (7 article)." "The agenda includes voting on the proposed law of the Nursing Syndicate, (the Committee of Civil Society Organizations, the Legal Committee, the Finance Committee, the Health and Environment Committee), (40 articles), and the Council will vote in principle on the proposed law of Babel, Iraq's cultural capital, Culture and Information, Legal Committee, Committee on Tourism and Antiquities) ". She stressed that "the Council will vote on candidates for membership of the Committee on Tribal Disputes in the province of Basra, and will consider the appeals submitted on the health of the membership of some deputies." "The agenda of the parliament includes a report and discussion of the draft law challenging the law in the provisions and decisions concerning real estate ownership (the Legal Committee, the Committee on Agriculture, Water and Marshlands, the Finance Committee, the Committee of Expatriates and Displaced Persons), (4) Legal Committee, Committee of Regions and Governorates not organized in a Region), (Article 24) ". "The council will present a general topic for discussion on the formation of a special committee for article 125 of the constitution," MP Emad Yokhna said. He will also discuss the quarterly activity report of the Committee on Agriculture, Water and Marshlands. "The agenda of the parliament includes the first reading of a draft law to meet the example of state-owned land for non-agricultural purposes (the Committee on Agriculture, Water and Marshlands), (6 articles), as well as the first reading of the proposed amendment to the law of the National Card No. 3 ) Of 2016, (Legal Committee), (Article 1) ". "The report also includes a report and discussion of the draft law on informatics crimes (Security and Defense Committee, Higher Education and Scientific Research Committee, Legal Committee, Culture and Information Committee, Human Rights Committee, Service and Reconstruction Committee), 31 articles, Ratification of the Agreement on Acceleration of Cooperation in Economic and Energy Affairs between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Republic of Korea (Committee on Foreign Relations, Committee on Oil, Energy and Natural Resources, Committee on Economy and Investment), Article 2, in addition to the quarterly activity report of the Legal Committee. http://aletejahtv.org/permalink/177444.html
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    Today, 07:43 AM
    Parliament suspends members' licenses to pass laws 08/19/2017 The voice on the conviction answers Jumaili BAGHDAD / Sabah House voted conviction with answers Salman al - Jumaili, Minister of Trade and agency, as well as on the law and the decision of a parliamentary, while finished reading the four laws .ozkr a statement to the media office of the parliament, said that "the parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri announced at the outset of the meeting the continuation of the work of the Council of Deputies to the 24 of this month and stop granting vacations to deputies in order to complete some important laws, including the provincial elections law. " The president of the council called for the inclusion of the vote on the first amendment to the draft amnesty law on the agenda of Saturday's session at the request of the legal committee. The statement said that "the Council voted convinced of the answers of Salman al-Jumaili, Minister of Planning and Minister of Trade Agency during the process of questioning that took place in the last session after the approval of 104 deputies out of 202 deputies. http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=142903
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    Today, 07:34 AM
    Annual Conference of Arab Banks and US Federal Reserve 19/8/2017 Held next October in New York , Beirut / follow - up to the morning Union of Arab Banks announced holding joint annual conference with the US Federal Reserve Bank at its eighth session on 16 October next in New York. President of the International Union of Arab Bankers and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Union of Arab Banks, Joseph Tarabia, said in a press conference: The Union seeks to make the Arab-American banking dialogue a platform for direct dialogue between Arab banks and Arab central banks and US banks and regulatory authorities. The conference will discuss several topics, including the fight against terrorism and the strengthening of relations with correspondent banks, in addition to current issues on the regulatory developments in terms of sanctions and the relationship of correspondent banks and the issue of combating corruption and bribery, He added that the conference will also discuss "the recent anti-terrorism agreement signed at the Arab-Islamic Summit in Riyadh, as well as legal factors related to the exchange of information, the need to mitigate risks and address the threat of terrorist financing, On Arab banks. " He pointed out that the issues under discussion are the main issues to push forward the sound Arab and international banking business. He stressed that "the Union seeks to be a gateway for Arab banks to the rules of international banking, so as to facilitate and enhance their integration into the global banking industry, and to protect the interests of these banks at a time when financial sanctions became a political tool." Officials from the Federal Reserve, the US Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, the IMF and the World Bank, experts from the Office of Foreign Assets Control, international financial and regulatory bodies, Arab and European banking leaders, financial institutions and member banks will also attend the next session. The Union of Arab Banks launched the Arab-American Banking Dialogue Initiative in 2006. http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=142866
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    Today, 07:26 AM
    Economic leaders at Jackson Hole meetings 08/19/2017 August 24-26, 2008 - The US annual meeting of the Jackson Hole, where world leaders meet, meets central bankers and finance ministers from around the world. As investors become accustomed to the announcement of strong statements by officials during these meetings, which have a significant impact on the markets, the importance of the meeting's events from year to year is highlighted. About Effectiveness In 1978 , the Federal Reserve Bank held in the US city of "Kansas" annual economic policy symposium, which focused on issues that do not have a direct interest in the current period, but it looks to emerging issues and trends. Since 1981, the meeting has been held at Jackson Hole, attended by all the heads of central banks, finance ministers and market analysts from around the world. The annual Jackson Hole seminar focuses on important economic issues facing the United States and global economies. The proceedings of the seminar are closely followed by investors, as the comments and observations of officials will affect market conditions. Presentation of the Meeting Papers The Bank will be presented with papers to be presented at the meeting and published by the Bank on its website at the time of submission. Other papers, such as participants' comments, may be submitted only after the event ends, but will be published upon availability. However, a very limited number of journalists are selected to cover the event, and all participants, including members of the press, will pay a fee to attend. The Jackson Hole Annual Symposium will be held this year from 24 to 26 August under the title "Promoting a dynamic global economy". The list of speakers will not be published until shortly before the meeting. The European Central Bank policy The speculation on the issues scheduled for discussions within the conference on the ECB and its forthcoming policy, especially since the meeting will be held ahead of the monetary policy meeting within the European Central Bank in September. The European Central Bank announced in 2014 that it will begin a program to buy bonds in the euro area, under the so-called "quantitative easing", to stimulate economic growth and employment. Expectations had indicated that the central bank would announce a reduction in its bond holdings at the September meeting. But after news reports that the ECB president will not give any new monetary policy messages and that he will focus on the theme of the conference, which is concerned with the performance of the global economy, the fate of the thorny issues to be discussed is not known. Mario Draghi said in June that the bank's stimulus policies were working well and would end gradually as the economy accelerated. These statements contributed to a strong rise in the value of the euro, to come out of statements from the European Central after which the misunderstanding of these statements. Monetary Policy Plans The Jackson Hole conference was sometimes used to announce monetary policy plans in some central banks. In 2010, the Federal Reserve Chairman announced his plan for a monetary easing policy at the time of the global financial crisis. Of the 5000 statements he made, "Ben Bernanke," there are 2000 words about more options towards easing monetary policy. His remarks caused stock market volatility as the Standard & Poor's index fell, but at the same time Bernanke's comments on more bond buying helped boost investor appetite for risk. All three major indexes in the US recorded a record high in the US, Month of meeting. In the 2014 meetings, when European Central Bank President Mario Draghi spoke of the European Central Bank's intention to dump markets in the quantitative easing program, US and German bond yields rose by 20 to 30 points in the weeks following the comments, Assets. http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=142863
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    Today, 07:20 AM
    good morning to all ds i pray that everyone will have a blessed weekend and enjoy its.
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    Yesterday, 11:55 PM
    I pray everyone has a blessed & wonderful weekend! Stay safe in whatever you do.
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