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  • guardian's Avatar
    Today, 11:49 AM
    Thank you harry! I am healing. The prayers are so much appreciated!
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  • harry's Avatar
    Today, 09:04 AM
    Abadi agrees to add one trillion dinars within the share of Kurdistan in the budget 2/24/2018 Advisor to the President of the Republic Abdullah Aliawi, Saturday, the approval of Prime Minister Haider Abadi to add the amount of one trillion dinars within the share of the Kurdistan region in the federal budget for 2018. "Al-Abbadi pointed out during the last meeting of the Council of Ministers that the Ministry of Finance made a mistake in determining the share of the province in the draft budget law for the year 2018, and reported the amount was the least should have been, so was added a trillion dinars to the share of the province And thus the total has reached 7 trillion and 250 billion dinars. " He added that "the increase of the share of the Kurds in the budget is made by political agreement, and that visit a delegation from the provincial government to Baghdad, to solve all the problems between Erbil and Baghdad." http://aynaliraqnews.com/index.php?aa=news&id22=93312
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  • harry's Avatar
    Today, 08:56 AM
    Andbors proves the classification of the Iraqi economy at "B- / B" with a stable outlook 2/24/2018 He said Standard & Poor's credit rating, on Saturday, it is uncertain Iraq classification at "B- / B" with astable look . ""The stable outlook reflects expectations that the fiscal deficit will be modest over the next few years, " the agency said in a report . "It expects the prospects for the growth of Iraq's economy to be under pressure from domestic political tensions, production quotas imposed by the OPEC agreement and restrictions on government spending," she said . The agency said it expects Iraq's GDP to grow 1.9 percent in 2018 in line with production cuts in 2017-2018 before rising 2.5 percent in 2019 as oil production recovers. http://aletejahtv.org/permalink/206453.html
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  • harry's Avatar
    Today, 08:51 AM
    KUWAIT: Iraq will continue to repay debt until 2021 2/24/2018 Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid al-Jarallah said that "Iraq will continue to pay the debts of Kuwait until 2021, while noting that 85 cases between the two countries have been resolved. "In response to a question about the Iraq reconstruction conference and the pledge of $ 2 billion, Al-Jarallah said in a televised interview that "compensation is nothing, nothing is paid, and commitments at the Iraq reconstruction conference are another thing. "He said.He continued: "We sat with the Iraqis and with the United Nations, and agreed on a payment mechanism, and started Iraq, and will end in the year 2021. "He pointed out that "the issues that are still stuck between Kuwait and Iraq are simple, 85 of which have been resolved within the framework of Security Council resolutions, leaving very few (prisoners, property and maritime borders after point 62)." http://aletejahtv.org/permalink/206500.html
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  • harry's Avatar
    Today, 08:46 AM
    Sudan: Iraq is moving towards a market economy 2/24/2018 BAGHDAD / Al-Sabah: The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani said that Iraq, having achieved victory over terrorist gangs, is witnessing a qualitative shift in its policies towards a market economy. "The government has embarked on a package of economic reforms to support the private sector and create an attractive environment for investment," Al Sudani said during a speech at the Islamic Conference of Labor Ministers held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Sudan, said «the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and its supporters began to pay attention to issues of poverty and unemployment through the enactment of new laws». http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=153320
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  • harry's Avatar
    Today, 08:37 AM
    Efforts to develop financial management and investment in 2018 2/24/2018 To achieve a renaissance in Iraq's economy Baghdad / Sabah The Ministry of Finance seeks to implement the modernization of the public financial management systems by providing advisory services to the Independent External Auditor for the years 2017 and 2018 for public finance management, public investment management and public procurement at the federal level, at a time when the competent specialist to provide the staff for the success of this project to achieve economic renaissance Inclusive. International Finance According to a publication on the Ministry's website, the Ministry of Finance has received funding from the World Bank to cover the cost of the project and to allocate part of the funds for consultancy services. "Consultancy services (services) include the recruitment of an independent external audit firm to audit the financial management and investment management of the project, which is expected to start the work of consultants during the month of July 2018. Ensure transparency between the publication on the website of the Ministry of Finance The main objective of the auditor's work is to enable the auditor to clarify the professional opinion whether the submission of the financial statements of the project for the years ended December 2017 and December 2018 in a transparent and fair in all respects, and all cash received And year-end payments, accumulated from start-up to year-end, in accordance with IPSAS on the basis of cash accounting. The auditor also provides internal control over financial reports related to the preparation of replenishment payments, direct payments, payments made under special commitments and recoveries such as reimbursements based on reliable expenditure statements to support related cash withdrawals. The projects in all respects comply with the laws, regulations, guidelines and provisions of the loan agreement. Database "The accounting system for the project, books and records, provides the basis for the preparation of the PFS." The project's financial transactions are to be recorded and maintained by the PEA and the Finance and Planning Ministries through project management teams appointed to direct, manage and coordinate project activities in accordance with the requirements The loan agreement between the Government of Iraq and the World Bank, the Project Valuation Document, the Operational Manual of the Project, and the World Bank's Directives on Expenditure and Supply Investment Directive In turn, the academic economist Dr. Essam Mohammed Hassan described this project as an important step not Management of investments and the direction of investments according to the actual need for the requirements of the current stage and the country's need for infrastructure. He said in an interview with Sabah that this would "provide the opportunity to prepare Iraqi cadres to enter heavily in investment programs, which will absorb unemployment and provide access and gain practical experience." He stressed that "now is the time to implement this idea and not with the government, the private sector also from companies and banks until migrating experiences return home." He pointed out that "hundreds of thousands of jobs in Iraq will be available when the implementation of the decisions of the Kuwait Conference for Reconstruction, which calls for the start and provide the young cadres of workers and technicians, accountants, managers and operators of computers and work monitors and other disciplines that would achieve a comprehensive economic renaissance "He said. http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=153294
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  • harry's Avatar
    Today, 08:25 AM
    good morning to all ds i pray that everyone will have a blessed weekend and enjoy its . guardian i pray that you are doing better after your lost of love one that GOD will be continued in your daily life and bless you.
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  • guardian's Avatar
    Today, 04:16 AM
    Bless You harry! Yes, the site is alive! Your dedication has kept it alive and our faith like yours that the dinar will someday have true value!
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  • guardian's Avatar
    Today, 04:00 AM
    What Are the Dangers of Drinking Distilled Water? by BARBARAA Oct. 3, 2017 Water is big business. Distilled water was considered for general consumption in the 1960's when demand for water in certain areas of the world outstripped availability. Cruise ships also needed ready access to clean water. The potential for drinking water absent minerals was not considered due to the need for a safe water supply at that time. In the interim, much has been learned about the dangerous to your health when distilled water is consumed on a regular basis. Drinking distilled water robs your body of its natural source for many minerals essential to good health. This results in mineral loss in the body with increases your risk for osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, hypertension, coronary artery disease and premature aging. Because distilled water does not contain any fluoride, dentists are beginning to see an increased number of cavities in young children who drink bottled water. Consumers believe bottled, distilled water is safer than the water supplies in their local communities. The WHO and others studied the use of distilled water and found that because it is stripped of all minerals it can cause electrolyte imbalances in your body. Your body will leach electrolytes from your tissues in order to add them to the mineral free water you are drinking. This is necessary so that your body can function normally and eliminate waste. If the water redistribution process in your body is not functioning properly, you may experience fatigue, weakness, headache, muscle cramps and an abnormal heart rate. https://www.livestrong.com/article/372479-what-are-the-dangers-of-drinking-distilled-water/
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